The Truth Found



From what we have said respecting the nature of the claims of the Lord’s rest-day, we might expect all to acknowledge it at once, unless they had some plain precept for turning from it. But so far from this, they have only a few vague and unnecessary inferences and suppositions upon which to base the claims of the first day. And will these afford a sufficient excuse before the great and awful Judge for a violation of his righteous law? Now the Scriptures plainly say in regard to the Sabbath institution, that God rested from his work on the seventh day; but they do not so specify in regard to the first day. TFNOS 33.1

He claimed the seventh day as his own; he did not so claim the first day, but gave it to man for labor. TFNOS 33.2

He blessed and sanctified the seventh day; he did not sanctify the first day. TFNOS 33.3

He commanded that the seventh day should be kept holy; he did not command to keep the first day. TFNOS 33.4

He has uttered fearful threatenings against those who profane the seventh day; he has spoken nothing against laboring on the first day. TFNOS 33.5

He has given great and special promises to those who keep holy the seventh day; he has not spoken one word of promise or blessing for keeping the first day. TFNOS 33.6

Truth Found. TFNOS 33.7

Everything that is necessary to give importance to the day—that is calculated to induce a proper observance of the day—is produced in favor of the seventh day; nothing of the kind can be produced in favor of the first day—no sanctity, no commandment, no penalty, no blessing. Can you “halt between two opinions,” on a matter so clearly revealed? Remember, “God will bring every work into Judgment.” Decide for that awful day. TFNOS 34.1