The Truth Found



The Waldenses were a body of Christians who stood aloof from the church in its alliance with the secular power, and consequently remained free from many of the corruptions and pagan motions which the heathens had incorporated into their religion when they came into the national church. Mosheim, in his Church History, Vol. 1. p. 332, says, “They complained that the Roman Church had degenerated under Constantine the Great from its primitive purity and sanctity. They denied the supremacy of the Roman pontiff.” TFNOS 29.1

Robinson, in the History of Baptism, says, “They were called Sabbati and Sabbatati, so named from the Hebrew word Sabbath, because they kept Saturday for the Lord’s day.” TFNOS 29.2

Jones, in his Church History, says that because they would not observe saints’ days, they were falsely supposed to neglect the Sabbath also. TFNOS 29.3

A commissioner of Charles XII. of France, reported that he found among them none of the ceremonies, images, or signs of the Romish Church, much less the crimes with which they were charged; on the contrary, they kept the Sabbath day, observed the ordinance of baptism according to the primitive church, and instructed their children in the articles of the Christian faith and the commandments of God. TFNOS 29.4