The Ten Commandments



The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald. -A sixteen-page Religious Family Newspaper, devoted to a discussion of the Prophecies, Signs of the Times, Second Coming of Christ, Harmony of the Law and the Gospel. What We must Do to be Saved, and other Bible questions. $2.00 a year. TCNA 31.3

Good Health. -A monthly journal of hygiene, at $1.00 a year. TCNA 31.4

The Youth’s Instructor. A four-page illustrated weekly for the Sabbath-school and the family. 75 cts. a year. TCNA 31.5

Sandhedens Tidende. -A Danish semi-monthly. $1.00 a year. TCNA 31.6

Sanningens Harold. -A Swedish semi-monthly. $1.00 a year. TCNA 31.7

Stimme der Wahrheit. -An eight-page German semi-monthly, devoted to the same topics as the Review. $1.00 a year. TCNA 31.8

The above are published at Battle Creek, Mich. Terms always in advance. TCNA 31.9

The Signs of the Times. -A sixteen-page weekly, devoted to the same great themes as the Review. Published in Oakland, Cal., at $2.00 a year. TCNA 31.10

Les Signes des Temps. -A religious monthly journal in French. Published in Bâle, Suisse. $1.15 a year. TCNA 31.11

Note-At Grimsby, Eng., The Present Truth, monthly, has a large circulation. At Bale, Switzerland, is a German monthly, Der Herold der Wahrheit, an Italian quarterly, L’Ultimo Messaggio, and a quarterly in Roumanian, Adevarulu Present; while at Christiana, Norway is issued monthly Tidernes Tegn, and Sundhedsbladet (Danish-Norwegian), and Sanningens Harold and Helso-och Sjukvard, Swedish. TCNA 31.12