The Perpetuity of the Seventh-day Sabbath



We present this debate to the public on the subject of the seventh day (Sabbath.) being binding on Christians during this dispensation, with much pleasure, believing it will help the lovers of Bible truth to a right understanding of this all important subject—for if Prophets, Apostles or Christ have commanded us to keep the seventh day (Sabbath.) we should know it—if not, then we never should teach what we never were commanded to teach. PSDS 3.1

We would here say that our reporter has done much better than could have been expected, and we doubt exceedingly whether a long experienced reporter could have done better. Therefore, much credit is due to him, for he has gone far beyond our expectations in the correctness of his report of the debate, and all will readily see this from the harmony which exists between the report of our stenographer and Eld. R. Chowan’s report from his notes taken at the time of the debate. And we would also say that Eld. R. Chowan, before and at the debate, was very strongly leaning towards Sabbatarianism, so much so that it was reported that he had embraced the doctrine. He came to the debate with a desire to know the truth if possible. Therefore, we publish his report which will be found at the end of this work. We would therefore request the readers to compare the reports together. which will strongly prove the correctness of our stenographer’s report of the discussion. We do not hesitate to commend it to the public as a true exhibition of facts and arguments used by the parties on the question debated. We think, also, that Eld. J. H. Waggoner has done justice to the proposition, and if he has not proved it, it is not because he lacked the ability to do so. PSDS 3.2