The Voice in Speech and Song


W. W. Prescott

Source of Success—I know that since coming to this place he has had the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; his lips have been touched with a live coal from off the altar. We know and can distinguish the voice of the True Shepherd. The truth has been poured forth from the lips of the servant of God as the people had never heard it before; unbelievers turn pale, and say, “That man is inspired.” The people do not stroll about the grounds, but go immediately into the tent, and listen as if spellbound. VSS 390.1

Every day some of our workers go out into the suburbs with [copies of the Bible] Echoes, notices, and invitations to come to the meeting, where such wonderful things are presented from the Word of God. The Lord is pouring into the chambers of the mind and the soul temple fresh light, as precious as gold. I never heard the Word presented with greater fervency and power. I know it must be through the constraining power of God upon the human instrument. It is remarked by many that there is no manner of disturbance upon the ground. Every time I enter the encampment, I think the angels of God are here.—Letter 82, 1895. VSS 390.2