Life Sketches




IN the preparation of these pages for the reading public, the honor and glory of God have been in view. The facts presented in this work are evidence that the hand of God has been in the rise and progress of the cause espoused by S. D. Adventists, an outline of which is here given. It has been embarrassing to make prominent on almost every page the lives and labors of those whose names appear on the title page. But their connection with the work has been so close from its very commencement, that the history of the cause is, in a great degree, their history. LIFSK 6.1

The first design was to make this book much larger, to include particulars relative to Mrs. W.’s visions, her condition while in vision, and many circumstances connected with this whole matter. These, however, with statements relative to many remarkable fulfillments of her visions, and answers to common objections, will be given in another volume, which will contain her likeness in steel engraving. That volume will be the first of a series which will contain her testimonies and general writings not found in the “Spirit of Prophecy.” LIFSK 6.2