A Written Discussion ... Upon the Sabbath



The preceding discussion was printed from a transfer of the columns of type used in the Christian. Owing to an insufficient quantity of marks of parenthesis for a form of sixteen pages, the printers often used square brackets instead. Numerous errors were also found in the discussion as it appeared in the Christian; corrections of these I sent to the office that they might be attended to before the book-forms were struck off. Some were faithfully attended to, while others were neglected, even in the same article. Of the errata found below there are only two which I did not point out before. Such errors as are no practical detriment, as p. 7, 2nd col., line 14 from below, Acts 15:37-37 for Acts 15:37-39, and line 10 from below, Acts 21:23-36 for Acts 21:23-26, as also such mistakes as shoald for should, wbich for which, preposesion for prepossession, non sequiter for non sequitur, though formerly pointed out, I have overlooked in the list below, together with other errors of less importance. The reader should also remember that in many instances of Scripture reference there is a dash between two numbers where there should be a comma. P. V. WDUS 147.9