The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 2


The Spirit of Prophecy Volume Two


When the Publishers issued the first volume of this work, they felt that it supplied a want long realized by the Christian world, in illuminating a subject which is of great interest to the Christian mind, the relation of the Son of God to the Father, and His position in heaven, together with the fall of man and the mediatorship of Christ between him and his Creator. 2SP 4.1

In this second volume the author continues with renewed interest the subject of the mission of Christ, as manifested by his miracles and teachings. The reader will find that this book furnishes invaluable aid in studying the lessons of Christ set forth in the Gospels. 2SP 4.2

The author, as a religious writer and speaker, has labored for the public during more than twenty years. Being aided in the study of the Scriptures, and in her work as a religious teacher, by the special enlightenment of the Spirit of God, she is peculiarly qualified to present the facts of the Life and Ministry of Christ, in connection with the divine plan of human redemption, and to practically apply the lessons of Jesus to the simple duties of life. 2SP 4.3

One of the most pleasing features of this book is the plain and simple language with which the author clothes thoughts that glow with truth and beauty. 2SP 4.4