William Miller’s Apology and Defence, August 1



I received an invitation from Randolph, Mass., to visit that place, which I did on the 21st day of April, 1839. This was my first visit to that State. I lectured there, and in Stoughton, East Randolph, Lowell, Groton, and Lynn. I closed my lectures at Lynn on the 10th of June following, making 800 lectures which I had given since June 9th, 1834. - At Lowell, May 14th, I became acquainted with Elder T. Cole, who had written to me to visit him before I left home. He was among the first ministers in that State who embraced these views, and was the means of introducing me into many of the churches of the Christian connection. Elder Plumer of Haverhill soon after embraced them. WMAD 20.4

At Lowell I also became acquainted with my Bro. J. Litch, who had previously embraced my views, and who has since so aided their extension, by his faithful lectures and writings, and energetic and consistent course. WMAD 21.1

The first church that was ever closed against me was the Congregational church in Westford, Mass., December 17th, of the same year. WMAD 21.2