William Miller’s Apology and Defence, August 1



I received so many urgent calls for information, and to visit places with which I could not comply, that in 1834 I concluded to publish my views in pamphlet form, which I did in a little tract of 64 pages. These I scattered, the most of them gratuitously, sending them in reply to letters of inquiry, and to places which I could not visit. In the same year, unknown to myself, a license to preach was granted me by my Baptist brethren. About the same time I received a recommendation to the public as a lecturer on the prophecies, which was signed by about fifty ministers of my Baptist brethren, and by some twenty or thirty from other denominations. WMAD 19.3

I continued to labor and travel at my own charges until 1838; and many churches thereby greatly added to their numbers. The first clergyman that embraced my views in full, was Elder Fuller, of Poultney, Vt. Many others previous to 1838, expressed themselves favorably, but none of them came out in full, or if they did, they all, with that exception, relapsed and abandoned their advocacy. WMAD 20.1