The Spirit of Prophecy, vol. 3


The Spirit of Prophecy Volume Three


Volumes one and two of this work are before the public. This volume is the continuation of the same important theme. The subject of the great controversy between Christ and Satan will close with the coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, the destruction of Satan and of sin, and the glorious reign of Christ on the New Earth. Each volume up to the present has been more instructive and interesting than the one that preceded it, and, judging from the triumphant theme of the consummation when the glorious kingdom of Christ and of God shall be established on the New Earth, the fourth volume will far exceed either of the first three. 3SP 3.1

This volume is solemnly dedicated to the cause of God, with the fervent prayer of author and publishers that it may prove a great blessing to the cause and people of God, and be the means in his hands of opening the eyes of many who are blind to the things of the Spirit of God. 3SP 3.2