Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)




(7579) sha'ab [sahw-ab']

a primitive root; to bale up water:--(woman to) draw(-er, water).

(7580) sha'ag [shaw-ag']

a primitive root; to rumble or moan:--X mightily, roar.

(7581) shagah [sheh-aw-gaw']

from 'sha'ag' (sha'ag); a rumbling or moan:--roaring.

(7582) sha'ah [shaw-aw']

a primitive root; to rush; by implication, to desolate:--be desolate, (make a) rush(-ing), (lay) waste.

(7583) sha'ah [shaw-aw']

a primitive root (identical with 'sha'ah' (sha'ah) through the idea of whirling to giddiness); to stun, i.e. (intransitively) be astonished:--wonder.

(7584) sha'avah [shah-av-aw']

from 'sha'ah' (sha'ah); a tempest (as rushing):--desolation.

(7585) sh'owl [sheh-ole']

or shol {sheh-ole'}; from 'sha'al' (sha'al); Hades or the world of the dead (as if a subterranean retreat), including its accessories and inmates:--grave, hell, pit.

(7586) Sha'uwl [shaw-ool']

passive participle of 'sha'al' (sha'al); asked; Shaul, the name of an Edomite and two Israelites:--Saul, Shaul.

(7587) Sha'uwliy [shaw-oo-lee']

patronymic from 'Sitnan' (Sitnan); a Shaulite or descendant of Shaul:--Shaulites.

(7588) sha'own [shaw-one']

from 'sha'ah' (sha'ah); uproar (as of rushing); by implication, destruction:--X horrible, noise, pomp, rushing, tumult (X -uous).

(7589) sh'at [sheh-awt']

from an unused root meaning to push aside; contempt:--despite(-ful).

(7590) sha't [shawt]

for active part of 'suwt' (suwt) (compare 'sh'at' (sh'at)); one contemning:--that (which) despise(-d).

(7591) sh'iyah [sheh-ee-yaw']

from 'sha'ah' (sha'ah); desolation:--destruction.

(7592) sha'al [shaw-al']

or shael {shaw-ale'}; a primitive root; to inquire; by implication, to request; by extension, to demand:--ask (counsel, on), beg, borrow, lay to charge, consult, demand, desire, X earnestly, enquire, + greet, obtain leave, lend, pray, request, require, + salute, X straitly, X surely, wish.

(7593) sh'el [sheh-ale']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'sha'al' (sha'al):--ask, demand, require.

(7594) Sh'al [sheh-awl']

from 'sha'al' (sha'al); request; Sheal, an Israelite:--Sheal.

(7595) sh'ela' [sheh-ay-law']

(Aramaic) from 'sh'el' (sh'el); properly, a question (at law), i.e. judicial decision or mandate:--demand.

(7596) sh'elah [sheh-ay-law']

or shelah (1 Samuel 1:17) {shay-law'}; from 'sha'al' (sha'al); a petition; by implication, a loan:--loan, petition, request.

(7597) Sh'altiy'el [sheh-al-tee-ale']

or Shaltiy(el {shal-tee-ale'}; from 'sha'al' (sha'al) and ''el' ('el); I have asked God; Shealtiel, an Israelite:--Shalthiel, Shealtiel.

(7598) Sh'altiy'el [sheh-al-tee-ale']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'Sh'altiy'el' (Sh'altiy'el):--Shealtiel.

(7599) sha'an [shaw-an']

a primitive root; to loll, i.e. be peaceful:--be at ease, be quiet, rest. See also 'Beyth Sh'an' (Beyth Sh'an).

(7600) sha'anan [shah-an-awn']

from 'sha'an' (sha'an); secure; in a bad sense, haughty:--that is at ease, quiet, tumult. Compare 'shal'anan' (shal'anan).

(7601) sha'ac [shaw-as']

a primitive root; to plunder:--spoil.

(7602) sha'aph [shaw-af']

a primitive root; to inhale eagerly; figuratively, to cover; by implication, to be angry; also to hasten:--desire (earnestly), devour, haste, pant, snuff up, swallow up.

(7603) s'or [seh-ore']

from 'sha'ar' (sha'ar); barm or yeast-cake (as swelling by fermentation):--leaven.

(7604) sha'ar [shaw-ar']

a primitive root; properly, to swell up, i.e. be (causatively, make) redundant:--leave, (be) left, let, remain, remnant, reserve, the rest.

(7605) sh'ar [sheh-awr']

from 'sha'ar' (sha'ar); a remainder:--X other, remnant, residue, rest.

(7606) sh'ar [sheh-awr']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'sh'ar' (sh'ar):--X whatsoever more, residue, rest.

(7607) sh'er [sheh-ayr']

from 'sha'ar' (sha'ar); flesh (as swelling out), as living or for food; generally food of any kind; figuratively, kindred by blood:-- body, flesh, food, (near) kin(-sman, -swoman), near (nigh) (of kin).

(7608) sha'arah [shah-ar-aw']

feminine of 'sh'er' (sh'er); female kindred by blood:--near kinswomen.

(7609) She'erah [sheh-er-aw']

the same as 'sha'arah' (sha'arah); Sheerah, an Israelitess:--Sherah.

(7610) Sh'ar Yashuwb [sheh-awr'yaw-shoob']

from 'sh'ar' (sh'ar) and 'shuwb' (shuwb); a remnant will return; Shear-Jashub, the symbolic name of one of Isaiah's sons:--Shear-jashub.

(7611) sh'eriyth [sheh-ay-reeth']

from 'sha'ar' (sha'ar); a remainder or residual (surviving, final) portion:--that had escaped, be left, posterity, remain(-der), remnant, residue, rest.

(7612) she'th [shayth]

from 'sha'ah' (sha'ah); devastation:--desolation.

(7613) s'eth [seh-ayth']

from 'nasa'' (nasa'); an elevation or leprous scab; figuratively, elation or cheerfulness; exaltation in rank or character:-- be accepted, dignity, excellency, highness, raise up self, rising.

(7614) Shba' [sheb-aw']

of foreign origin; Sheba, the name of three early progenitors of tribes and of an Ethiopian district:--Sheba, Sabeans.

(7615) Shba'iy [sheb-aw-ee']

patronymic from 'Shba'' (Shba'); a Shebaite or descendant of Sheba:--Sabean.

(7616) shabab [shaw-bawb']

from an unused root meaning to break up; a fragment, i.e. ruin:--broken in pieces.

(7617) shabah [shaw-baw']

a primitive root; to transport into captivity:--(bring away, carry, carry away, lead, lead away, take) captive(-s), drive (take) away.

(7618) shbuw [sheb-oo']

from an unused root (probably identical with that of 'shabah' (shabah) through the idea of subdivision into flashes or streamers (compare 'shabiyb' (shabiyb)) meaning to flame; a gem (from its sparkle), probably the agate:--agate.

(7619) Shbuw'el [sheb-oo-ale']

or Shuwbanel {shoo-baw-ale'}; from 'shabah' (shabah) (abbrev.) or 'shuwb' (shuwb) and ''el' ('el); captive (or returned) of God; Shebuel or Shubael, the name of two Israelites:--Shebuel, Shubael.

(7620) shabuwa` [shaw-boo'-ah]

or shabuan {shaw-boo'-ah}; also (feminine) shbu.ah {sheb-oo-aw'}; properly, passive participle of 'shaba`' (shaba`) as a denominative of 'sheba`' (sheba`); literal, sevened, i.e. a week (specifically, of years):--seven, week.

(7621) shbuw`ah [sheb-oo-aw']

feminine passive participle of 'shaba`' (shaba`); properly, something sworn, i.e. an oath:--curse, oath, X sworn.

(7622) shbuwth [sheb-ooth']

or shbiyth {sheb-eeth'}; from 'shabah' (shabah); exile, concretely, prisoners; figuratively, a former state of prosperity:-- captive(-ity).

(7623) shabach [shaw-bakh']

a primitive root; properly, to address in a loud tone, i.e. (specifically) loud; figuratively, to pacify (as if by words):--commend, glory, keep in, praise, still, triumph.

(7624) shbach [sheb-akh']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shabach' (shabach); to adulate, i.e. adore:--praise.

(7625) shebat [sheb-at']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shebet' (shebet); a clan:--tribe.

(7626) shebet [shay'-bet]

from an unused root probably meaning to branch off; a scion, i.e. (literally) a stick (for punishing, writing, fighting, ruling, walking, etc.) or (figuratively) a clan:--X correction, dart, rod, sceptre, staff, tribe.

(7627) Shbat [sheb-awt']

of foreign origin; Shebat, a Jewish month:--Sebat.

(7628) shbiy [sheb-ee']

from 'shbuw' (shbuw); exiled; captured; as noun, exile (abstractly or concretely and collectively); by extension, booty:--captive(-ity), prisoners, X take away, that was taken.

(7629) Shobiy [sho-bee']

from 'shabah' (shabah); captor; Shobi, an Ammonite:--Shobi.

(7630) Shobay [sho-bah'-ee]

for 'Shobiy' (Shobiy); Shobai, an Israelite:--Shobai.

(7631) sbiyb [seb-eeb']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shabiyb' (shabiyb):--flame.

(7632) shabiyb [shaw-beeb']

from the same as 'shabab' (shabab); flame (as split into tongues):--spark.

(7633) shibyah [shib-yaw']

feminine of 'shbiy' (shbiy); exile (abstractly or concretely and collectively):--captives(-ity).

(7634) Shobyah [shob-yaw']

feminine of the same as 'Shobiy' (Shobiy); captivation; Shobjah, an Israelite:--Shachia (from the margin).

(7635) shabiyl [shaw-beel']

from the same as 'shebel' (shebel); a track or passage-way (as if flowing along):--path.

(7636) shabiyc [shaw-beece']

from an unused root meaning to interweave; a netting for the hair:--caul.

(7637) shbiy`iy [sheb-ee-ee']

or shbi iy {sheb-ee-ee'}; ordinal from 'shib`iym.' (shib`iym.); seventh:--seventh (time).

(7638) sabak [saw-bawk']

from an unused root meaning to intwine; a netting (ornament to the capital of a column):--net.

(7639) sbakah [seb-aw-kaw']

feminine of 'sabak' (sabak); a net-work, i.e (in hunting) a snare, (in architecture) a ballustrade; also a reticulated ornament to a pillar:--checker, lattice, network, snare, wreath(-enwork).

(7640) shebel [show'-bel]

from an unused root meaning to flow; a lady's train (as trailing after her):--leg.

(7641) shibbol [shib-bole]

or (feminine) shibboleth {shib-bo'-leth}; from the same as 'shebel' (shebel); a stream (as flowing); also an ear of grain (as growing out); by analogy, a branch:--branch, channel, ear (of corn), ((water-))flood, Shibboleth. Compare 'cibboleth' (cibboleth).

(7642) shabluwl [shab-lool']

from the same as 'shebel' (shebel); a snail (as if floating in its own slime):--snail.

(7643) Sbam [seb-awm']

or (feminine) Sibmah {sib-maw'}; probably from 'basam' (basam); spice; Sebam or Sibmah, a place in Moab:--Shebam, Shibmah, Sibmah.

(7644) Shebna' [sheb-naw']

: or Shebnah {sheb-naw'}; from an unused root meaning to grow; growth; Shebna or Shebnah, an Israelite:--Shebna, Shebnah.

(7645) Shbanyah [sheb-an-yaw']

or Shbanyahuw {sheb-an-yaw'-hoo}; from the same as 'Shebna'' (Shebna') and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has grown (i.e. prospered); Shebanjah, the name of three or four Israelites:--Shebaniah.

(7646) saba` [saw-bah']

or sabeay {saw-bay'-ah}; a primitive root; to sate, i.e. fill to satisfaction (literally or figuratively):--have enough, fill (full, self, with), be (to the) full (of), have plenty of, be satiate, satisfy (with), suffice, be weary of.

(7647) saba` [saw-baw']

from 'saba`' (saba`); copiousness:--abundance, plenteous(- ness, -ly).

(7648) soba` [so'-bah]

from 'saba`' (saba`); satisfaction (of food or (figuratively) joy):--fill, full(-ness), satisfying, be satisfied.

(7649) sabea` [saw-bay'-ah]

from 'saba`' (saba`); satiated (in a pleasant or disagreeable sense):--full (of), satisfied (with).

(7650) shaba` [shaw-bah']

a primitive root; propr. to be complete, but used only as a denominative from 'sheba`' (sheba`); to seven oneself, i.e. swear (as if by repeating a declaration seven times):--adjure, charge (by an oath, with an oath), feed to the full (by mistake for 'saba`' (saba`)), take an oath, X straitly, (cause to, make to) swear.

(7651) sheba` [sheh'-bah]

or (masculine) shibrah {shib-aw'}; from 'shaba`' (shaba`); a primitive cardinal number; seven (as the sacred full one); also (adverbially) seven times; by implication, a week; by extension, an indefinite number:--(+ by) seven(-fold),-s, (-teen, -teenth), -th, times). Compare 'shib`anah' (shib`anah).

(7652) sheba` [sheh'-bah]

the same as 'sheba`' (sheba`); seven; Sheba, the name of a place in Palestine, and of two Israelites:--Sheba.

(7653) sib`ah [sib-aw']

feminine of 'saba`' (saba`); satiety:--fulness.

(7654) sob`ah [sob-aw']

feminine of 'soba`' (soba`); satiety:--(to have) enough, X full, (un-)satiable, satisfy, X sufficiently.

(7655) shib`ah [shib-aw']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'sheba`' (sheba`):--seven (times).

(7656) Shib`ah [shib-aw']

masculine of 'sheba`' (sheba`); seven(-th); Shebah, a well in Palestine:--Shebah.

(7657) shib`iym. [shib-eem']

multiple of 'sheba`' (sheba`); seventy:--seventy, threescore and ten (+ -teen).

(7658) shib`anah [shib-aw-naw']

prol. for the masculine of 'sheba`' (sheba`); seven:--seven.

(7659) shib`athayim [shib-aw-thah'-yim]

dual (adverbially) of 'sheba`' (sheba`); seven- times:--seven(-fold, times).

(7660) shabats [shaw-bats']

a primitive root; to interweave (colored) threads in squares; by implication (of reticulation) to inchase gems in gold:--embroider, set.

(7661) shabats [shaw-bawts']

from 'shabats' (shabats); entanglement, i.e. (figuratively) perplexity:--anguish.

(7662) shbaq [sheb-ak']

(Aramaic) corresponding to the root of 'Showbeq' (Showbeq); to quit, i.e. allow to remain:--leave, let alone.

(7663) sabar [saw-bar']

erroneously shabar (Nehemiah 2:13, ''abeh' ('abeh)) {shaw-bar'}; a primitive root; to scrutinize; by implication (of watching) to expect (with hope and patience):--hope, tarry, view, wait.

(7664) seber [say'-ber]

from 'sabar' (sabar); expectation:--hope.

(7665) shabar [shaw-bar']

a primitive root; to burst (literally or figuratively):--break (down, off, in pieces, up), broken((-hearted)), bring to the birth, crush, destroy, hurt, quench, X quite, tear, view (by mistake for 'sabar' (sabar)).

(7666) shabar [shaw-bar']

denominative from 'sheber' (sheber); to deal in grain:--buy, sell.

(7667) sheber [sheh'-ber]

or sheber {shay'-ber}; from 'shabar' (shabar); a fracture, figuratively, ruin; specifically, a solution (of a dream):--affliction, breach, breaking, broken(-footed, -handed), bruise, crashing, destruction, hurt, interpretation, vexation.

(7668) sheber [sheh'-ber]

the same as 'sheber' (sheber); grain (as if broken into kernels):--corn, victuals.

(7669) Sheber [sheh'-ber]

the same as 'sheber' (sheber); Sheber, an Israelite:--Sheber.

(7670) shibrown [shib-rone']

from 'shabar' (shabar); rupture, i.e. a pang; figuratively, ruin:--breaking, destruction.

(7671) Shbariym [sheb-aw-reem']

plural of 'sheber' (sheber); ruins; Shebarim, a place in Palestine:--Shebarim.

(7672) shbash [sheb-ash']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shabats' (shabats); to entangle, i.e. perplex:--be astonished.

(7673) shabath [shaw-bath']

a primitive root; to repose, i.e. desist from exertion; used in many implied relations (causative, figurative or specific):--(cause to, let, make to) cease, celebrate, cause (make) to fail, keep (sabbath), suffer to be lacking, leave, put away (down), (make to) rest, rid, still, take away.

(7674) shebeth [sheh'-beth]

from 'shabath' (shabath); rest, interruption, cessation:--cease, sit still, loss of time.

(7675) shebeth [sheh'-beth]

infinitive of 'yashab' (yashab); properly, session; but used also concretely, an abode or locality:--place, seat. Compare 'Yosheb bash-Shebeth' (Yosheb bash-Shebeth).

(7676) shabbath [shab-bawth']

intensive from 'shabath' (shabath); intermission, i.e (specifically) the Sabbath:--(+ every) sabbath.

(7677) shabbathown [shab-baw-thone']

from 'shabbath' (shabbath); a sabbatism or special holiday:--rest, sabbath.

(7678) Shabbthay [shab-beth-ah'-ee]

from 'shabbath' (shabbath); restful; Shabbethai, the name of three Israelites:--Shabbethai.

(7679) saga' [saw-gaw']

: a primitive root; to grow, i.e. (causatively) to enlarge, (figuratively) laud:--increase, magnify.