Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)




(5645) `ab [awb]

(masculine and feminine); from '`uwb' (`uwb); properly, an envelope, i.e. darkness (or density, ''ab' ('ab) Chron. 4:17); specifically, a (scud) cloud; also a copse:--clay, (thick) cloud, X thick, thicket. Compare '`abiy' (`abiy).

(5646) `ab [awb]

or sob {obe}; from an unused root meaning to cover; properly, equivalent to '`ab' (`ab); but used only as an architectural term, an architrave (as shading the pillars):--thick (beam, plant).

(5647) `abad [aw-bad']

a primitive root; to work (in any sense); by implication, to serve, till, (causatively) enslave, etc.:--X be, keep in bondage, be bondmen, bond-service, compel, do, dress, ear, execute, + husbandman, keep, labour(-ing man, bring to pass, (cause to, make to) serve(-ing, self), (be, become) servant(-s), do (use) service, till(-er), transgress (from margin), (set a) work, be wrought, worshipper,

(5648) `abad [ab-bad']

(Aramaic) corresponding to '`abad' (`abad); to do, make, prepare, keep, etc.:--X cut, do, execute, go on, make, move, work.

(5649) `abad [ab-bad']

(Aramaic) from '`abad' (`abad); a servant:--servant.

(5650) `ebed [eh'-bed]

from '`abad' (`abad); a servant:--X bondage, bondman, (bond-)servant, (man-)servant.

(5651) `Ebed [eh'-bed]

the same as '`ebed' (`ebed); Ebed, the name of two Israelites:--Ebed.

(5652) `abad [ab-awd']

from '`abad' (`abad); a deed:--work.

(5653) `Abda' [ab-daw']

from '`abad' (`abad); work; Abda, the name of two Israelites:--Abda

(5654) `Obed 'Edowm [o-bade' ed-ome']

from the active participle of '`abad' (`abad) and ''Edom' ('Edom); worker of Edom; Obed-Edom, the name of five Israelites: --Obed-edom.

(5655) `Abd'el [ab-deh-ale']

from '`abad' (`abad) and ''el' ('el); serving God; Abdeel, an Israelite: Abdeel. Compare '`Abdiy'el' (`Abdiy'el).

(5656) `abodah [ab-o-daw']

or mabowdah {ab-o-daw'}; from '`abad' (`abad); work of any kind:--act, bondage, + bondservant, effect, labour, ministering(-try), office, service(-ile, -itude), tillage, use, work, X wrought.

(5657) `abuddah [ab-ood-daw']

passive participle of '`abad' (`abad); something wrought, i.e. (concretely) service:--household, store of servants.

(5658) `Abdown [ab-dohn']

from '`abad' (`abad); servitude; Abdon, the name of a place in Palestine and of four Israelites:--Abdon. Compare '`Ebron' (`Ebron).

(5659) `abduwth [ab-dooth']

from '`abad' (`abad); servitude:--bondage.

(5660) `Abdiy [ab-dee']

from '`abad' (`abad); serviceable; Abdi, the name of two Israelites:--Abdi.

(5661) `Abdiy'el [ab-dee-ale']

from '`ebed' (`ebed) and ''el' ('el); servant of God; Abdiel, an Israelite:--Abdiel. Compare '`Abd'el' (`Abd'el).

(5662) `Obadyah [o-bad-yaw']

or mObadyahuw {o-bad-yaw'-hoo}; active participle of '`abad' (`abad) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); serving Jah; Obadjah, the name of thirteen Israelites:--Obadiah.

(5663) `Ebed Melek [eh'-bed meh'-lek]

from '`ebed' (`ebed) and 'melek' (melek); servant of a king; Ebed-Melek, a eunuch of Zedekeah:--Ebed-melech.

(5664) `Abed Ngow [ab-ade' neg-o']

the same as '`Abed Ngow'' (`Abed Ngow'); Abed-Nego, the Babylonian name of one of Daniel's companions:--Abed-nego.

(5665) `Abed Ngow' [ab-ade' neg-o']

(Aramaic) of foreign origin; Abed-Nego, the name of Azariah:--Abed-nego.

(5666) `abah [aw-baw']

a primitive root; to be dense:--be (grow) thick(-er).

(5667) `abowt [ab-ote']

or rabot {ab-ote'}; from '`abat' (`abat); a pawn:--pledge.

(5668) `abuwr [aw-boor']

or rabur {aw-boor'}; passive participle of '`abar' (`abar); properly, crossed, i.e. (abstractly) transit; used only adverbially, on account of, in order that:--because of, for (...'s sake), (intent) that, to.

(5669) `abuwr [aw-boor']

the same as '`abuwr' (`abuwr); passed, i.e. kept over; used only of stored grain:--old corn.

(5670) `abat [aw-bat']

a primitive root; to pawn; causatively, to lend (on security); figuratively, to entangle:--borrow, break (ranks), fetch (a pledge), lend, X surely.

(5671) `abtiyt [ab-teet']

from '`abat' (`abat); something pledged, i.e. (collectively) pawned goods:--thick clay (by a false etym.).

(5672) `abiy [ab-ee']

or mobiy {ob-ee'}; from '`abah' (`abah); density, i.e. depth or width:--thick(-ness). Compare '`ab' (`ab).

(5673) `abiydah [ab-ee-daw']

(Aramaic) from '`abad' (`abad); labor or business:--affairs, service, work.

(5674) `abar [aw-bar']

a primitive root; to cross over; used very widely of any transition (literal or figurative; transitive, intransitive, intensive, causative); specifically, to cover (in copulation):--alienate, alter, X at all, beyond, bring (over, through), carry over, (over-)come (on, over), conduct (over), convey over, current, deliver, do away, enter, escape, fail, gender, get over, (make) go (away, beyond, by, forth, his way, in, on, over, through), have away (more), lay, meddle, overrun, make partition, (cause to, give, make to, over) pass(-age, along, away, beyond, by, -enger, on, out, over, through), (cause to, make) + proclaim(-amation), perish, provoke to anger, put away, rage, + raiser of taxes, remove, send over, set apart, + shave, cause to (make) sound, X speedily, X sweet smelling, take (away), (make to) transgress(-or), translate, turn away, (way-)faring man, be wrath.

(5675) `abar [ab-ar']

(Aramaic) corresponding to '`eber' (`eber):--beyond, this side.

(5676) `eber [ay'-ber]

from '`abar' (`abar); properly, a region across; but used only adverbially (with or without a preposition) on the opposite side (especially of the Jordan; ususally meaning the east):--X against, beyond, by, X from, over, passage, quarter, (other, this) side, straight.

(5677) `Eber [ay'-ber]

the same as '`eber' (`eber); Eber, the name of two patriarchs and four Israelites:--Eber, Heber.

(5678) `ebrah [eb-raw']

feminine of '`eber' (`eber); an outburst of passion:--anger, rage, wrath.

(5679) `abarah [ab-aw-raw']

from '`abar' (`abar); a crossing-place:--ferry, plain (from the margin).

(5680) `Ibriy [ib-ree']

patronymic from '`Eber' (`Eber); an Eberite (i.e. Hebrew) or descendant of Eber:--Hebrew(-ess, woman).

(5681) `Ibriy [ib-ree']

the same as '`Ibriy' (`Ibriy); Ibri, an Israelite:--Ibri.

(5682) `Abarim [ab-aw-reem']

plural of '`eber' (`eber); regions beyond; Abarim, a place in Palestine:--Abarim, passages.

(5683) `Ebron [eb-rone']

from '`eber' (`eber); transitional; Ebron, a place in Palestine:--Hebron. Perhaps a clerical error for '`Abdown' (`Abdown).

(5684) `Ebronah [eb-raw-naw']

feminine of '`Ebron' (`Ebron); Ebronah, place in the Desert:--Ebronah.

(5685) `abash [aw-bash']

a primitive root; to dry up:--be rotten.

(5686) `abath [aw-bath']

a primitive root; to interlace, i.e. (figuratively) to pervert:--wrap up.

(5687) `aboth [aw-both']

or rabowth {aw-both'}; from '`abath' (`abath); intwined, i.e. dense:--thick.

(5688) `aboth [ab-oth']

or rabowth {ab-oth'}; or (feminine) tabothah {ab- oth-aw'}; the same as '`aboth' (`aboth); something intwined, i.e. a string, wreath or foliage:--band, cord, rope, thick bough (branch), wreathen (chain).

(5689) `agab [aw-gab']

a primitive root; to breathe after, i.e. to love (sensually):--dote, lover.

(5690) `egeb [eh'-gheb]

from '`agab' (`agab); love (concretely), i.e. amative words:--much love, very lovely.

(5691) `agabah [ag-aw-baw']

from '`agab' (`agab); love (abstractly), i.e. amorousness:--inordinate love.

(5692) `uggah [oog-gaw']

from '`uwg' (`uwg); an ash-cake (as round):--cake (upon the hearth).

(5693) `aguwr [aw-goor']

passive part (but with active sense) of an unused root meaning to twitter: probably the swallow:--swallow.

(5694) `agiyl [aw-gheel']

from the same as '`agol' (`agol); something round, i.e. a ring (for the ears):--earring.

(5695) `egel [ay-ghel]

from the same as '`agol' (`agol); a (male) calf (as frisking round), especially one nearly grown (i.e. a steer):--bullock, calf.

(5696) `agol [aw-gole']

or magowl {aw-gole'}; from an unused root meaning to revolve, circular:--round.

(5697) `eglah [eg-law']

feminine of '`egel' (`egel); a (female) calf, especially one nearly grown (i.e. a heifer):--calf, cow, heifer.

(5698) `Eglah [eg-law']

the same as '`eglah' (`eglah); Eglah, a wife of David:--Eglah.

(5699) `agalah [ag-aw-law']

from the same as '`agol' (`agol); something revolving, i.e. a wheeled vehicle:--cart, chariot, wagon

(5700) `Eglown [eg-lawn']

from '`egel' (`egel); vituline; Eglon, the name of a place in Palestine and of a Moabitish king:--Eglon.

(5701) `agam [aw-gam']

a primitive root; to be sad:--grieve.

(5702) `agan [aw-gan']

a primitive root; to debar, i.e. from marriage:--stay.

(5703) `ad [ad]

from '`adah' (`adah); properly, a (peremptory) terminus, i.e. (by implication) duration, in the sense of advance or perpetuity (substantially as a noun, either with or without a preposition):--eternity, ever(- lasting, -more), old, perpetually, + world without end.

(5704) `ad [ad]

properly, the same as '`ad' (`ad) (used as a preposition, adverb or conjunction; especially with a preposition); as far (or long, or much) as, whether of space (even unto) or time (during, while, until) or degree (equally with):--against, and, as, at, before, by (that), even (to), for(-asmuch as), (hither-)to, + how long, into, as long (much) as, (so) that, till, toward, until, when, while, (+ as) yet.

(5705) `ad [ad]

(Aramaic) corresponding to '`ad' (`ad); X and, at, for, (hither-)to, on till, (un-)to, until, within.

(5706) `ad [ad]

the same as '`ad' (`ad) in the sense of the aim of an attack; booty:--prey.

(5707) `ed [ayd]

contracted from '`uwd' (`uwd) ; concretely, a witness; abstractly, testimony; specifically, a recorder, i.e. prince:--witness.

(5708) `ed [ayd]

from an unused root meaning to set a period (compare '`adah' (`adah), '`uwd' (`uwd)); the menstrual flux (as periodical); by implication (in plural) soiling:--filthy.

(5709) `ada' [ad-aw']

(Aramaic) or adah (Aramaic) {ad-aw'}; corresponding to '`adah' (`adah):--alter, depart, pass (away), remove, take (away).

(5710) `adah [aw-daw']

a primitive root; to advance, i.e. pass on or continue; causatively, to remove; specifically, to bedeck (i.e. bring an ornament upon):--adorn, deck (self), pass by, take away.

(5711) `Adah [aw-daw']

from '`adah' (`adah); ornament; Adah, the name of two women:--Adah.

(5712) `edah [ay-daw']

feminine of '`ed' (`ed) in the original sense of fixture; a stated assemblage (specifically, a concourse, or generally, a family or crowd):--assembly, company, congregation, multitude, people, swarm. Compare '`edah' (`edah).

(5713) `edah [ay-daw']

feminine of '`ed' (`ed) in its techn. sense; testimony:-- testimony, witness. Compare '`edah' (`edah).

(5714) `Iddow [id-do']

or iIddowo {id-do'}; or tIddiy {id-dee'}; from '`adah' (`adah); timely; Iddo (or Iddi), the name of five Israelites:--Iddo. Compare 'Yiddow' (Yiddow), 'Y`diy' (Y`diy).

(5715) `eduwth [ay-dooth']

feminine of '`ed' (`ed); testimony:--testimony, witness.

(5716) `adiy [ad-ee']

from '`adah' (`adah) in the sense of trappings; finery; generally an outfit; specifically, a headstall:--X excellent, mouth, ornament.

(5717) `Adiy'el [ad-ee-ale']

from '`adiy' (`adiy) and ''el' ('el); ornament of God; Adiel, the name of three Israelites:--Adiel.

(5718) `Adayah [ad-aw-yaw']

or mAdayahuw {ad-aw-yaw'-hoo}; from '`adah' (`adah) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has adorned; Adajah, the name of eight Israelites:--Adaiah.

(5719) `adiyn [aw-deen']

from '`adan' (`adan); voluptuous:--given to pleasures.

(5720) `Adiyn [aw-deen']

the same as '`adiyn' (`adiyn); Adin, the name of two Israelites:--Adin.

(5721) `Adiyna' [ad-ee-naw']

from '`adiyn' (`adiyn); effeminacy; Adina, an Israelite:--Adina.

(5722) `adiynow [ad-ee-no']

probably from '`adiyn' (`adiyn) in the original sense of slender (i.e. a spear); his spear:--Adino.

(5723) `Adiythayim [ad-ee-thah'-yim]

dual of a feminine of '`ad' (`ad); double prey; Adithajim, a place in Palestine:--Adithaim.

(5724) `Adlay [ad-lah'-ee]

probably from an unused root of uncertain meaning; Adlai, an Israelite:--Adlai.

(5725) `Adullam [ad-ool-lawm']

probably from the passive participle of the same as '`Adlay' (`Adlay); Adullam, a place in Palestine:--Adullam.

(5726) `Adullamiy [ad-ool-law-mee']

patrial from '`Adullam' (`Adullam); an Adullamite or native of Adullam:--Adullamite.

(5727) `adan [aw-dan']

a primitive root; to be soft or pleasant; figuratively and reflexively, to live voluptuously:--delight self.

(5728) `aden [ad-en']

or radennah {ad-en'-naw}; from '`ad' (`ad) and 'hen' (hen); till now:--yet.

(5729) `Eden [eh'-den]

from '`adan' (`adan); pleasure; Eden, a place in Mesopotamia:--Eden.

(5730) `eden [ay'-den]

or (feminine) aednah {ed-naw'}; from '`adan' (`adan); pleasure:--delicate, delight, pleasure. See also 'Beyth `Eden' (Beyth `Eden).

(5731) `Eden [ay'-den]

the same as '`eden' (`eden) (masculine); Eden, the region of Adam's home:--Eden.

(5732) `iddan [id-dawn']

(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to that of '`ed' (`ed); a set time; technically, a year:--time.

(5733) `Adna' [ad-naw']

from '`adan' (`adan); pleasure; Adna, the name of two Israelites:--Adna.

(5734) `Adnah [ad-naw']

from '`adan' (`adan); pleasure; Adnah, the name of two Israelites:--Adnah.

(5735) `Ad`adah [ad-aw-daw']

from '`edah' (`edah); festival; Adadah, a place in Palestine:--Adadah.

(5736) `adaph [aw-daf']

a primitive root; to be (causatively, have) redundant:--be more, odd number, be (have) over (and above), overplus, remain.

(5737) `adar [aw-dar']

a primitive root; to arrange, as a battle, a vineyard (to hoe); hence, to muster and so to miss (or find wanting):--dig, fail, keep (rank), lack.

(5738) `Eder [eh'-der]

from '`adar' (`adar); an arrangement (i.e. drove); Eder, an Israelite:--Ader.

(5739) `eder [ay'-der]

from '`adar' (`adar); an arrangement, i.e. muster (of animals):--drove, flock, herd.

(5740) `Eder [ay'-der]

the same as '`eder' (`eder); Eder, the name of an Israelite and of two places in Palestine:--Edar, Eder.

(5741) `Adriy'el [ad-ree-ale']

from '`eder' (`eder) and ''el' ('el); flock of God; Adriel, an Israelite:--Adriel.

(5742) `adash [aw-dawsh']

from an unused root of uncertain meaning; a lentil:--lentile.

(5743) `uwb [oob]

a primitive root; to be dense or dark, i.e. to becloud:--cover with a cloud.

(5744) `Owbed [o-bade']

active participle of '`abad' (`abad); serving; Obed, the name of five Israelites:--Obed.

(5745) `Owbal [o-bawl']

of foreign derivation; Obal, a son of Joktan:--Obal.