Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)




(2051) Vdan [ved-awn']

perhaps for '`eden' (`eden); Vedan (or Aden), a place in Arabia:--Dan also.

(2052) Vaheb [vaw-habe']

of uncertain derivation; Vaheb, a place in Moab:--what he did.

(2053) vav [vaw]

probably a hook (the name of the sixth Heb. letter):--hook.

(2054) vazar [vaw-zawr']

presumed to be from an unused root meaning to bear guilt; crime:--X strange.

(2055) Vayzatha' [vah-yez-aw'-thaw]

of foreign origin; Vajezatha, a son of Haman:--Vajezatha.

(2056) valad [vaw-lawd']

for 'yeled' (yeled); a boy:--child.

(2057) Vanyah [van-yaw']

perhaps for '`Anayah' (`Anayah); Vanjah, an Israelite:--Vaniah.

(2058) Vophciy [vof-see']

probably from 'yacaph' (yacaph); additional; Vophsi, an &� Israelite:--Vophsi.

(2059) Vashniy [vash-nee']

probably from 'Yishmray' (Yishmray); weak; Vashni, an Israelite:--Vashni.

(2060) Vashtiy [vash-tee']

of Persian origin; Vashti, the queen of Xerxes:--Vashti.