Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(7983) shiltown [shil-tone']

(Aramaic) from 'shalat' (shalat); a potentate; --power.

(7984) shiltown [shil-tone']

(Aramaic) or shilton {shil-tone'}; corresponding to 'shiltown' (shiltown):--ruler.

(7985) sholtan [shol-tawn']

(Aramaic) from 'shlet' (shlet); empire (abstractly or concretely):--dominion.

(7986) shalleteth [shal-leh'-teth]

feminine from 'shalat' (shalat); a vixen:--imperious.

(7987) shliy [shel-ee']

from 'shalah' (shalah); privacy:--+ quietly.

(7988) shilyah [shil-yaw']

feminine from 'shalah' (shalah); a fetus or babe (as extruded in birth):--young one.

(7989) shalliyt [shal-leet']

from 'shalat' (shalat); potent; concretely, a prince or warrior:--governor, mighty, that hath power, ruler.

(7990) shalliyt [shal-leet']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shalliyt' (shalliyt); mighty; abstractly, permission; concretely, a premier:--captain, be lawful, rule(- r).

(7991) shaliysh [shaw-leesh']

or shalowsh ( ''ab' ('ab) Chron. 11:11; 12:18) {shaw- loshe'}; or shalosh (2 Sam. 23:13) {shaw-loshe'}; from 'shalowsh' (shalowsh); a triple, i.e. (as a musical instrument) a triangle (or perhaps rather three-stringed lute); also (as an indefinite, great quantity) a three-fold measure (perhaps a treble ephah); also (as an officer) a general of the third rank (upward, i.e. the highest):--captain, instrument of musick, (great) lord, (great) measure, prince, three (from the margin).

(7992) shliyshiy [shel-ee-shee']

ordinal from 'shalowsh' (shalowsh); third; feminine a third (part); by extension, a third (day, year or time); specifically, a third-story cell):--third (part, rank, time), three (years old).

(7993) shalak [shaw-lak]

a primitive root; to throw out, down or away (literally or figuratively):--adventure, cast (away, down, forth, off, out), hurl, pluck, throw.

(7994) shalak [shaw-lawk']

from 'shalak' (shalak); bird of prey, usually thought to be the pelican (from casting itself into the sea):--cormorant.

(7995) shalleketh [shal-leh'-keth]

from 'shalak' (shalak); a felling (of trees):--when cast.

(7996) Shalleketh [shal-leh'-keth]

the same as 'shalleketh' (shalleketh); Shalleketh, a gate in Jerusalem:--Shalleketh.

(7997) shalal [shaw-lal']

a primitive root; to drop or strip; by implication, to plunder:--let fall, make self a prey, X of purpose, (make a, (take)) spoil.

(7998) shalal [shaw-lawl']

from 'shalal' (shalal); booty:--prey, spoil.

(7999) shalam [shaw-lam']

a primitive root; to be safe (in mind, body or estate); figuratively, to be (causatively, make) completed; by implication, to be friendly; by extension, to reciprocate (in various applications):--make amends, (make an) end, finish, full, give again, make good, (re-)pay (again), (make) (to) (be at) peace(-able), that is perfect, perform, (make) prosper(-ous), recompense, render, requite, make restitution, restore, reward, X surely.

(8000) shlam [shel-am']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shalam' (shalam); to complete, to restore:--deliver, finish.

(8001) shlam [shel-awm']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shalowm' (shalowm); prosperity:--peace.

(8002) shelem [sheh'-lem]

from 'shalam' (shalam); properly, requital, i.e. a (voluntary) sacrifice in thanks:--peace offering.

(8003) shalem [shaw-lame']

from 'shalam' (shalam); complete (literally or figuratively); especially friendly:--full, just, made ready, peaceable, perfect(-ed), quiet, Shalem (by mistake for a name), whole.

(8004) Shalem [shaw-lame']

the same as 'shalem' (shalem); peaceful; Shalem, an early name of Jerusalem:--Salem.

(8005) shillem [shil-lame']

from 'shalam' (shalam); requital:--recompense.

(8006) Shillem [shil-lame']

the same as 'shillem' (shillem); Shillem, an Israelite:--Shillem.

(8007) Salma' [sal-maw']

probably for 'salmah' (salmah); clothing; Salma, the name of two Israelites:--Salma.

(8008) salmah [sal-maw']

transp. for 'simlah' (simlah); a dress:--clothes, garment, raiment.

(8009) Salmah [sal-maw']

the same as 'salmah' (salmah); clothing; Salmah, an Israelite:--Salmon. Compare 'Salmown' (Salmown).

(8010) Shlomoh [shel-o-mo']

from 'shalowm' (shalowm); peaceful; Shelomah, David's successor:--Solomon.

(8011) shillumah [shil-loo-maw']

feminine of 'shilluwm' (shilluwm); retribution:--recompense.

(8012) Salmown [sal-mone']

from 'salmah' (salmah); investiture; Salmon, an Israelite:--Salmon. Compare 'Salmah' (Salmah).

(8013) Shlomowth [shel-o-moth']

feminine plural of 'shalowm' (shalowm); pacifications; Shelomoth, the name of two Israelites:--Shelomith (from the margin), Shelomoth. Compare 'Shlomiyth' (Shlomiyth).

(8014) Salmay [sal-mah'-ee]

from 'salmah' (salmah); clothed; Salmai, an Israelite:--Shalmai.

(8015) Shlomiy [shel-o-mee']

from 'shalowm' (shalowm); peaceable; Shelomi, an Israelite:--Shelomi.

(8016) Shillemiy [shil-lay-mee']

patronymically from 'Shillem' (Shillem); a Shilemite (collectively) or descendants of Shillem:--Shillemites.

(8017) Shlumiy'el [shel-oo-mee-ale']

from 'shalowm' (shalowm) and ''el' ('el); peace of God; Shelumiel, an Israelite:--Shelumiel.

(8018) Shelemyah [shel-em-yaw']

or Shelemyahuw {shel-em-yaw'-hoo}; from 'shelem' (shelem) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); thank-offering of Jah; Shelemjah, the name of nine Israelites:--Shelemiah.

(8019) Shlomiyth [shel-o-meeth']

or Shlowmiyth (Ezra 8:10) {shel-o- meeth'}; from 'shalowm' (shalowm); peaceableness; Shelomith, the name of five Israelites and three Israelitesses:--Shelomith.

(8020) Shalman [shal-man']

of foreign derivation; Shalman, a king apparently of Assyria:--Shalman. Compare 'Shalman'ecer' (Shalman'ecer).

(8021) shalmon [shal-mone']

from 'shalam' (shalam); a bribe:--reward.

(8022) Shalman'ecer [shal-man-eh'-ser]

of foreign derivation; Shalmaneser, an Assyrian king:--Shalmaneser. Comp 'Shalman' (Shalman).

(8023) Shiloniy [shee-lo-nee']

the same as 'Shiylowniy' (Shiylowniy); Shiloni, an Israelite:--Shiloni.

(8024) Shelaniy [shay-law-nee']

from 'Shelah' (Shelah); a Shelanite (collectively), or descendants of Shelah:--Shelanites.

(8025) shalaph [saw-laf']

a primitive root; to pull out, up or off:--draw (off), grow up, pluck off.

(8026) shelaph [sheh'-lef]

from 'shalaph' (shalaph); extract; Sheleph, a son of Jokthan:--Sheleph.

(8027) shalash [shaw-lash']

a primitive root perhaps originally to intensify, i.e. treble; but apparently used only as denominative from 'shalowsh' (shalowsh), to be (causatively, make) triplicate (by restoration, in portions, strands, days or years):--do the third time, (divide into, stay) three (days, - fold, parts, years old).

(8028) Shelesh [sheh'-lesh]

from 'shalash' (shalash); triplet; Shelesh, an Israelite:--Shelesh.

(8029) shillesh [shil-laysh']

from 'shalash' (shalash); a descendant of the third degree, i.e. great grandchild:--third (generation).

(8030) Shilshah [shil-shaw']

feminine from the same as 'Shelesh' (Shelesh); triplication; Shilshah, an Israelite:--Shilshah.

(8031) Shalishah [shaw-lee-shaw']

feminine from 'shalash' (shalash); trebled land; Shalishah, a place in Palestine:--Shalisha.

(8032) shilshowm [shil-shome']

or shilshom {shil-shome'}; from the same as 'Shelesh' (Shelesh); trebly, i.e. (in time) day before yesterday:--+ before (that time, - time), excellent things (from the margin), + heretofore, three days, + time past.

(8033) sham [shawm]

a primitive particle (rather from the relative pronoun, ''aher' ('aher)); there (transferring to time) then; often thither, or thence:--in it, + thence, there (-in, + of, + out), + thither, + whither.

(8034) shem [shame]

a primitive word (perhaps rather from 'suwm' (suwm) through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare 'shamayim' (shamayim)); an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character:--+ base, (in-)fame(-ous), named(-d), renown, report.

(8035) Shem [shame]

the same as 'shem' (shem); name; Shem, a son of Noah (often includ. his posterity):--Sem, Shem.

(8036) shum [shoom]

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shem' (shem):--name.

(8037) Shamma' [sham-maw']

from 'shamem' (shamem); desolation; Shamma, an Israelite:--Shamma.

(8038) Shem'eber [shem-ay'-ber]

apparently from 'shem' (shem) and ''eber' ('eber); name of pinion, i.e. illustrious; Shemeber, a king of Zeboim:--Shemeber.

(8039) Shim'ah [shim-aw']

perhaps for 'Shim`ah' (Shim`ah); Shimah, an Israelite:--Shimah. Compare 'Shim'am' (Shim'am).

(8040) smo'wl [sem-ole']

or smosl {sem-ole'}; a primitive word (rather perhaps from the same as 'simlah' (simlah) (by insertion of the aleph) through the idea of wrapping up); properly, dark (as enveloped), i.e. the north; hence (by orientation), the left hand:--left (hand, side).

(8041) sama'l [saw-mal']

a primitive root (denominative from 'smo'wl' (smo'wl)); to use the left hand or pass in that direction):--(go, turn) (on the, to the) left.

(8042) sma'liy [sem-aw-lee']

from 'smo'wl' (smo'wl); situated on the left side:--left.

(8043) Shim'am [shim-awm']

for 'Shim'ah' (Shim'ah) (compare ''Abiyam' ('Abiyam)); Shimam, an Israelite:--Shimeam.

(8044) Shamgar [sham-gar']

of uncertain derivation; Shamgar, an Israelite judge:--Shamgar.

(8045) shamad [shaw-mad']

a primitive root; to desolate:--destory(- uction), bring to nought, overthrow, perish, pluck down, X utterly.

(8046) shmad [shem-ad']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shamad' (shamad):--consume.

(8047) shammah [sham-maw']

from 'shamem' (shamem); ruin; by implication, consternation:--astonishment, desolate(-ion), waste, wonderful thing.

(8048) Shammah [sham-maw']

the same as 'shammah' (shammah); Shammah, the name of an Edomite and four Israelites:--Shammah.

(8049) Shamhuwth [sham-hooth']

for 'Shammah' (Shammah); desolation; Shamhuth, an Israelite:--Shamhuth.

(8050) Shmuw'el [sehm-oo-ale']

from the passive participle of 'shama`' (shama`) and ''el' ('el); heard of God; Shemuel, the name of three Israelites:--Samuel, Shemuel.

(8051) Shammuwa` [sham-moo'-ah]

from 'shamem' (shamem); renowned; Shammua, the name of four Israelites:--Shammua, Shammuah.

(8052) shmuw`ah [sehm-oo-aw']

feminine passive participle of 'shamem' (shamem); something heard, i.e. an announcement:--bruit, doctrine, fame, mentioned, news, report, rumor, tidings.

(8053) Shamuwr [shaw-moor']

passive participle of 'shimtsah' (shimtsah); observed; Shamur, an Israelite:--Shamir (from the margin).

(8054) Shammowth [sham-moth']

plural of 'shammah' (shammah); ruins; Shammoth, an Israelite:--Shamoth.

(8055) samach [saw-makh']

a primitive root; probably to brighten up, i.e. (figuratively) be (causatively, make) blithe or gleesome:--cheer up, be (make) glad, (have, make) joy(-ful), be (make) merry, (cause to, make to) rejoice, X very.

(8056) sameach [saw-may'-akh]

from 'samach' (samach); blithe or gleeful:--(be) glad, joyful, (making) merry((-hearted), -ily), rejoice(-ing).

(8057) simchah [sim-khaw']

from 'sameach' (sameach); blithesomeness or glee, (religious or festival):--X exceeding(-ly), gladness, joy(-fulness), mirth, pleasure, rejoice(-ing).

(8058) shamat [shaw-mat']

a primitive root; to fling down; incipiently to jostle; figuratively, to let alone, desist, remit:--discontinue, overthrow, release, let rest, shake, stumble, throw down.

(8059) shmittah [shem-it-taw']

from 'shamat' (shamat); remission (of debt) or suspension of labor):--release.

(8060) Shammay [sham-mah'-ee]

from 'Shamlay' (Shamlay); destructive; Shammai, the name of three Israelites:--Shammai.

(8061) Shmiyda` [shem-ee-daw']

apparently from 'shem' (shem) and 'yada`' (yada`); name of knowing; Shemida, an Israelite:--Shemida, Shemidah.

(8062) Shmiyda`iy [shem-ee-daw-ee']

patronymically from 'Shmiyda`' (Shmiyda`); a Shemidaite (collectively) or descendants of Shemida:--Shemidaites.

(8063) smiykah [sem-ee-kaw']

from 'camak' (camak); a run (as sustaining the Oriental sitter):--mantle.

(8064) shamayim [shaw-mah'-yim]

dual of an unused singular shameh {shaw-meh'}; from an unused root meaning to be lofty; the sky (as aloft; the dual perhaps alluding to the visible arch in which the clouds move, as well as to the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve):--air, X astrologer, heaven(-s).

(8065) shamayin [shaw-mah'-yin]

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shamayim' (shamayim):--heaven.

(8066) shmiyniy [shem-ee-nee']

from 'shmoneh' (shmoneh); eight:--eight.

(8067) shmiyniyth [shem-ee-neeth']

feminine of 'shmiyniy' (shmiyniy); probably an eight-stringed lyre:--Sheminith.

(8068) shamiyr [shaw-meer']

from 'shamar' (shamar) in the original sense of pricking; a thorn; also (from its keenness for scratching) a gem, probably the diamond:--adamant (stone), brier, diamond.

(8069) Shamiyr [shaw-meer']

the same as 'shamiyr' (shamiyr); Shamir, the name of two places in Palestine:--Shamir. Compare 'Shamuwr' (Shamuwr).

(8070) Shmiyramowth [shem-ee-raw-moth']

or Shmariymowth {shem-aw-ree- moth'}; probably from 'shem' (shem) and plural of 'ramah' (ramah); name of heights; Shemiramoth, the name of two Israelites:--Shemiramoth.

(8071) simlah [sim-law']

perhaps by permutation for the feminine of 'cemel' (cemel) (through the idea of a cover assuming the shape of the object beneath); a dress, especially a mantle:--apparel, cloth(-es, -ing), garment, raiment. Compare 'salmah' (salmah).

(8072) Samlah [sam-law']

probably for the same as 'simlah' (simlah); Samlah, an Edomite:--Samlah.

(8073) Shamlay [sham-lah'-ee]

for 'Salmay' (Salmay); Shamlai, one of the Nethinim:--Shalmai (from the margin).

(8074) shamem [shaw-mame']

a primitive root; to stun (or intransitively, grow numb), i.e. devastate or (figuratively) stupefy (both usually in a passive sense):--make amazed, be astonied, (be an) astonish(-ment), (be, bring into, unto, lay, lie, make) desolate(-ion, places), be destitute, destroy (self), (lay, lie, make) waste, wonder.

(8075) shmam [shem-am']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'shamem' (shamem):--be astonied.

(8076) shamem [shaw-mame']

from 'shamem' (shamem); ruined:--desolate.

(8077) shmamah [shem-aw-maw']

or shimamah {shee-mam-aw'}; feminine of 'shamem' (shamem); devastation; figuratively, astonishment:--(laid, X most) desolate(- ion), waste.

(8078) shimmamown [shim-maw-mone']

from 'shamem' (shamem); stupefaction:--astonishment.

(8079) smamiyth [sem-aw-meeth']

probably from 'shamem' (shamem) (in the sense of poisoning); a lizard (from the superstition of its noxiousness):--spider.

(8080) shaman [shaw-man']

a primitive root; to shine, i.e. (by analogy) be (causatively, make) oily or gross:--become (make, wax) fat.

(8081) shemen [sheh'-men]

from 'shaman' (shaman); grease, especially liquid (as from the olive, often perfumed); figuratively, richness:--anointing, X fat (things), X fruitful, oil((-ed)), ointment, olive, + pine.

(8082) shamen [shaw-mane']

from 'shaman' (shaman); greasy, i.e. gross; figuratively, rich:--fat, lusty, plenteous.

(8083) shmoneh [shem-o-neh']

or shmowneh {shem-o-neh'}; feminine shmonah {shem-o-naw'}; or shmownah {shem-o-naw'}; apparently from 'shamen' (shamen) through the idea of plumpness; a cardinal number, eight (as if a surplus above the "perfect" seven); also (as ordinal) eighth:--eight((-een, -eenth)), eighth.