Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(7195) qesher [keh'-sher]

from 'qashar' (qashar); an (unlawful) alliance:--confederacy, conspiracy, treason.

(7196) qishshur [kish-shoor']

from 'qashar' (qashar); an (ornamental) girdle (for women):--attire, headband.

(7197) qashash [kaw-shash']

a primitive root; to become sapless through drought; used only as denominative from 'qash' (qash); to forage for straw, stubble or wood; figuratively, to assemble:--gather (selves) (together).

(7198) qesheth [keh'-sheth]

from 'qashah' (qashah) in the original sense (of 'qowsh' (qowsh)) of bending: a bow, for shooting (hence, figuratively, strength) or the iris:--X arch(-er), + arrow, bow((-man, -shot)).

(7199) qashshath [kash-shawth']

intensive (as denominative) from 'qesheth' (qesheth); a bowman:--X archer.