Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(6993) qetel [keh'-tel]

from 'qatal' (qatal); a violent death:--slaughter.

(6994) qaton [kaw-tone']

a primitive root (rather denominative from 'qatan' (qatan)); to diminish, i.e. be (causatively, make) diminutive or (figuratively) of no account:--be a (make) small (thing), be not worthy.

(6995) qoten [ko'-ten]

from 'qaton' (qaton); a pettiness, i.e. the little finger:--little finger.

(6996) qatan [kaw-tawn']

or qaton {kaw-tone'}; from 'quwt' (quwt); abbreviated, i.e. diminutive, literally (in quantity, size or number) or figuratively (in age or importance):--least, less(-er), little (one), small(-est, one, quantity, thing), young(-er, -est).

(6997) Qatan [kaw-tawn']

the same as 'qatan' (qatan); small; Katan, an Israelite:--Hakkatan (including the article).

(6998) qataph [kaw-taf']

a primitive root; to strip off:--crop off, cut down (up), pluck.

(6999) qatar [kaw-tar']

a primitive root (identical with 'qatar' (qatar) through the idea of fumigation in a close place and perhaps thus driving out the occupants); to smoke, i.e. turn into fragrance by fire (especially as an act of worship):--burn (incense, sacrifice) (upon), (altar for) incense, kindle, offer (incense, a sacrifice).

(7000) qatar [kaw-tar']

a primitive root; to inclose:--join.

(7001) qtar [ket-ar']

(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 'qatar' (qatar); a knot (as tied up), i.e. (figuratively) a riddle; also a vertebra (as if a knot):--doubt, joint.

(7002) qitter [kit-tare']

from 'qatar' (qatar); perfume:--incense.

(7003) Qitrown [kit-rone']

from 'qatar' (qatar); fumigative; Kitron, a place in Palestine:--Kitron.

(7004) qtoreth [ket-o'-reth]

from 'qatar' (qatar); a fumigation:--(sweet) incense, perfume.

(7005) Qattath [kat-tawth']

from 'qatan' (qatan); littleness; Kattath, a place in Palestine:--Kattath.

(7006) qayah [kaw-yaw']

a primitive root; to vomit:--spue.

(7007) qayit [kah'-yit]

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'qayits' (qayits); harvest:--summer.

(7008) qiytowr [kee-tore']

or qiytor {kee-tore'}; from 'qatar' (qatar); a fume, i.e. cloud:--smoke, vapour.

(7009) qiym [keem]

from 'quwm' (quwm); an opponent (as rising against one), i.e. (collectively) enemies:--substance.

(7010) qyam [keh-yawm']

(Aramaic) from 'quwm' (quwm); an edict (as arising in law):--decree, statute.

(7011) qayam [kah-yawm']

(Aramaic) from 'quwm' (quwm); permanent (as rising firmly):--stedfast, sure.

(7012) qiymah [kee-maw']

from 'quwm' (quwm); an arising:--rising up.

(7013) qayin [kah'-yin]

from 'quwn' (quwn) in the original sense of fixity; a lance (as striking fast):--spear.

(7014) Qayin [kah'-yin]

the same as 'qayin' (qayin) (with a play upon the affinity to 'qanah' (qanah)); Kajin, the name of the first child, also of a place in Palestine, and of an Oriental tribe:--Cain, Kenite(-s).

(7015) qiynah [kee-naw']

from 'quwn' (quwn); a dirge (as accompanied by beating the breasts or on instruments):--lamentation.

(7016) Qiynah [kee-naw']

the same as 'qiynah' (qiynah); Kinah, a place in Palestine:--Kinah.

(7017) Qeyniy [kay-nee']

or Qiyniy (1 Chron. 2:55) {kee-nee'}; patronymic from 'Qayin' (Qayin); a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin:--Kenite.

(7018) Qeynan [kay-nawn']

from the same as 'qen' (qen); fixed; Kenan, an antediluvian:--Cainan, Kenan.

(7019) qayits [kah'-yits]

from 'quwts' (quwts); harvest (as the crop), whether the product (grain or fruit) or the (dry) season:--summer (fruit, house).

(7020) qiytsown [kee-tsone']

from 'quwts' (quwts); terminal:--out- (utter-)most.

(7021) qiyqayown [kee-kaw-yone']

perhaps from 'qayah' (qayah); the gourd (as nauseous):--gourd.

(7022) qiyqalown [kee-kaw-lone']

from 'qalown' (qalown); intense disgrace:--shameful spewing.

(7023) qiyr [keer]

or qir (Isa. 22:5) {keer}; or (feminine) qiyrah {kee-raw'}; from 'quwr' (quwr); a wall (as built in a trench):--+ mason, side, town, X very, wall.

(7024) Qiyr [keer]

the same as 'qiyr' (qiyr); fortress; Kir, a place in Assyrian; also one in Moab:--Kir. Compare 'Qiyr Cheres' (Qiyr Cheres).

(7025) Qiyr Cheres [keer kheh'-res]

or (feminine of the latter word) Qiyr Chareseth {keer khar-eh'-seth}; from 'qiyr' (qiyr) and 'cheres' (cheres); fortress of earthenware; Kir-Cheres or Kir-Chareseth, a place in Moab:--Kir-haraseth, Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, Kir-heres.

(7026) Qeyroc [kay-roce']

or Qeroc {kay-roce'}; from the same as 'qarcol' (qarcol); ankled; Keros, one of the Nethinim:--Keros.

(7027) Qiysh [keesh]

from 'qowsh' (qowsh); a bow; Kish, the name of five Israelites:--Kish.

(7028) Qiyshown [kee-shone']

from 'qowsh' (qowsh); winding; Kishon, a river of Palestine:--Kishon, Kison.

(7029) Qiyshiy [kee-shee']

from 'qowsh' (qowsh); bowed; Kishi, an Israelite:--Kishi.

(7030) qiytharoc [kee-thaw-roce']

(Aramaic) of Greek origin; a lyre:--harp.

(7031) qal [kal]

contracted from 'qalal' (qalal); light; (by implication) rapid (also adverbial):--light, swift(-ly).

(7032) qal [kawl]

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'qowl' (qowl):--sound, voice.

(7033) qalah [kaw-law']

a primitive root (rather identical with 'qalah' (qalah) through the idea of shrinkage by heat); to toast, i.e. scorch partially or slowly:--dried, loathsome, parch, roast.

(7034) qalah [kaw-law']

a primitive root; to be light (as implied in rapid motion), but figuratively, only (be (causatively, hold) in contempt):--base, contemn, despise, lightly esteem, set light, seem vile.

(7035) qalahh [kaw-lah']

for 'qahal' (qahal); to assemble:--gather together.

(7036) qalown [kaw-lone']

from 'qalah' (qalah); disgrace; (by implication) the pudenda:-- confusion, dishonour, ignominy, reproach, shame.

(7037) qallachath [kal-lakh'-ath]

apparently but a form for 'tsallachath' (tsallachath); a kettle:--caldron.

(7038) qalat [kaw-lat']

a primitive root; to maim:--lacking in his parts.

(7039) qaliy [kaw-lee']

or qaliyi {kaw-lee'}; from 'qalah' (qalah); roasted ears of grain:--parched corn.

(7040) Qallay [kal-lah'-ee]

from 'qalal' (qalal); frivolous; Kallai, an Israelite:--Kallai.

(7041) Qelayah [kay-law-yaw']

from 'qalah' (qalah); insignificance; Kelajah, an Israelite:--Kelaiah.

(7042) Qliyta' [kel-ee-taw']

from 'qalat' (qalat); maiming; Kelita, the name of three Israelites:--Kelita.

(7043) qalal [kaw-lal']

a primitive root; to be (causatively, make) light, literally (swift, small, sharp, etc.) or figuratively (easy, trifling, vile, etc.):--abate, make bright, bring into contempt, (ac-)curse, despise, (be) ease(-y, -ier), (be a, make, make somewhat, move, seem a, set) light(-en, -er, -ly, -ly afflict, -ly esteem, thing), X slight(-ly), be swift(-er), (be, be more, make, re-)vile, whet.

(7044) qalal [kaw-lawl']

from 'qalal' (qalal); brightened (as if sharpened):--burnished, polished.

(7045) qlalah [kel-aw-law']

from 'qalal' (qalal); vilification:--(ac-)curse(-d, - ing).

(7046) qalac [kaw-las']

a primitive root; to disparage, i.e. ridicule:--mock, scoff, scorn.

(7047) qelec [keh'-les]

from 'qalac' (qalac); a laughing-stock:--derision.

(7048) qallacah [kal-law-saw']

intensive from 'qalac' (qalac); ridicule:--mocking.

(7049) qala` [kaw-lah']

a primitive root: to sling: also to carve (as if a circular motion, or into light forms):--carve, sling (out).

(7050) qela` [keh'-lah]

from 'qala`' (qala`); a sling; also a (door) screen (as if slung across), or the valve (of the door) itself:--hanging, leaf, sling.

(7051) qalla` [kal-law']

intensive from 'qala`' (qala`); a slinger:--slinger.

(7052) qloqel [kel-o-kale']

from 'qalal' (qalal); insubstantial:--light.

(7053) qillshown [kil-lesh-one']

from an unused root meaning to prick; a prong, i.e. hay-fork:--fork.

(7054) qamah [kuw-maw']

feminine of active participle of 'quwm' (quwm); something that rises, i.e. a stalk of grain:--(standing) corn, grown up, stalk.

(7055) Qmuw'el [kem-oo-ale']

from 'quwm' (quwm) and ''el' ('el); raised of God; Kemuel, the name of a relative of Abraham, and of two Israelites:--Kemuel.

(7056) Qamown [kaw-mone']

from 'quwm' (quwm); an elevation; Kamon, a place East of the Jordan:--Camon.

(7057) qimmowsh [kim-moshe']

or qiymowsh {kee-moshe'}; from an unused root meaning to sting; a prickly plant:--nettle. Compare 'qimmashown' (qimmashown).

(7058) qemach [keh'-makh]

from an unused root probably meaning to grind; flour:--flour, meal.

(7059) qamat [kaw-mat']

a primitive root; to pluck, i.e. destroy:--cut down, fill with wrinkles.

(7060) qamal [kaw-mal']

a primitive root; to wither:--hew down, wither.

(7061) qamats [kaw-mats']

a primitive root; to grasp with the hand:--take an handful.

(7062) qomets [ko'mets]

from 'qamats' (qamats); a grasp, i.e. handful:--handful.

(7063) qimmashown [kim-maw-shone']

from the same as 'qimmowsh' (qimmowsh); a prickly plant:--thorn.

(7064) qen [kane]

contracted from 'qanan' (qanan); a nest (as fixed), sometimes including the nestlings; figuratively, a chamber or dwelling:--nest, room.

(7065) qana' [kaw-naw']

a primitive root; to be (causatively, make) zealous, i.e. (in a bad sense) jealous or envious:--(be) envy(-ious), be (move to, provoke to) jealous(-y), X very, (be) zeal(-ous).

(7066) qna' [ken-aw']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'qanah' (qanah); to purchase:--buy.

(7067) qanna' [kan-naw']

from 'qana'' (qana'); jealous:--jealous. Compare 'qannow'' (qannow').

(7068) qin'ah [kin-aw']

from 'qana'' (qana'); jealousy or envy:--envy(-ied), jealousy, X sake, zeal.

(7069) qanah [kaw-naw']

a primitive root; to erect, i.e. create; by extension, to procure, especially by purchase (causatively, sell); by implication to own:--attain, buy(-er), teach to keep cattle, get, provoke to jealousy, possess(-or), purchase, recover, redeem, X surely, X verily.

(7070) qaneh [kaw-neh']

from 'qanah' (qanah); a reed (as erect); by resemblance a rod (especially for measuring), shaft, tube, stem, the radius (of the arm), beam (of a steelyard):--balance, bone, branch, calamus, cane, reed, X spearman, stalk.

(7071) Qanah [kaw-naw']

feminine of 'qaneh' (qaneh); reediness; Kanah, the name of a stream and of a place in Palestine:--Kanah.

(7072) qannow' [kan-no']

for 'qanna'' (qanna'); jealous or angry:--jealous.

(7073) Qnaz [ken-az']

probably from an unused root meaning to hunt; hunter; Kenaz, the name of an Edomite and of two Israelites:--Kenaz.

(7074) Qnizziy [ken-iz-zee']

patronymic from 'Qnaz' (Qnaz), a Kenizzite or descendant of Kenaz:--Kenezite, Kenizzites.

(7075) qinyan [kin-yawn']

from 'qanah' (qanah); creation, i.e. (concretely) creatures; also acquisition, purchase, wealth:--getting, goods, X with money, riches, substance.

(7076) qinnamown [kin-naw-mone']

from an unused root (meaning to erect); cinnamon bark (as in upright rolls):--cinnamon.

(7077) qanan [kaw-nan']

a primitive root; to erect; but used only as denominative from 'qen' (qen); to nestle, i.e. build or occupy as a nest:-- make...nest.

(7078) qenets [keh'-nets]

from an unused root probably meaning to wrench; perversion:--end.

(7079) Qnath [ken-awth']

from 'qanah' (qanah); possession; Kenath, a place East of the Jordan:--Kenath.

(7080) qacam [kaw-sam']

a primitive root; properly, to distribute, i.e. determine by lot or magical scroll; by implication, to divine:--divine(-r, -ation), prudent, soothsayer, use (divination).

(7081) qecem [keh'-sem]

from 'qacam' (qacam); a lot: also divination (including its fee), oracle:--(reward of) divination, divine sentence, witchcraft.

(7082) qacac [kaw-sas']

a primitive root; to lop off:--cut off.

(7083) qeceth [keh'-seth]

from the same as 'kowc' (kowc) (or as 'qashah' (qashah)); properly, a cup, i.e. an ink-stand:--inkhorn.

(7084) Q`iylah [keh-ee-law']

perhaps from 'qala`' (qala`) in the sense of inclosing; citadel; Keilah, a place in Palestine:--Keilah.

(7085) qa`aqa` [kah-ak-ah']

from the same as 'Qowa`' (Qowa`); an incision or gash:--+ mark.

(7086) q`arah [keh-aw-raw']

probably from 'qara`' (qara`); a bowl (as cut out hollow):--charger, dish.

(7087) qapha' [kaw-faw']

a primitive root; to shrink, i.e. thicken (as unracked wine, curdled milk, clouded sky, frozen water):--congeal, curdle, dark, settle.

(7088) qaphad [kaw-fad']

a primitive root; to contract, i.e. roll together:--cut off.

(7089) qphadah [kef-aw-daw']

from 'qaphad' (qaphad); shrinking, i.e., terror:--destruction.

(7090) qippowd [kip-pode']

or qippod {kip-pode'}; from 'qaphad' (qaphad); a species of bird, perhaps the bittern (from its contracted form):--bittern.

(7091) qippowz [kip-poze']

from an unused root meaning to contract, i.e. spring forward; an arrow-snake (as darting on its prey):--great owl.

(7092) qaphats [kaw-fats']

a primitive root; to draw together, i.e. close; by implication, to leap (by contracting the limbs); specifically, to die (from gathering up the feet):--shut (up), skip, stop, take out of the way.

(7093) qets [kates]

contracted from 'qatsats' (qatsats); an extremity; adverbially (with prepositional prefix) after:--+ after, (utmost) border, end, (in-)finite, X process.