Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(2647) Chuppah [khoop-paw']

the same as 'chuppah' (chuppah); Chuppah, an Israelite:--Huppah.

(2648) chaphaz [khaw-faz']

a primitive root; properly, to start up suddenly, i.e. (by implication) to hasten away, to fear:--(make) haste (away), tremble.

(2649) chippazown [khip-paw-zone']

from 'Chuldah' (Chuldah); hasty flight:--haste.

(2650) Chuppiym [khoop-peem']

plural of 'chuppah' (chuppah) (compare 'Chuwpham' (Chuwpham)); Chuppim, an Israelite:--Huppim.

(2651) chophen [kho'-fen]

from an unused root of uncertain signification; a fist (only in the dual):--fists, (both) hands, hand(-ful).

(2652) Chophniy [khof-nee']

from 'chophen' (chophen); perhaps pugilist; Chophni, an Israelite:--Hophni.

(2653) chophaph [khaw-faf']

a primitive root (compare 'chaphah' (chaphah), 'yacheph' (yacheph)); to cover (in protection):--cover.

(2654) chaphets [khaw-fates']

a primitive root; properly, to incline to; by implication (literally but rarely) to bend; figuratively, to be pleased with, desire:--X any at all, (have, take) delight, desire, favour, like, move, be (well) pleased, have pleasure, will, would.

(2655) chaphets [khaw-fates']

from 'chaphets' (chaphets); pleased with:--delight in, desire, favour, please, have pleasure, whosoever would, willing, wish.

(2656) chephets [khay'-fets]

from 'chaphets' (chaphets); pleasure; hence (abstractly) desire; concretely, a valuable thing; hence (by extension) a matter (as something in mind):--acceptable, delight(-some), desire, things desired, matter, pleasant(-ure), purpose, willingly.

(2657) Chephtsiy bahh [khef-tsee'baw]

from 'chephets' (chephets) with suffixes; my delight (is) in her; Cheptsi-bah, a fanciful name for Palestine:--Hephzi-bah.

(2658) chaphar [khaw-far']

a primitive root; properly, to pry into; by implication, to delve, to explore:--dig, paw, search out, seek.

(2659) chapher [khaw-fare']

a primitive root (perhaps rath. the same as 'chaphar' (chaphar) through the idea of detection): to blush; figuratively, to be ashamed, disappointed; causatively, to shame, reproach:--be ashamed, be confounded, be brought to confusion (unto shame), come (be put to) shame, bring reproach.

(2660) Chepher [khay'-fer]

from 'chaphar' (chaphar) or 'chapher' (chapher); a pit of shame; Chepher, a place in Palestine; also the name of three Israelites:--Hepher.

(2661) chaphor [khaf-ore']

from 'chaphar' (chaphar); a hole; only in connection with 'perah' (perah), which ought rather to be joined as one word, thus chapharperah {khaf-ar- pay-raw'}; by reduplication from 'chaphar' (chaphar); a burrower, i.e. probably a rat:--+ mole.

(2662) Chephriy [khef-ree']

patronymically from 'Chepher' (Chepher); a Chephrite (collectively) or descendants of Chepher:--Hepherites.

(2663) Chapharayim [khaf-aw-rah'-yim]

dual of 'Chepher' (Chepher); double pit; Chapharajim, a place in Palestine:--Haphraim.

(2664) chaphas [khaw-fas']

a primitive root; to seek; causatively, to conceal oneself (i.e. let be sought), or mask:--change, (make) diligent (search), disquise self, hide, search (for, out).

(2665) chephes [khay'-fes]

from 'chaphas' (chaphas); something covert, i.e. a trick:--search.

(2666) chaphash [khaw-fash']

a primitive root; to spread loose; figuratively, to manumit:--be free.

(2667) Chophesh [kho'-fesh]

from 'chaphash' (chaphash); something spread loosely, i.e. a carpet:--precious.

(2668) chuphshah [khoof-shaw']

from 'chaphash' (chaphash); liberty (from slavery):--freedom.

(2669) chophshuwth [khof-shooth']

and chophshiyth {khof-sheeth'}; from 'chaphash' (chaphash); prostration by sickness (with 'bayith' (bayith), a hospital):--several.

(2670) chophshiy [khof-shee']

from 'chaphash' (chaphash); exempt (from bondage, tax or care):--free, liberty.

(2671) chets [khayts]

from 'chatsats' (chatsats); properly, a piercer, i.e. an arrow; by implication, a wound; figuratively, (of God) thunder-bolt; (by interchange for '`ets' (`ets)) the shaft of a spear:--+ archer, arrow, dart, shaft, staff, wound.

(2672) chatsab [khaw-tsab']

or chatseb {khaw-tsabe'}; a primitive root ; to cut or carve (wood), stone or other material); by implication, to hew, split, square, quarry, engrave:--cut, dig, divide, grave, hew (out, -er), made, mason.

(2673) chatsah [khaw-tsaw']

a primitive root (compare 'zed' (zed))); to cut or split in two; to halve:--divide, X live out half, reach to the midst, participle

(2674) Chatsowr [khaw-tsore']

a collective form of 'chatser' (chatser); village; Chatsor, the name (thus simply) of two places in Palestine and of one in Arabia:-- Hazor.

(2675) Chatsowr Chadattah [khaw-tsore' khad-at-taw']

from 'Chatsowr' (Chatsowr) and a Aramaizing form of the feminine of 'chadash' (chadash) (compare 'chadath' (chadath)); new Chatsor, a place in Palestine:--Hazor, Hadattah (as if two places).

(2676) chatsowth [khaw-tsoth']

from 'chatsah' (chatsah); the middle (of the night):--mid(-night).

(2677) chetsiy [khay-tsee']

from 'chatsah' (chatsah); the half or middle:--half, middle, mid(-night), midst, part, two parts.

(2678) chitstsiy [khits-tsee']

or chetsiy {chay-tsee'}; prolongation from 'chets' (chets); an arrow:--arrow.

(2679) Chatsiy ham-Mnuchowth [chat-tsee' ham-men-oo-khoth']

from 'chetsiy' (chetsiy) and the plural of 'mnuwchah' (mnuwchah), with the article interposed; midst of the resting- places; Chatsi-ham-Menuchoth, an Israelite:--half of the Manahethites.

(2680) Chatsiy ham-Mnachti [khat-see' ham-men-akh-tee']

patronymically from 'Chatsiy ham-Mnuchowth' (Chatsiy ham-Mnuchowth); a Chatsi-ham-Menachtite or descendant of Chatsi-ham-Menuchoth:--half of the Manahethites.

(2681) chatsiyr [khaw-tseer']

a collateral form of 'chatser' (chatser); a court or abode:--court.

(2682) chatsiyr [khaw-tseer']

perhaps originally the same as 'chatsiyr' (chatsiyr), from the greenness of a courtyard; grass; also a leek (collectively):--grass, hay, herb, leek.

(2683) chetsen [khay'-tsen]

from an unused root meaning to hold firmly; the bosom (as comprised between the arms):--bosom.

(2684) chotsen [kho'tsen]

a collateral form of 'chetsen' (chetsen), and meaning the same:--arm, lap.

(2685) chatsaph [khats-af']

(Aramaic) a primitive root; properly, to shear or cut close; figuratively, to be severe:--hasty, be urgent.

(2686) chatsats [khaw-tsats']

a primitive root (compare 'chatsah' (chatsah)); properly, to chop into, pierce or sever; hence, to curtail, to distribute (into ranks); as denom. from 'chets' (chets), to shoot an arrow:--archer, X bands, cut off in the midst.

(2687) chatsats [khaw-tsawts']

from 'chatsats' (chatsats); properly, something cutting; hence, gravel (as grit); also (like 'chets' (chets)) an arrow:--arrow, gravel (stone).

(2688) Chatstsown Tamar [khats-ets-one' taw-mawr']

or Chatsatson Tamar {khats-ats-one' taw-mawr'}; from 'chatsats' (chatsats) and 'tamar' (tamar); division (i.e. perhaps row) of (the) palm-tree; Chatsetson-tamar, a place in Palestine:--Hazezon- tamar.

(2689) chatsotsrah [khats-o-tser-aw']

by reduplication from 'chatsar' (chatsar); a trumpet (from its sundered or quavering note):--trumpet(-er).

(2690) chatsar [khaw-tsar']

a primitive root; properly, to surround with a stockade, and thus separate from the open country; but used only in the reduplicated form chatsotser {khast-o-tsare'}; or (2 Chronicles 5:12) chatsorer {khats-o-rare'}; as dem. from 'chatsotsrah' (chatsotsrah); to trumpet, i.e. blow on that instrument:--blow, sound, trumpeter.

(2691) chatser [khaw-tsare']

(masculine and feminine); from 'chatsar' (chatsar) in its original sense; a yard (as inclosed by a fence); also a hamlet (as similarly surrounded with walls):--court, tower, village.

(2692) Chatsar Addar [khats-ar' addawr']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and ''Addar' ('Addar); (the) village of Addar; Chatsar-Addar, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-addar.

(2693) Chatsar Gaddah [khats-ar'gad-daw']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and a feminine of 'Gad' (Gad); (the) village of (female) Fortune; Chatsar-Gaddah, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-gaddah.

(2694) Chatsar hat-Tiykown [khats-ar' hat-tee-kone']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and 'tiykown' (tiykown) with the article interposed; village of the middle; Chatsar-hat-Tikon, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-hatticon.

(2695) Chetsrow [khets-ro']

by an orthographical variation for 'Chetsrown' (Chetsrown); enclosure; Chetsro, an Israelite:--Hezro, Hezrai.

(2696) Chetsrown [khets-rone']

from 'chatser' (chatser); court-yard; Chetsron, the name of a place in Palestine; also of two Israelites:--Hezron.

(2697) Chetsrowniy [khets-ro-nee']

patronymically from 'Chetsrown' (Chetsrown); a Chetsronite or (collectively) descendants of Chetsron:--Hezronites.

(2698) Chatserowth [khats-ay-roth']

feminine plural of 'chatser' (chatser); yards; Chatseroth, a place in Palestine:--Hazeroth.

(2699) Chatseriym [khats-ay-reem']

plural masculine of 'chatser' (chatser); yards; Chatserim, a place in Palestine:--Hazerim.

(2700) Chatsarmaveth [khats-ar-maw'-veth]

from 'chatser' (chatser) and 'maveth' (maveth); village of death; Chatsarmaveth, a place in Arabia:--Hazarmaveth.

(2701) Chatsar Cuwcah [khats-ar'soo-saw']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and 'cuwcah' (cuwcah); village of cavalry; Chatsar-Susah, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-susah.

(2702) Chatsar Cuwciym [khats-ar' soo-seem']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and the plural of 'cuwc' (cuwc); village of horses; Chatsar-Susim, a place in Palestine:--Hazar- susim.

(2703) Chatsar `Eynown [khats-ar' ay-none']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and a derivative of '`ayin' (`ayin); village of springs; Chatsar-Enon, a place in Palestine:--Hazar- enon.

(2704) Chatsar `Eynan [khats-ar' ay-nawn']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and the same as '`Eynan' (`Eynan); village of springs; Chatsar-Enan, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-enan.

(2705) Chatsar Shuw`al [khats-ar' shoo-awl']

from 'chatser' (chatser) and 'shuw`al' (shuw`al); village of (the) fox; Chatsar-Shual, a place in Palestine:--Hazar-shual.

(2706) choq [khoke]

from 'chaqaq' (chaqaq); an enactment; hence, an appointment (of time, space, quantity, labor or usage):--appointed, bound, commandment, convenient, custom, decree(-d), due, law, measure, X necessary, ordinance(- nary), portion, set time, statute, task.

(2707) chaqah [khaw-kaw']

a primitive root; to carve; by implication, to delineate; also to entrench:--carved work, portrayed, set a print.

(2708) chuqqah [khook-kaw']

feminine of 'choq' (choq), and meaning substantially the same:--appointed, custom, manner, ordinance, site, statute.

(2709) Chaquwpha' [khah-oo-faw']

from an unused root probably meaning to bend; crooked; Chakupha, one of the Nethinim:--Hakupha.

(2710) chaqaq [khaw-kak']

a primitive root; properly, to hack, i.e. engrave (Judges 5:14, to be a scribe simply); by implication, to enact (laws being cut in stone or metal tablets in primitive times) or (gen.) prescribe:--appoint, decree, governor, grave, lawgiver, note, pourtray, print, set.

(2711) cheqeq [khay'-kek]

from 'chaqaq' (chaqaq); an enactment, a resolution:--decree, thought.

(2712) Chuqqog [Khook-koke']

or (fully) Chuwqoq {khoo-koke'}; from 'chaqaq' (chaqaq); appointed; Chukkok or Chukok, a place in Palestine:--Hukkok, Hukok.

(2713) chaqar [khaw-kar']

a primitive root; properly, to penetrate; hence, to examine intimately:--find out, (make) search (out), seek (out), sound, try.

(2714) cheqer [khay'-ker]

from 'chaqar' (chaqar); examination, enumeration, deliberation:--finding out, number, (un-)search(-able, -ed, out, -ing).

(2715) chor [khore]

or (fully) chowr {khore}; from 'charar' (charar); properly, white or pure (from the cleansing or shining power of fire (compare 'choriy' (choriy)); hence (figuratively) noble (in rank):--noble.

(2716) chere' [kheh'-reh]

from an unused (and vulgar) root probably meaning to evacuate the bowels: excrement; -dung. Also chariy {khar-ee'}.

(2717) charab [khaw-rab']

or chareb {khaw-rabe'}; a primitive root; to parch (through drought) i.e. (by analogy,) to desolate, destroy, kill:-- decay, (be) desolate, destroy(-er), (be) dry (up), slay, X surely, (lay, lie, make) waste.

(2718) charab [khar-ab']

(Aramaic) a root corresponding to 'charab' (charab); to demolish:--destroy.

(2719) chereb [kheh'-reb]

from 'charab' (charab); drought; also a cutting instrument (from its destructive effect), as a knife, sword, or other sharp implement:--axe, dagger, knife, mattock, sword, tool.

(2720) chareb [khaw-rabe']

from 'charab' (charab); parched or ruined:--desolate, dry, waste.

(2721) choreb [kho'-reb]

a collaterally form of 'chereb' (chereb); drought or desolation:--desolation, drought, dry, heat, X utterly, waste.

(2722) Choreb [kho-rabe']

from 'charab' (charab); desolate; Choreb, a (generic) name for the Sinaitic mountains:--Horeb.

(2723) chorbah [khor-baw']

feminine of 'choreb' (choreb); properly, drought, i.e. (by implication) a desolation:--decayed place, desolate (place, -tion), destruction, (laid) waste (place).

(2724) charabah [khaw-raw-baw']

feminine of 'chareb' (chareb); a desert:--dry (ground, land).

(2725) charabown [khar-aw-bone']

from 'charab' (charab); parching heat:--drought.

(2726) Charbowna' [khar-bo-naw']

or Charbownah {khar-bo-naw'}; of Persian origin; Charbona or Charbonah, a eunuch of Xerxes:--Harbona, Harbonah.

(2727) charag [khaw-rag']

a primitive root; properly, to leap suddenly, i.e. (by implication) to be dismayed:--be afraid.

(2728) chargol [khar-gole']

from 'charag' (charag); the leaping insect, i.e. a locust:--beetle.

(2729) charad [khaw-rad']

a primitive root; to shudder with terror; hence, to fear; also to hasten (with anxiety):--be (make) afraid, be careful, discomfit, fray (away), quake, tremble.

(2730) chared [khaw-rade']

from 'charad' (charad); fearful; also reverential:--afraid, trembling.

(2731) charadah [khar-aw-daw']

feminine of 'chared' (chared); fear, anxiety:--care, X exceedingly, fear, quaking, trembling.

(2732) Charadah [khar-aw-daw']

the same as 'charadah' (charadah); Charadah, a place in the Desert:--Haradah.

(2733) Charodiy [khar-o-dee']

patrial from a derivative of 'charad' (charad) (compare '`Eyn Charod' (`Eyn Charod)); a Charodite, or inhabitant of Charod:--Harodite.

(2734) charah [khaw-raw']

a primitive root (compare 'charar' (charar)); to glow or grow warm; figuratively (usually) to blaze up, of anger, zeal, jealousy:--be angry, burn, be displeased, X earnestly, fret self, grieve, be (wax) hot, be incensed, kindle, X very, be wroth. See 'tacharah' (tacharah).

(2735) Chor hag-Gidgad [khore hag-ghid-gawd']

from 'chowr' (chowr) and a collateral (masculine) form of 'Gudgodah' (Gudgodah), with the article interposed; hole of the cleft: Chor-hag-Gidgad, a place in the Desert:--Hor-hagidgad.

(2736) Charhayah [khar-hah-yaw']

; from 'charah' (charah) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); fearing Jah; Charhajah, an Israelite:--Harhaiah.

(2737) charuwz [khaw-rooz']

from an unused root meaning to perforate; properly, pierced, i.e. a bead of pearl, gems or jewels (as strung):--chain.

(2738) charuwl [khaw-rool']

or (shortened) charul {khaw-rool'}; apparently, a passive participle of an unused root probably meaning to be prickly; properly, pointed, i.e. a bramble or other thorny weed: nettle.

(2739) charuwmaph [khar-oo-maf']

from passive participle of 'charam' (charam) and ''aph' ('aph); snub-nosed; Charumaph, an Israelite:--Harumaph.

(2740) charown [khaw-rone']

or (shortened) charon {khaw-rone'}; from 'charah' (charah); a burning of anger:--sore displeasure, fierce(-ness), fury, (fierce) wrath(-ful).

(2741) Charuwphiy [khar-oo-fee']

a patrial from (probably) a collateral form of 'Chariyph' (Chariyph); a Charuphite or inhabitant of Charuph (or Chariph):--Haruphite.

(2742) charuwts [khaw-roots']

or charuts {khaw-roots'}; passive participle of 'charats' (charats); properly, incised or (active) incisive; hence (as noun masculine or feminine) a trench (as dug), gold (as mined), a threshing-sledge (having sharp teeth); (figuratively) determination; also eager:--decision, diligent, (fine) gold, pointed things, sharp, threshing instrument, wall.

(2743) Charuwts [khaw-roots']

the same as 'charuwts' (charuwts); earnest; Charuts, an Israelite:--Haruz.

(2744) Charchuwr [khar-khoor']

a fuller form of 'charchur' (charchur); inflammation; Charchur, one of the Nethinim:--Harhur.

(2745) Charchac [khar-khas']

from the same as 'cherec' (cherec); perhaps shining; Charchas, an Israelite:--Harhas.

(2746) charchur [khar-khoor']

from 'charar' (charar); fever (as hot); -extreme burning.

(2747) cheret [kheh'-ret]

from a primitive root meaning to engrave; a chisel or graver; also a style for writing:--graving tool, pen.