Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(2546) chomet [kho'met]

from an unused root probably meaning, to lie low; a lizard (as creeping):--snail.

(2547) Chumtah [khoom-taw']

feminine of 'chomet' (chomet); low; Chumtah, a place in Palestine:--Humtah.

(2548) chamiyts [khaw-meets']

from 'chamets' (chamets); seasoned, i.e. salt provender:--clean.

(2549) chamiyshiy [kham-ee-shee']

or chamishshiy {kham-ish-shee'}; ord. from 'chamesh' (chamesh); fifth; also a fifth:--fifth (part).

(2550) chamal [khaw-mal']

a primitive root; to commiserate; by implication, to spare:--have compassion, (have) pity, spare.

(2551) chemlah [khem-law']

from 'chamal' (chamal); commiseration:--merciful, pity.

(2552) chamam [khaw-mam']

a primitive root; to be hot (literally or figuratively):--enflame self, get (have) heat, be (wax) hot, (be, wax) warm (self, at).

(2553) chamman [kham-mawn']

from 'chammah' (chammah); a sun-pillar:--idol, image.

(2554) chamac [khaw-mas']

a primitive root; to be violent; by implication, to maltreat:--make bare, shake off, violate, do violence, take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully.

(2555) chamac [khaw-mawce']

from 'chamac' (chamac); violence; by implication, wrong; by meton. unjust gain:--cruel(-ty), damage, false, injustice, X oppressor, unrighteous, violence (against, done), violent (dealing), wrong.

(2556) chamets [khaw-mates']

a primitive root; to be pungent; i.e. in taste (sour, i.e. literally fermented, or figuratively, harsh), in color (dazzling):--cruel (man), dyed, be grieved, leavened.

(2557) chametz [khaw-mates']

from 'chamets' (chamets); ferment, (figuratively) extortion:--leaven, leavened (bread).

(2558) chomets [kho'-mets]

from 'chamets' (chamets); vinegar:--vinegar.

(2559) chamaq [khaw-mak']

a primitive root; properly, to wrap; hence, to depart (i.e. turn about):--go about, withdraw self.

(2560) chamar [khaw-mar']

a primitive root; properly, to boil up; hence, to ferment (with scum); to glow (with redness); as denominative (from 'chemar' (chemar)) to smear with pitch:--daub, befoul, be red, trouble.

(2561) chemer [kheh'-mer]

from 'chamar' (chamar); wine (as fermenting):--X pure, red wine.

(2562) chamar [kham-ar']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'chemer' (chemer); wine:--wine.

(2563) chomer [kho'mer]

from 'chamar' (chamar); properly, a bubbling up, i.e. of water, a wave; of earth, mire or clay (cement); also a heap; hence, a chomer or dry measure:--clay, heap, homer, mire, motion.

(2564) chemar [khay-mawr']

from 'chamar' (chamar); bitumen (as rising to the surface):--slime(-pit).

(2565) chamorah [kham-o-raw']

from 'chamar' (chamar) (compare 'chomer' (chomer)); a heap:--heap.

(2566) Chamran [kham-rawn']

from 'chamar' (chamar); red; Chamran, an Idumaean:--Amran.

(2567) chamash [khaw-mash']

a denominative from 'chamesh' (chamesh); to tax a fifth:--take up the fifth participle

(2568) chamesh [khaw-maysh']

masculine chamishshah {kham-ish-shaw}; a primitive numeral; five:--fif(-teen), fifth, five (X apiece).

(2569) chomesh [kho'-mesh]

from 'chamash' (chamash); a fifth tax:--fifth participle

(2570) chomesh [kho'-mesh]

from an unused root probably meaning, to be stout; the abdomen (as obese):--fifth (rib).

(2571) chamush [khaw-moosh']

passive participle of the same as 'chomesh' (chomesh); staunch, i.e. able-bodied soldiers:--armed (men), harnessed.

(2572) chamishshiym [kham-ish-sheem']

multiple of 'chamesh' (chamesh); fifty:--fifty.

(2573) chemeth [klay'-meth]

from the same as 'chowmah' (chowmah); a skin bottle (as tied up):--bottle.

(2574) Chamath [kham-awth']

from the same as 'chowmah' (chowmah); walled; Chamath, a place in Syria:--Hamath, Hemath.

(2575) Chammath [klam-math']

a variation for the first part of 'Chammoth Do'r' (Chammoth Do'r); hot springs; Chammath, a place in Palestine:--Hammath.

(2576) Chammoth Do'r [kham-moth' dore]

from the plural of 'chammah' (chammah) and 'Dowr' (Dowr); hot springs of Dor; Chammath-Dor, a place in Palestine:--Hamath-Dor.

(2577) Chamathiy [kham-aw-thee']

patrial from 'Chamath' (Chamath); a Chamathite or native of Chamath:--Hamathite.

(2578) Chamath Tsowbah [kham-ath' tso-baw']

from 'Chamath' (Chamath) and 'Tsowba'' (Tsowba'); Chamath of Tsobah; Chamath-Tsobah; probably the same as 'Chamath' (Chamath):--Hamath-Zobah.

(2579) Chamath Rabbah [kham-ath' rab-baw']

from 'Chamath' (Chamath) and 'Rabbah' (Rabbah); Chamath of Rabbah; Chamath-Rabbah, probably the same as 'Chamath' (Chamath).

(2580) chen [khane]

from 'chanan' (chanan); graciousness, i.e. subjective (kindness, favor) or objective (beauty):--favour, grace(-ious), pleasant, precious, (well-)favoured.

(2581) Chen [khane]

the same as 'chen' (chen); grace; Chen, a figurative name for an Israelite:--Hen.

(2582) Chenadad [khay-naw-dawd']

probably from 'chen' (chen) and l908; favor of Hadad; Chenadad, an Israelite:--Henadad.

(2583) chanah [khaw-naw']

a primitive root (compare 'chanan' (chanan)); properly, to incline; by implication, to decline (of the slanting rays of evening); specifically, to pitch a tent; gen. to encamp (for abode or siege):--abide (in tents), camp, dwell, encamp, grow to an end, lie, pitch (tent), rest in tent.

(2584) Channah [khan-naw']

from 'chanan' (chanan); favored; Channah, an Israelitess:--Hannah.

(2585) Chanowk [khan-oke']

from 'chanak' (chanak); initiated; Chanok, an antediluvian patriach:--Enoch.

(2586) Chanuwn [khaw-noon']

from 'chanan' (chanan); favored; Chanun, the name of an Ammonite and of two Israelites:--Hanun.

(2587) channuwn [khan-noon']

from 'chanan' (chanan); gracious:--gracious.

(2588) chanuwth [khaw-nooth']

from 'chanah' (chanah); properly, a vault or cell (with an arch); by implication, a prison:--cabin.

(2589) channowth [klan-noth']

from 'chanan' (chanan) (in the sense of prayer); supplication:--be gracious, intreated.

(2590) chanat [khaw-nat']

a primitive root; to spice; by implication, to embalm; also to ripen:--embalm, put forth.

(2591) chinta' [khint-taw']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'chittah' (chittah); wheat:--wheat.

(2592) Channiy'el [khan-nee-ale']

from 'chanan' (chanan) and ''el' ('el); favor of God; Channiel, the name of two Israelites:--Hanniel.

(2593) chaniyk [kaw-neek']

from 'chanak' (chanak); initiated; i.e. practiced:--trained.

(2594) chaniynah [khan-ee-naw']

from 'chanan' (chanan); graciousness:--favour.

(2595) chaniyth [khan-eeth']

from 'chanah' (chanah); a lance (for thrusting, like pitching a tent):--javelin, spear.

(2596) chanak [khaw-nak']

a primitive root; properly, to narrow (compare 'chanaq' (chanaq)); figuratively, to initiate or discipline:--dedicate, train up.

(2597) chanukka' [chan-ook-kaw']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'chanukkah' (chanukkah); consecration:--dedication.

(2598) chanukkah [khan-ook-kaw']

from 'chanak' (chanak); initiation, i.e. consecration:--dedicating(-tion).

(2599) Chanokiy [khan-o-kee']

patronymically from 'Chanowk' (Chanowk); a Chanokite (collectively) or descendants of Chanok:--Hanochites.

(2600) chinnam [khin-nawm']

from 'chen' (chen); gratis, i.e. devoid of cost, reason or advantage:--without a cause (cost, wages), causeless, to cost nothing, free(-ly), innocent, for nothing (nought, in vain.

(2601) Chanam'el [khan-am-ale']

probably by orthographical variation for 'Chanan'el' (Chanan'el); Chanamel, an Israelite:--Hanameel.

(2602) chanamal [khan-aw-mawl']

of uncertain derivation; perhaps the aphis or plantlouse:--frost.

(2603) chanan [khaw-nan']

a primitive root (compare 'chanah' (chanah)); properly, to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior; to favor, bestow; causatively to implore (i.e. move to favor by petition):--beseech, X fair, (be, find, shew) favour(-able), be (deal, give, grant (gracious(-ly), intreat, (be) merciful, have (shew) mercy (on, upon), have pity upon, pray, make supplication, X very.

(2604) chanan [khan-an']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'chanan' (chanan); to favor or (causatively) to entreat:--shew mercy, make supplication.

(2605) Chanan [khaw-nawn']

from 'chanan' (chanan); favor; Chanan, the name of seven Israelites:--Canan.

(2606) Chanan'el [khan-an-ale']

from 'chanan' (chanan) and ''el' ('el); God has favored; Chananel, probably an Israelite, from whom a tower of Jerusalem was named:--Hananeel.

(2607) Chananiy [khan-aw-nee']

from 'chanan' (chanan); gracious; Chanani, the name of six Israelites:--Hanani.

(2608) Chananyah [khan-an-yaw']

or Chananyahuw {khan-an-yaw'-hoo}; from 'chanan' (chanan) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has favored; Chananjah, the name of thirteen Israelites:--Hananiah.

(2609) Chanec [khaw-nace']

of Egyptian derivation; Chanes, a place in Egypt:--Hanes.

(2610) chaneph [khaw-nafe']

a primitive root; to soil, especially in a moral sense:--corrupt, defile, X greatly, pollute, profane.

(2611) chaneph [khaw-nafe']

from 'chaneph' (chaneph); soiled (i.e. with sin), impious:-- hypocrite(-ical).

(2612) choneph [kho'-nef]

from 'chaneph' (chaneph); moral filth, i.e. wickedness:--hypocrisy.

(2613) chanuphah [khan-oo-faw']

feminine from 'chaneph' (chaneph); impiety:--profaneness.

(2614) chanaq [khaw-nak']

a primitive root (compare 'chanak' (chanak)); to be narrow; by implication, to throttle, or (reflex.) to choke oneself to death (by a rope):--hang self, strangle.

(2615) Channathon [khan-naw-thone']

probably from 'chanan' (chanan); favored; Channathon, a place in Palestine:--Hannathon.

(2616) chacad [khaw-sad']

a primitive root; properly, perhaps to bow (the neck only (compare 'chanan' (chanan)) in courtesy to an equal), i.e. to be kind; also (by euphem. (compare l288), but rarely) to reprove:--shew self merciful, put to shame.

(2617) checed [kheh'-sed]

from 'chacad' (chacad); kindness; by implication (towards God) piety: rarely (by opposition) reproof, or (subject.) beauty:--favour, good deed(-liness, -ness), kindly, (loving-)kindness, merciful (kindness), mercy, pity, reproach, wicked thing.

(2618) Checed [kheh'-sed]

the same as 'checed' (checed): favor; Chesed, an Israelite:--Hesed.

(2619) Chacadyah [khas-ad-yaw']

from 'checed' (checed) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); Jah has favored: Chasadjah, an Israelite:--Hasadiah.

(2620) chacah [khaw-saw']

a primitive root; to flee for protection (compare 'batach' (batach)); figuratively, to confide in:--have hope, make refuge, (put) trust.

(2621) Chocah [kho-saw']

from 'chacah' (chacah); hopeful; Chosah, an Israelite; also a place in Palestine:--Hosah.

(2622) chacuwth [khaw-sooth']

from 'chacah' (chacah); confidence:--trust.

(2623) chaciyd [khaw-seed']

from 'chacad' (chacad); properly, kind, i.e. (religiously) pious (a saint):--godly (man), good, holy (one), merciful, saint, (un- )godly.

(2624) chaciydah [khas-ee-daw']

feminine of 'chaciyd' (chaciyd); the kind (maternal) bird, i.e. a stork:--X feather, stork.

(2625) chaciyl [khaw-seel']

from 'chacal' (chacal); the ravager, i.e. a locust:--caterpillar.

(2626) chaciyn [khas-een']

from 'chacan' (chacan); properly, firm, i.e. (by implication) mighty:--strong.

(2627) chacciyr [khas-seer']

(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 'chacer' (chacer); deficient:--wanting.

(2628) chacal [khaw-sal']

a primitive root; to eat off:--consume.

(2629) chacam [khaw-sam']

a primitive root; to muzzle; by analogy, to stop the nose:--muzzle, stop.

(2630) chacan [khaw-san']

a primitive root; properly, to (be) compact; by implication, to hoard:--lay up.

(2631) chacan [khas-an']

(Aramaic) corresponding to 'chacan' (chacan); to hold in occupancy:--possess.

(2632) checen [khay'-sen]

(Aramaic) from 'chacan' (chacan); strength:--power.

(2633) chocen [kho'-sen]

from 'chacan' (chacan); wealth:--riches, strength, treasure.

(2634) chacon [khaw-sone']

from 'chacan' (chacan); powerful:--strong.

(2635) chacaph [khas-af']

(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to that of 'chacpac' (chacpac); a clod:--clay.

(2636) chacpac [khas-pas']

reduplicated from an unused root meaning apparently to peel; a shred or scale:--round thing.

(2637) chacer [khaw-sare']

a primitive root; to lack; by implication, to fail, want, lessen:--be abated, bereave, decrease, (cause to) fail, (have) lack, make lower, want.

(2638) chacer [khaw-sare']

from 'chacer' (chacer); lacking; hence, without:--destitute, fail, lack, have need, void, want.

(2639) checer [kheh'-ler]

from 'chacer' (chacer); lack; hence, destitution:--poverty, want.

(2640) chocer [kho'-ser]

from 'chacer' (chacer); poverty:--in want of.

(2641) Chacrah [khas-raw']

from 'chacer' (chacer); want:--Chasrah, an Israelite:--Hasrah.

(2642) checrown [khes-rone']

from 'chacer' (chacer); deficiency:--wanting.

(2643) chaph [khaf]

from 'chophaph' (chophaph) (in the moral sense of covered from soil); pure:--innocent.

(2644) chapha' [khaw-faw']

an orthographical variation of 'chaphah' (chaphah); properly, to cover, i.e. (in a sinister sense) to act covertly:--do secretly.

(2645) chaphah [khaw-faw']

a primitive root (compare 'chapha'' (chapha'), 'chophaph' (chophaph)); to cover; by implication, to veil, to encase, protect:--ceil, cover, overlay.

(2646) chuppah [khoop-paw']

from 'chaphah' (chaphah); a canopy:--chamber, closet, defence.