Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (KJV)



(405) 'ekeph [eh'-kef]

from ''akaph' ('akaph); a load; by implication, a stroke (others dignity):--hand.

(406) 'ikkar [ik-kawr']

from an unused root meaning to dig; a farmer:--husbandman, ploughman.

(407) 'Akshaph [ak-shawf']

from 'kashaph' (kashaph); fascination; Acshaph, a place in Palestine:--Achshaph.

(408) 'al [al]

a negative particle (akin to 'lo'' (lo')); not (the qualified negation, used as a deprecative); once (Job 24:25) as a noun, nothing:--nay, neither, + never, no ,nor, not, nothing (worth), rather than.

(409) 'al [al]

(Aramaic) corresponding to ''al' ('al):--not.

(410) 'el [ale]

shortened from ''ayil' ('ayil); strength; as adjective, mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity):--God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might(-y one), power, strong. Compare names in "-el."

(411) 'el [ale]

a demonstrative particle (but only in a plural sense) these or those:--these, those. Compare ''el-leh' ('el-leh).

(412) 'el [ale]

(Aramaic) corresponding to ''el' ('el):--these.

(413) 'el [ale]

(but only used in the shortened constructive form sel {el}); a primitive particle; properly, denoting motion towards, but occasionally used of a quiescent position, i.e. near, with or among; often in general, to:--about, according to ,after, against, among, as for, at, because(-fore, -side), both...and, by, concerning, for, from, X hath, in(- to), near, (out) of, over, through, to(-ward), under, unto, upon, whether, with(-in).

(414) 'Ela' [ay-law']

a variation of ''elah' ('elah); oak; Ela, an Israelite:--Elah.

(415) 'El 'elohey Yisra'el [ale el-o-hay' yis-raw-ale']

from ''el' ('el) and ''elohiym' ('elohiym) and 'Yisra'el' (Yisra'el); the mighty god if Jisrael; El-Elohi-Jisrael, the title given to a consecrated spot by Jacob:--El-elohe-israel.

(416) 'El Beyth-'El [ale bayth-ale']

from ''el' ('el) and 'Beyth-'El' (Beyth-'El); the God of Bethel; El-Bethel, the title given to a consecrated spot by Jacob:--El-beth-el.

(417) 'elgabiysh [el-gaw-beesh']

from ''el' ('el) and 'gabiysh' (gabiysh); hail (as if a great pearl):--great hail(-stones).

(418) 'alguwmmiym [al-goom-meem']

by transposition for ''almuggiym' ('almuggiym); sticks of algum wood:--algum (trees).

(419) 'Eldad [el-dad']

from ''el' ('el) and 'dowd' (dowd); God has loved; Eldad, an Israelite:--Eldad.

(420) 'Elda`ah [el-daw-aw']

from ''el' ('el) and 'yada`' (yada`); God of knowledge; Eldaah, a son of Midian:--Eldaah.

(421) 'alah [aw-law']

a primitive root (rather identical with ''alah' ('alah) through the idea of invocation); to bewail:--lament.

(422) 'alah [aw-law']

a primitive root; properly, to adjure, i.e. (usually in a bad sense) imprecate:--adjure, curse, swear.

(423) 'alah [aw-law']

from ''alah' ('alah); an imprecation:--curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing.

(424) 'elah [ay-law']

feminine of ''ayil' ('ayil); an oak or other strong tree:--elm, oak, teil-tree.

(425) 'Elah [ay-law']

the same as ''elah' ('elah); Elah, the name of an Edomite, of four Israelites, and also of a place in Palestine:--Elah.

(426) 'elahh [el-aw']

(Aramaic) corresponding to ''elowahh' ('elowahh); God:--God, god.

(427) 'allah [al-law']

A variation of ''elah' ('elah):--oak.

(428) 'el-leh [ale'-leh]

prolonged from ''el' ('el); these or those:--an- (the) other; one sort, so, some, such, them, these (same), they, this, those, thus, which, who(-m).

(429) 'elleh [ale'-leh]

(Aramaic) corresponding to ''el-leh' ('el-leh):--these.

(430) 'elohiym [el-o-heem']

plural of ''elowahh' ('elowahh); gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative:--angels, X exceeding, God (gods)(-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.

(431) 'aluw [al-oo']

(Aramaic) probably prolonged from ''el' ('el); lo!:--behold.

(432) 'illuw [il-loo']

probably from ''al' ('al); nay, i.e. (softened) if:--but if, yea though.

(433) 'elowahh [el-o'-ah; rarely (shortened) >eloahh {el-o'-ah]

probably prolonged (emphat.) from ''el' ('el); a deity or the Deity:--God, god. See ''elohiym' ('elohiym).

(434) 'eluwl [el-ool']

for ''eliyl' ('eliyl); good for nothing:--thing of nought.

(435) 'Eluwl [el-ool']

probably of foreign derivation; Elul, the sixth Jewish month:--Elul.

(436) 'elown [ay-lone']

prolonged from ''ayil' ('ayil); an oak or other strong tree:--plain. See also ''Eylown' ('Eylown).

(437) 'allown [al-lone']

a variation of ''elown' ('elown):--oak.

(438) 'Allown [al-lone']

the same as ''allown' ('allown); Allon, an Israelite, also a place in Palestine:--Allon.

(439) 'Allown Bakuwth [al-lone' baw-kooth']

from ''allown' ('allown) and a variation of 'bkiyth' (bkiyth); oak of weeping; Allon-Bakuth, a monumental tree:--Allon-bachuth.

(440) 'Elowniy [ay-lo-nee']

or rather (shortened) oEloniy {ay-lo-nee'}; patron from ''Allown' ('Allown); an Elonite or descendant (collectively) of Elon:--Elonites.

(441) 'alluwph [al-loof']

or (shortened) talluph {al-loof'}; from ''alph' ('alph); familiar; a friend, also gentle; hence, a bullock (as being tame; applied, although masculine, to a cow); and so, a chieftain (as notable, like neat cattle):--captain, duke, (chief) friend, governor, guide, ox.

(442) 'Aluwsh [aw-loosh']

of uncertain derivation; Alush, a place in the Desert:--Alush.

(443) 'Elzabad [el-zaw-bawd']

from ''el' ('el) and 'zabad' (zabad); God has bestowed; Elzabad, the name of two Israelites:--Elzabad.

(444) 'alach [aw-lakh']

a primitive root; to muddle, i.e. (figuratively and intransitive) to turn (morally) corrupt:--become filthy.

(445) 'Elchanan [el-khaw-nawn']

from ''el' ('el) and 'chanan' (chanan); God (is) gracious; Elchanan, an Israelite:--Elkanan.

(446) 'Eliy'ab [el-ee-awb']

from ''el' ('el) and ''ab' ('ab); God of (his) father; Eliab, the name of six Israelites:--Eliab.

(447) 'Eliy'el [el-ee-ale']

from ''el' ('el) repeated; God of (his) God; Eliel, the name of nine Israelites:--Eliel.

(448) 'Eliy'athah [el-ee-aw-thaw']

or (contraction) ;Eliyathah {el-ee-yaw- thaw'}; from ''el' ('el) and ''uwth' ('uwth); God of (his) consent; Eliathah, an Israelite:-- Eliathah.

(449) 'Eliydad [el-ee-dawd']

from the same as ''Eldad' ('Eldad); God of (his ) love; Elidad, an Israelite:--Elidad.

(450) 'Elyada` [el-yaw-daw']

from ''el' ('el) and 'yada`' (yada`); God (is) knowing; Eljada, the name of two Israelites and of an Aramaean leader:--Eliada.

(451) 'alyah [al-yaw']

from ''alah' ('alah) (in the original sense of strength); the stout part, i.e. the fat tail of the Oriental sheep:--rump.

(452) 'Eliyah [ay-lee-yaw']

or prolonged tEliyahuw {ay-lee-yaw'-hoo}; from ''el' ('el) and 'Yahh' (Yahh); God of Jehovah; Elijah, the name of the famous prophet and of two other Israelites:--Elijah, Eliah.

(453) 'Eliyhuw [el-ee-hoo']

or (fully) dEliyhuwh {el-ee-hoo'}; from ''el' ('el) and 'huw'' (huw'); God of him; Elihu, the name of one of Job's friends, and of three Israelites:--Elihu.

(454) 'Elyhow`eynay [el-ye-ho-ay-nah'ee]

or (shortened) yElyow{eynay {el- yo-ay-nah'ee}; from ''el' ('el) and 'Yhovah' (Yhovah) and '`ayin' (`ayin); towards Jehovah (are) my eyes; Eljehoenai or Eljoenai, the name of seven Israelites:--Elihoenai, Elionai.

(455) 'Elyachba' [el-yakh-baw']

from ''el' ('el) and 'chaba'' (chaba'); God will hide; Eljachba, an Israelite:--Eliahbah.

(456) 'Eliychoreph [el-ee-kho'-ref]

from ''el' ('el) and 'choreph' (choreph); God of autumn; Elichoreph, an Israelite:--Elihoreph.

(457) 'eliyl [el-eel']

apparently from ''al' ('al); good for nothing, by anal. vain or vanity; specifically an idol:--idol, no value, thing of nought.

(458) 'Eliymelek [el-ee-meh'-lek]

from ''el' ('el) and 'melek' (melek); God of (the) king; Elimelek, an Israelite:--Elimelech.

(459) 'illeyn [il-lane']

(Aramaic) or shorter oillen {il-lane'}; prolonged from ''el' ('el); these:--the, these.

(460) 'Elyacaph [el-yaw-sawf']

from ''el' ('el) and 'yacaph' (yacaph); God (is) gatherer; Eljasaph, the name of two Israelites:--Eliasaph.

(461) 'Eliy`ezer [el-ee-eh'-zer]

from ''el' ('el) and '`ezer' (`ezer); God of help; Eliezer, the name of a Damascene and of ten Israelites:--Eliezer.

(462) 'Eliy`eynay [el-ee-ay-nah'ee]

probably contracted for ''Elyhow`eynay' ('Elyhow`eynay); Elienai, an Israelite:--Elienai.

(463) 'Eliy`am [el-ee-awm']

from ''el' ('el) and '`am' (`am); God of (the) people; Eliam, an Israelite:--Eliam.

(464) 'Eliyphaz [el-ee-faz']

from ''el' ('el) and 'paz' (paz); God of gold; Eliphaz, the name of one of Job's friends, and of a son of Esau:--Eliphaz.

(465) 'Eliyphal [el-ee-fawl']

from ''el' ('el) and 'palal' (palal); God of judgment; Eliphal, an Israelite:--Eliphal.

(466) 'Eliyphlehuw [el-ee-fe-lay'-hoo]

from ''el' ('el) and 'palah' (palah); God of his distinction; Eliphelehu, an Israelite:--Elipheleh.

(467) 'Eliyphelet [el-ee-feh'-let]

or (shortened) Elpelet {el-peh'-let}; from ''el' ('el) and 'pallet' (pallet); God of deliverance; Eliphelet or Elpelet, the name of six Israelites:--Eliphalet, Eliphelet, Elpalet.

(468) 'Eleytsuwr [el-ee-tsoor']

from ''el' ('el) and 'tsuwr' (tsuwr); God of (the) rock; Elitsur, an Israelite:--Elizur.

(469) 'Eliytsaphan [el-ee-tsaw-fawn']

or (shortened) Eltsaphan {el-tsaw- fawn'}; from ''el' ('el) and 'tsaphan' (tsaphan); God of treasure; Elitsaphan or Eltsaphan, an Israelite:--Elizaphan, Elzaphan.

(470) 'Eliyqa' [el-ee-kaw']

from ''el' ('el) and 'qow'' (qow'); God of rejection; Elika, an Israelite:--Elika.

(471) 'Elyaqiym' [el-yaw-keem']

from ''el' ('el) and 'quwm' (quwm); God of raising; Eljakim, the name of four Israelites:--Eliakim.

(472) 'Eliysheba` [el-ee-sheh'-bah]

from ''el' ('el) and 'sheba`' (sheba`) (in the sense of 'shaba`' (shaba`)); God of (the) oath; Elisheba, the wife of Aaron:--Elisheba.

(473) 'Eliyshah [el-ee-shaw']

probably of foreign derivation; Elishah, a son of Javan:--Elishah.

(474) 'Eliyshuwa` [el-ee-shoo'-ah]

from ''el' ('el) and 'shuwa`' (shuwa`); God of supplication (or of riches); Elishua, the son of King David:--Elishua.

(475) 'Elyashiyb [el-yaw-sheeb']

from ''el' ('el) and 'shuwb' (shuwb); God will restore; Eljashib, the name of six Israelites:--Eliashib.

(476) 'Eliyshama` [el-ee-shaw-maw']

from ''el' ('el) and 'shama`' (shama`); God of hearing; Elishama, the name of seven Israelites:--Elishama.

(477) 'Eliysha` [el-ee-shaw']

contracted for ''Eliyshuwa`' ('Eliyshuwa`).; Elisha, the famous prophet:--Elisha.

(478) 'Eliyshaphat [el-ee-shaw-fawt']

from ''el' ('el) and 'shaphat' (shaphat); God of judgment; Elishaphat, an Israelite:--Elishaphat.

(479) 'illek [il-lake']

(Aramaic) prolonged from ''el' ('el); these:--these, those.

(480) 'allay [al-le-lah'ee]

by reduplication from ''alah' ('alah); alas!:--woe.

(481) 'alam [aw-lam']

a primitive root; to tie fast; hence (of the mouth) to be tongue-tied:--bind, be dumb, put to silence.

(482) 'elem [ay'-lem]

from ''alam' ('alam); silence (i.e. mute justice):--congregation. Compare 'yownath 'elem rchoqiym' (yownath 'elem rchoqiym).

(483) 'illem [il-lame']

from ''alam' ('alam); speechless:--dumb (man).

(484) 'almuggiym [al-moog-gheem']

probably of foreign derivation (used thus only in the plural); almug (i.e. probably sandle-wood) sticks:--almug trees. Compare ''alguwmmiym' ('alguwmmiym).

(485) 'alummah [al-oom-maw']

or (masculine) ealum {aw-loom'}; passive participle of ''alam' ('alam); something bound; a sheaf:--sheaf.

(486) 'Almowdad [al-mo-dawd']

probably of foreign derivation:--Almodad, a son of Joktan:--Almodad.

(487) 'Allammelek [al-lam-meh'-lek]

from ''allah' ('allah) and 'melek' (melek); oak of (the) king; Allammelek, a place in Palestine:--Alammelech.

(488) 'alman [al-mawn']

prolonged from ''alam' ('alam) in the sense of bereavement; discarded (as a divorced person):--forsaken.

(489) 'almon [al-mone']

from ''alam' ('alam) as in ''alman' ('alman); bereavement:--widowhood.

(490) 'almanah [al-maw-naw']

fem of ''alman' ('alman); a widow; also a desolate place:--desolate house (palace), widow.

(491) 'almanuwth [al-maw-nooth']

feminine of ''alman' ('alman); concrete, a widow; abstract, widowhood:--widow, widowhood.

(492) 'almoniy [al-mo-nee']

from ''almon' ('almon) in the sense of concealment; some one (i.e. so and so, without giving the name of the person or place):--one, and such.

(493) 'Elna`am [el-nah'-am]

from ''el' ('el) and 'na`em' (na`em); God (is his) delight; Elnaam, an Israelite:--Elnaam.

(494) 'Elnathan [el-naw-thawn']

from ''el' ('el) and 'nathan' (nathan); God (is the) giver; Elnathan, the name of four Israelites:--Elnathan.

(495) 'Ellacar [el-law-sawr']

probably of foreign derivation; Ellasar, an early country of Asia:--Ellasar.

(496) 'El`ad [el-awd']

from ''el' ('el) and '`uwd' (`uwd); God has testified; Elad, an Israelite:--Elead.

(497) 'El`adah [el-aw-daw']

from ''el' ('el) and '`adah' (`adah); God has decked; Eladah, an Israelite:--Eladah.

(498) 'El`uwzay [el-oo-zah'ee]

from ''el' ('el) and '`uwz' (`uwz) (in the sense of '`oz' (`oz)); God (is) defensive; Eluzai, an Israelite:--Eluzai.

(499) 'El`azar [el-aw-zawr']

from ''el' ('el) and '`azar' (`azar); God (is) helper; Elazar, the name of seven Israelites:--Eleazar.

(500) 'El`ale' [el-aw-lay']

or (more properly) GEl aleh {el-aw-lay'}; from ''el' ('el) and '`alah' (`alah); God (is) going up; Elale or Elaleh, a place east of the Jordan:--Elealeh.

(501) 'El`asah [el-aw-saw']

from ''el' ('el) and '`asah' (`asah); God has made; Elasah, the name of four Israelites:--Elasah, Eleasah.

(502) 'alph [aw-lof']

a primitive root, to associate with; hence, to learn (and causatively to teach):--learn, teach, utter.

(503) 'alaph [aw-laf']

denominative from ''eleph' ('eleph); causative, to make a thousandfold:--bring forth thousands.

(504) 'eleph [eh'-lef]

from ''alph' ('alph); a family; also (from the sense of yoking or taming) an ox or cow:--family, kine, oxen.

(505) 'eleph [eh'-lef]

prop, the same as ''eleph' ('eleph); hence (the ox's head being the first letter of the alphabet, and this eventually used as a numeral) a thousand:--thousand.