Strong's Greek Dictionary (KJV)



(4307) προνοια, pronoia [pron'-oy-ah]

from προνοεω - pronoeo προνοεω; forethought, i.e. provident care or supply:--providence, provision.

(4308) προοραω, proorao [pro-or-ah'-o]

from προ - pro προ and οραω - horao οραω; to behold in advance, i.e. (actively) to notice (another) previously, or (middle voice) to keep in (one's own) view:--foresee, see before.

(4309) προοριζω, proorizo [pro-or-id'-zo]

from προ - pro προ and οριζω - horizo οριζω; to limit in advance, i.e. (figuratively) predetermine:--determine before, ordain, predestinate.

(4310) προπασχω, propascho [prop-as'-kho]

from προ - pro προ and πασχω - pascho πασχω; to undergo hardship previously:--suffer before.

(4311) προπεμπω, propempo [prop-em'-po]

from προ - pro προ and πεμπω - pempo πεμπω; to send forward, i.e. escort or aid in travel:--accompany, bring (forward) on journey (way), conduct forth.

(4312) προπετης, propetes [prop-et-ace']

from a compound of προ - pro προ and πιπτω - pipto πιπτω; falling forward, i.e. headlong (figuratively, precipitate):--heady, rash(-ly).

(4313) προπορεψομαι, proporeuomai [prop-or-yoo'-om-ahee]

from προ - pro προ and πορεψομαι - poreuomai πορεψομαι; to precede (as guide or herald):--go before.

(4314) προς, pros [pros]

a strengthened form of προ - pro προ; a preposition of direction; forward to, i.e. toward (with the genitive case, the side of, i.e. pertaining to; with the dative case, by the side of, i.e. near to; usually with the accusative case, the place, time, occasion, or respect, which is the destination of the relation, i.e. whither or for which it is predicated):--about, according to , against, among, at, because of, before, between, (where-)by, for, X at thy house, in, for intent, nigh unto, of, which pertain to, that, to (the end that), X together, to (you) -ward, unto, with(-in). In the comparative case, it denotes essentially the same applications, namely, motion towards, accession to, or nearness at.

(4315) προσαββατον, prosabbaton [pros-ab'-bat-on]

from προ - pro προ and σαββατον - sabbaton σαββατον; a fore-sabbath, i.e. the Sabbath-eve:--day before the sabbath. Compare παρασκεψη - paraskeue παρασκεψη.

(4316) προσαγορεψω, prosagoreuo [pros-ag-or-yoo'-o]

from προς - pros προς and a derivative of αγορα - agora αγορα (mean to harangue); to address, i.e. salute by name:--call.

(4317) προσαγω, prosago [pros-ag'-o]

from προς - pros προς and αγω - ago αγω; to lead towards, i.e. (transitively) to conduct near (summon, present), or (intransitively) to approach:--bring, draw near.

(4318) προσαγωγη, prosagoge [pros-ag-ogue-ay']

from προσαγω - prosago προσαγω (compare 72); admission:--access.

(4319) προσαιτεω, prosaiteo [pros-ahee-teh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and αιτεω - aiteo αιτεω; to ask repeatedly (importune), i.e. solicit:--beg.

(4320) προσαναβαινω, prosanabaino [pros-an-ab-ah'-ee-no]

from προς - pros προς and αναβαινω - anabaino αναβαινω; to ascend farther, i.e. be promoted (take an upper (more honorable) seat):--go up.

(4321) προσαναλισκω, prosanalisko [pros-an-al-is'-ko]

from προς - pros προς and αναλισκω - analisko αναλισκω; to expend further:--spend.

(4322) προσαναπληροω, prosanapleroo [pros-an-ap-lay-ro'-o]

from προς - pros προς and αναπληροω - anapleroo αναπληροω; to fill up further, i.e. furnish fully:--supply.

(4323) προσανατιθημι, prosanatithemi [pros-an-at-ith'-ay-mee]

from προς - pros προς and ανατιθεμαι - anatithemai ανατιθεμαι; to lay up in addition, i.e. (middle voice and figuratively) to impart or (by implication) to consult:--in conference add, confer.

(4324) προσαπειλεω, prosapeileo [pros-ap-i-leh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and απειλεω - apeileo απειλεω; to menace additionally:--i.e. threaten further.

(4325) προσδαπαναω, prosdapanao [pros-dap-an-ah'-o]

from προς - pros προς and δαπαναω - dapanao δαπαναω; to expend additionally:--spend more.

(4326) προσδεομαι, prosdeomai [pros-deh'-om-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and δεομαι - deomai δεομαι; to require additionally, i.e. want further:--need.

(4327) προσδεχομαι, prosdechomai [pros-dekh'-om-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and δεχομαι - dechomai δεχομαι; to admit (to intercourse, hospitality, credence, or (figuratively) endurance); by implication, to await (with confidence or patience):--accept, allow, look (wait) for, take.

(4328) προσδοκαω, prosdokao [pros-dok-ah'-o]

from προς - pros προς and dokeuo (to watch); to anticipate (in thought, hope or fear); by implication, to await:--(be in) expect(-ation), look (for), when looked, tarry, wait for.

(4329) προσδοκια, prosdokia [pros-dok-ee'-ah]

from προσδοκαω - prosdokao προσδοκαω; apprehension (of evil); by implication, infliction anticipated:--expectation, looking after.

(4330) προσεαω, proseao [pros-eh-ah'-o]

from προς - pros προς and εαω - eao εαω; to permit further progress:--suffer.

(4331) προσεγγιζω, proseggizo [pros-eng-ghid'-zo]

from προς - pros προς and εγγιζω - eggizo εγγιζω; to approach near:--come nigh.

(4332) προσεδρεψω, prosedreuo [pros-ed-ryoo'-o]

from a compound of προς - pros προς and the base of εδραιος - hedraios εδραιος; to sit near, i.e. attend as a servant:--wait at.

(4333) προσεργαζομαι, prosergazomai [pros-er-gad'-zom-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and εργαζομαι - ergazomai εργαζομαι; to work additionally, i.e. (by implication) acquire besides:--gain.

(4334) προσερχομαι, proserchomai [pros-er'-khom-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and ερχομαι - erchomai ερχομαι (including its alternate); to approach, i.e. (literally) come near, visit, or (figuratively) worship, assent to:--(as soon as he) come (unto), come thereunto, consent, draw near, go (near, to, unto).

(4335) προσεψχη, proseuche [pros-yoo-khay']

from προσεψχομαι - proseuchomai προσεψχομαι; prayer (worship); by implication, an oratory (chapel):--X pray earnestly, prayer.

(4336) προσεψχομαι, proseuchomai [pros-yoo'-khom-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and εψχομαι - euchomai εψχομαι; to pray to God, i.e. supplicate, worship:--pray (X earnestly, for), make prayer.

(4337) προσεχω, prosecho [pros-ekh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and εχω - echo εχω; (figuratively) to hold the mind (3563 implied) towards, i.e. pay attention to, be cautious about, apply oneself to, adhere to:--(give) attend(-ance, -ance at, -ance to, unto), beware, be given to, give (take) heed (to unto); have regard.

(4338) προσηλοω, proseloo [pros-ay-lo'-o]

from προς - pros προς and a derivative of ηλος - helos ηλος; to peg to, i.e. spike fast:--nail to.

(4339) προσηλψτος, proselutos [pros-ay'-loo-tos]

from the alternate of προσερχομαι - proserchomai προσερχομαι; an arriver from a foreign region, i.e. (specially), an acceder (convert) to Judaism ("proselyte"):--proselyte.

(4340) προσκαιρος, proskairos [pros'-kahee-ros]

from προς - pros προς and καιρος - kairos καιρος; for the occasion only, i.e. temporary:--dur-(eth) for awhile, endure for a time, for a season, temporal.

(4341) προσκαλεομαι, proskaleomai [pros-kal-eh'-om-ahee]

middle voice from προς - pros προς and καλεω - kaleo καλεω; to call toward oneself, i.e. summon, invite:--call (for, to, unto).

(4342) προσκαρτερεω, proskartereo [pros-kar-ter-eh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and καρτερεω - kartereo καρτερεω; to be earnest towards, i.e. (to a thing) to persevere, be constantly diligent, or (in a place) to attend assiduously all the exercises, or (to a person) to adhere closely to (as a servitor):--attend (give self) continually (upon), continue (in, instant in, with), wait on (continually).

(4343) προσκαρτερησις, proskarteresis [pros-kar-ter'-ay-sis]

from προσκαρτερεω - proskartereo προσκαρτερεω; persistancy:--perseverance.

(4344) προσκεφαλαιον, proskephalaion [pros-kef-al'-ahee-on]

neuter of a presumed compound of προς - pros προς and κεφαλη - kephale κεφαλη; something for the head, i.e. a cushion:--pillow.

(4345) προσκληροω, proskleroo [pros-klay-ro'-o]

from προς - pros προς and κληροω - kleroo κληροω; to give a common lot to, i.e. (figuratively) to associate with:--consort with.

(4346) προσκλισις, prosklisis [pros'-klis-is]

from a compound of προς - pros προς and κλινω - klino κλινω; a leaning towards, i.e. (figuratively) proclivity (favoritism):--partiality.

(4347) προσκολλαω, proskollao [pros-kol-lah'-o]

from προς - pros προς and κολλαω - kollao κολλαω; to glue to, i.e. (figuratively) to adhere:--cleave, join (self).

(4348) προσκομμα, proskomma [pros'-kom-mah]

from προσκοπτω - proskopto προσκοπτω; a stub, i.e. (figuratively) occasion of apostasy:--offence, stumbling(-block, (-stone)).

(4349) προσκοπη, proskope [pros-kop-ay']

from προσκοπτω - proskopto προσκοπτω; a stumbling, i.e. (figuratively and concretely) occasion of sin:--offence.

(4350) προσκοπτω, proskopto [pros-kop'-to]

from προς - pros προς and κοπτω - kopto κοπτω; to strike at, i.e. surge against (as water); specially, to stub on, i.e. trip up (literally or figuratively):--beat upon, dash, stumble (at).

(4351) προσκψλιω, proskulio [pros-koo-lee'-o]

from προς - pros προς and κψλιοω - kulioo κψλιοω; to roll towards, i.e. block against:--roll (to).

(4352) προσκψνεω, proskuneo [pros-koo-neh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and a probable derivative of κψων - kuon κψων (meaning to kiss, like a dog licking his master's hand); to fawn or crouch to, i.e. (literally or figuratively) prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore):--worship.

(4353) προσκψνητης, proskunetes [pros-koo-nay-tace']

from προσκψνεω - proskuneo προσκψνεω; an adorer:--worshipper.

(4354) προσλαλεω, proslaleo [pros-lal-eh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and λαλεω - laleo λαλεω; to talk to, i.e. converse with:--speak to (with).

(4355) προσλαμβανω, proslambano [pros-lam-ban'-o]

from προς - pros προς and λαμβανω - lambano λαμβανω; to take to oneself, i.e. use (food), lead (aside), admit (to friendship or hospitality):--receive, take (unto).

(4356) προσληυις, proslepsis [pros'-lape-sis]

from προσλαμβανω - proslambano προσλαμβανω; admission:--receiving.

(4357) προσμενω, prosmeno [pros-men'-o]

from προς - pros προς and μενω - meno μενω; to stay further, i.e. remain in a place, with a person; figuratively, to adhere to, persevere in:--abide still, be with, cleave unto, continue in (with).

(4358) προσορμιζω, prosormizo [pros-or-mid'-zo]

from προς - pros προς and a derivative of the same as .ηορμη - horme .ηορμη (meaning to tie (anchor) or lull); to moor to, i.e. (by implication) land at:--draw to the shore.

(4359) προσοφειλω, prosopheilo [pros-of-i'-lo]

from προς - pros προς and οφειλω - opheilo οφειλω; to be indebted additionally:--over besides.

(4360) προσοχθιζω, prosochthizo [pros-okh-thid'-zo]

from προς - pros προς and a form of ochtheo (to be vexed with something irksome); to feel indignant at:--be grieved at.

(4361) προσπεινος, prospeinos [pros'-pi-nos]

from προς - pros προς and the same as πειναω - peinao πειναω; hungering further, i.e. intensely hungry:--very hungry.

(4362) προσπηγνψμι, prospegnumi [pros-payg'-noo-mee]

from προς - pros προς and πηγνψμι - pegnumi πηγνψμι; to fasten to, i.e. (specially), to impale (on a cross):--crucify.

(4363) προσπιπτω, prospipto [pros-pip'-to]

from προς - pros προς and πιπτω - pipto πιπτω; to fall towards, i.e. (gently) prostrate oneself (in supplication or homage), or (violently) to rush upon (in storm):--beat upon, fall (down) at (before).

(4364) προσποιεομαι, prospoieomai [pros-poy-eh'-om-ahee]

middle voice from προς - pros προς and ποιεω - poieo ποιεω; to do forward for oneself, i.e. pretend (as if about to do a thing):--make as though.

(4365) προσπορεψομαι, prosporeuomai [pros-por-yoo'-om-ahee]

from προς - pros προς and πορεψομαι - poreuomai πορεψομαι; to journey towards, i.e. approach (not the same as 4313):--go before.

(4366) προσρηγνψμι, prosregnumi [pros-rayg'-noo-mee]

from προς - pros προς and ρηγνψμι - rhegnumi ρηγνψμι; to tear towards, i.e. burst upon (as a tempest or flood):--beat vehemently against (upon).

(4367) προστασσω, prostasso [pros-tas'-so]

from προς - pros προς and τασσω - tasso τασσω; to arrange towards, i.e. (figuratively) enjoin:--bid, command.

(4368) προστατις, prostatis [pros-tat'-is]

feminine of a derivative of προιστημι - proistemi προιστημι; a patroness, i.e. assistant:--succourer.

(4369) προστιθημι, prostithemi [pros-tith'-ay-mee]

from προς - pros προς and τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; to place additionally, i.e. lay beside, annex, repeat:--add, again, give more, increase, lay unto, proceed further, speak to any more.

(4370) προστρεχω, prostrecho [pros-trekh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and τρεχω - trecho τρεχω (including its alternate); to run towards, i.e. hasten to meet or join:--run (thither to, to).

(4371) προσφαγιον, prosphagion [pros-fag'-ee-on]

neuter of a presumed derivative of a compound of προς - pros προς and φαγω - phago φαγω; something eaten in addition to bread, i.e. a relish (specially, fish; compare 3795):--meat.

(4372) προσφατος, prosphatos [pros'-fat-os]

from προ - pro προ and a derivative of σφαζω - sphazo σφαζω; previously (recently) slain (fresh), i.e. (figuratively) lately made:--new.

(4373) προσφατως, prosphatos [pros-fat'-oce]

adverb from προσφατος - prosphatos προσφατος; recently:--lately.

(4374) προσφερω, prosphero [pros-fer'-o]

from προς - pros προς and φερω - phero φερω (including its alternate); to bear towards, i.e. lead to, tender (especially to God), treat:--bring (to, unto), deal with, do, offer (unto, up), present unto, put to.

(4375) προσφιλης, prosphiles [pros-fee-lace']

from a presumed compound of προς - pros προς and φιλεω - phileo φιλεω; friendly towards, i.e. acceptable:--lovely.

(4376) προσφορα, prosphora [pros-for-ah']

from προσφερω - prosphero προσφερω; presentation; concretely, an oblation (bloodless) or sacrifice:--offering (up).

(4377) προσφωνεω, prosphoneo [pros-fo-neh'-o]

from προς - pros προς and φωνεω - phoneo φωνεω; to sound towards, i.e. address, exclaim, summon:--call unto, speak (un-)to.

(4378) προσχψσις, proschusis [pros'-khoo-sis]

from a comparative of προς - pros προς and cheo (to pour); a shedding forth, i.e. affusion:--sprinkling.

(4379) προσυαψω, prospsauo [pros-psow'-o]

from προς - pros προς and psauo (to touch); to impinge, i.e. lay a finger on (in order to relieve):--touch.

(4380) προσωποληπτεω, prosopolepteo [pros-o-pol-ape-teh'-o]

from προσωποληπτης - prosopoleptes προσωποληπτης; to favor an individual, i.e. show partiality:--have respect to persons.

(4381) προσωποληπτης, prosopoleptes [pros-o-pol-ape'-tace]

from προσωπον - prosopon προσωπον and λαμβανω - lambano λαμβανω; an accepter of a face (individual), i.e. (specially), one exhibiting partiality:--respecter of persons.

(4382) προσωποληυια, prosopolepsia [pros-o-pol-ape-see'-ah]

from προσωποληπτης - prosopoleptes προσωποληπτης; partiality, i.e. favoritism:--respect of persons.

(4383) προσωπον, prosopon [pros'-o-pon]

from προς - pros προς and ops (the visage, from 3700); the front (as being towards view), i.e. the countenance, aspect, appearance, surface; by implication, presence, person:--(outward) appearance, X before, countenance, face, fashion, (men's) person, presence.

(4384) προτασσω, protasso [prot-as'-so]

from προ - pro προ and τασσω - tasso τασσω; to pre-arrange, i.e. prescribe:--before appoint.

(4385) προτεινω, proteino [prot-i'-no]

from προ - pro προ and teino (to stretch); to protend, i.e. tie prostrate (for scourging):--bind.

(4386) προτερον, proteron [prot'-er-on]

neuter of προτερος - proteros προτερος as adverb (with or without the article); previously:--before, (at the) first, former.

(4387) προτερος, proteros [prot'-er-os]

comparative of προ - pro προ; prior or previous:--former.

(4388) προτιθεμαι, protithemai [prot-ith'-em-ahee]

middle voice from προ - pro προ and τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; to place before, i.e. (for oneself) to exhibit; (to oneself) to propose (determine):--purpose, set forth.

(4389) προτρεπομαι, protrepomai [prot-rep'-om-ahee]

middle voice from προ - pro προ and the base of τροπη - trope τροπη; to turn forward for oneself, i.e. encourage:--exhort.

(4390) προτρεχω, protrecho [prot-rekh'-o]

from προ - pro προ and τρεχω - trecho τρεχω (including its alternate); to run forward, i.e. outstrip, precede:--outrun, run before.

(4391) προψπαρχω, prouparcho [pro-oop-ar'-kho]

from προ - pro προ and ψπαρχω - huparcho ψπαρχω; to exist before, i.e. (adverbially) to be or do something previously:--+ be before(-time).

(4392) προφασις, prophasis [prof'-as-is]

from a compound of προ - pro προ and φαινω - phaino φαινω; an outward showing, i.e. pretext:--cloke, colour, pretence, show.

(4393) προφερω, prophero [prof-er'-o]

from προ - pro προ and φερω - phero φερω; to bear forward, i.e. produce:--bring forth.

(4394) προφητεια, propheteia [prof-ay-ti'-ah]

from προφητης - prophetes προφητης ("prophecy"); prediction (scriptural or other):--prophecy, prophesying.

(4395) προφητεψω, propheteuo [prof-ate-yoo'-o]

from προφητης - prophetes προφητης; to foretell events, divine, speak under inspiration, exercise the prophetic office:--prophesy.

(4396) προφητης, prophetes [prof-ay'-tace]

from a compound of προ - pro προ and φημι - phemi φημι; a foreteller ("prophet"); by analogy, an inspired speaker; by extension, a poet:--prophet.

(4397) προφητικος, prophetikos [prof-ay-tik-os']

from προφητης - prophetes προφητης; pertaining to a foreteller ("prophetic"):--of prophecy, of the prophets.

(4398) προφητις, prophetis [prof-ay'-tis]

feminine of προφητης - prophetes προφητης; a female foreteller or an inspired woman:--prophetess.

(4399) προφθανω, prophthano [prof-than'-o]

from προ - pro προ and φθανω - phthano φθανω; to get an earlier start of, i.e. anticipate:--prevent.

(4400) προχειριζομαι, procheirizomai [prokh-i-rid'-zom-ahee]

middle voice from προ - pro προ and a derivative of χειρ - cheir χειρ; to handle for oneself in advance, i.e. (figuratively) to purpose:--choose, make.

(4401) προχειροτονεω, procheirotoneo [prokh-i-rot-on-eh'-o]

from προ - pro προ and χειροτονεω - cheirotoneo χειροτονεω; to elect in advance:--choose before.

(4402) Προχορος, Prochoros [prokh'-or-os]

from προ - pro προ and χορος - choros χορος; before the dance; Prochorus, a Christian:--Prochorus.

(4403) πρψμνα, prumna [proom'-nah]

feminine of prumnus (hindmost); the stern of a ship:--hinder part, stern.

(4404) πρωι, proi [pro-ee']

adverb from προ - pro προ; at dawn; by implication, the day-break watch:--early (in the morning), (in the) morning.

(4405) πρωια, proia [pro-ee'-ah]

feminine of a derivative of πρωι - proi πρωι as noun; day-dawn:--early, morning.

(4406) πρωιμος, proimos [pro'-ee-mos]

from πρωι - proi πρωι; dawning, i.e. (by analogy) autumnal (showering, the first of the rainy season):--early.

(4407) πρωινος, proinos [pro-ee-nos']

from πρωι - proi πρωι; pertaining to the dawn, i.e. matutinal:--morning.