Strong's Greek Dictionary (KJV)



(4004) πεντηκοντα, pentekonta [pen-tay'-kon-tah]

multiplicative of πεντε - pente πεντε; fifty:--fifty.

(4005) πεντηκοστη, pentekoste [pen-tay-kos-tay']

feminine of the ordinal of πεντηκοντα - pentekonta πεντηκοντα; fiftieth (2250 being implied) from Passover, i.e. the festival of "Pentecost":--Pentecost.

(4006) πεποιθησις, pepoithesis [pep-oy'-thay-sis]

from the perfect of the alternate of πασχω - pascho πασχω; reliance:--confidence, trust.

(4007) περ, per [per]

from the base of περαν - peran περαν; an enclitic particle significant of abundance (thoroughness), i.e. emphasis; much, very or ever:--(whom-)soever.

(4008) περαν, peran [per'-an]

apparently accusative case of an obsolete derivative of peiro (to "pierce"); through (as adverb or preposition), i.e. across:--beyond, farther (other) side, over.

(4009) περας, peras [per'-as]

from the same as περαν - peran περαν; an extremity:--end, ut-(ter-)most participle

(4010) Περγαμος, Pergamos [per'-gam-os]

from πψργος - purgos πψργος; fortified; Pergamus, a place in Asia Minor:--Pergamos.

(4011) Περγη, Perge [perg'-ay]

probably from the same as Περγαμος - Pergamos Περγαμος; a tower; Perga, a place in Asia Minor:--Perga.

(4012) περι, peri [per-ee']

from the base of περαν - peran περαν; properly, through (all over), i.e. around; figuratively with respect to; used in various applications, of place, cause or time (with the genitive case denoting the subject or occasion or superlative point; with the accusative case the locality, circuit, matter, circumstance or general period):--(there-)about, above, against, at, on behalf of, X and his company, which concern, (as) concerning, for, X how it will go with, ((there-, where-)) of, on, over, pertaining (to), for sake, X (e-)state, (as) touching, (where-)by (in), with. In comparative, it retains substantially the same meaning of circuit (around), excess (beyond), or completeness (through).

(4013) περιαγω, periago [per-ee-ag'-o]

from περι - peri περι and αγω - ago αγω; to take around (as a companion); reflexively, to walk around:--compass, go (round) about, lead about.

(4014) περιαιρεω, periaireo [per-ee-ahee-reh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and αιρεομαι - haireomai αιρεομαι (including its alternate); to remove all around, i.e. unveil, cast off (anchor); figuratively, to expiate:--take away (up).

(4015) περιαστραπτω, periastrapto [per-ee-as-trap'-to]

from περι - peri περι and αστραπτω - astrapto αστραπτω; to flash all around, i.e. envelop in light:--shine round (about).

(4016) περιβαλλω, periballo [per-ee-bal'-lo]

from περι - peri περι and βαλλω - ballo βαλλω; to throw all around, i.e. invest (with a palisade or with clothing):--array, cast about, clothe(-d me), put on.

(4017) περιβλεπω, periblepo [per-ee-blep'-o]

from περι - peri περι and βλεπω - blepo βλεπω; to look all around:--look (round) about (on).

(4018) περιβολαιον, peribolaion [per-ib-ol'-ah-yon]

neuter of a presumed derivative of περιβαλλω - periballo περιβαλλω; something thrown around one, i.e. a mantle, veil:--covering, vesture.

(4019) περιδεω, perideo [per-ee-deh'-o]

περι - peri περι and δεω - deo δεω; to bind around one, i.e. enwrap:--bind about.

(4020) περιεργαζομαι, periergazomai [per-ee-er-gad'-zom-ahee]

from περι - peri περι and εργαζομαι - ergazomai εργαζομαι; to work all around, i.e. bustle about (meddle):--be a busybody.

(4021) περιεργος, periergos [per-ee'-er-gos]

from περι - peri περι and εργον - ergon εργον; working all around, i.e. officious (meddlesome, neuter plural magic):--busybody, curious arts.

(4022) περιερχομαι, perierchomai [per-ee-er'-khom-ahee]

from περι - peri περι and ερχομαι - erchomai ερχομαι (including its alternate); to come all around, i.e. stroll, vacillate, veer:--fetch a compass, vagabond, wandering about.

(4023) περιεχω, periecho [per-ee-ekh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and εχω - echo εχω; to hold all around, i.e. include, clasp (figuratively):--+ astonished, contain, after (this manner).

(4024) περιζωννψμι, perizonnumi [per-id-zone'-noo-mee]

from περι - peri περι and ζωννψμι - zonnumi ζωννψμι; to gird all around, i.e. (middle voice or passive) to fasten on one's belt (literally or figuratively):--gird (about, self).

(4025) περιθεσις, perithesis [per-ith'-es-is]

from περιτιθημι - peritithemi περιτιθημι; a putting all around, i.e. decorating oneself with:--wearing.

(4026) περιιστημι, periistemi [per-ee-is'-tay-mee]

from περι - peri περι and ιστημι - histemi ιστημι; to stand all around, i.e. (near) to be a bystander, or (aloof) to keep away from:--avoid, shun, stand by (round about).

(4027) περικαθαρμα, perikatharma [per-ee-kath'-ar-mah]

from a compound of περι - peri περι and καθαιρω - kathairo καθαιρω; something cleaned off all around, i.e. refuse (figuratively):--filth.

(4028) περικαλψπτω, perikalupto [per-ee-kal-oop'-to]

from περι - peri περι and καλψπτω - kalupto καλψπτω; to cover all around, i.e. entirely (the face, a surface):--blindfold, cover, overlay.

(4029) περικειμαι, perikeimai [per-ik'-i-mahee]

from περι - peri περι and κειμαι - keimai κειμαι; to lie all around, i.e. inclose, encircle, hamper (literally or figuratively):--be bound (compassed) with, hang about.

(4030) περικεφαλαια, perikephalaia [per-ee-kef-al-ah'-yah]

feminine of a compound of περι - peri περι and κεφαλη - kephale κεφαλη; encirclement of the head, i.e. a helmet:--helmet.

(4031) περικρατης, perikrates [per-ee-krat-ace']

from περι - peri περι and κρατος - kratos κρατος; strong all around, i.e. a master (manager):--+ come by.

(4032) περικρψπτω, perikrupto [per-ee-kroop'-to]

from περι - peri περι and κρψπτω - krupto κρψπτω; to conceal all around, i.e. entirely:--hide.

(4033) περικψκλοω, perikukloo [per-ee-koo-klo'-o]

from περι - peri περι and κψκλοω - kukloo κψκλοω; to encircle all around, i.e. blockade completely:--compass round.

(4034) περιλαμπω, perilampo [per-ee-lam'-po]

from περι - peri περι and λαμπω - lampo λαμπω; to illuminate all around, i.e. invest with a halo:--shine round about.

(4035) περιλειπω, perileipo [per-ee-li'-po]

from περι - peri περι and λειπω - leipo λειπω; to leave all around, i.e. (passively) survive:--remain.

(4036) περιλψπος, perilupos [per-il'-oo-pos]

from περι - peri περι and λψπη - lupe λψπη; grieved all around, i.e. intensely sad:--exceeding (very) sorry(-owful).

(4037) περιμενω, perimeno [per-ee-men'-o]

from περι - peri περι and μενω - meno μενω; to stay around, i.e. await:--wait for.

(4038) περιξ, perix [per'-ix]

adverb from περι - peri περι; all around, i.e. (as an adjective) circumjacent:--round about.

(4039) περιοικεω, perioikeo [per-ee-oy-keh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and οικεω - oikeo οικεω; to reside around, i.e. be a neighbor:--dwell round about.

(4040) περιοικος, perioikos [per-ee'-oy-kos]

from περι - peri περι and οικος - oikos οικος; housed around, i.e. neighboring (used elliptically as a noun):--neighbour.

(4041) περιοψσιος, periousios [per-ee-oo'-see-os]

from the present participle feminine of a compound of περι - peri περι and ειμι - eimi ειμι; being beyond usual, i.e. special (one's own):--peculiar.

(4042) περιοχη, perioche [per-ee-okh-ay']

from περιεχω - periecho περιεχω; a being held around, i.e. (concretely) a passage (of Scripture, as circumscribed):--place.

(4043) περιπατεω, peripateo [per-ee-pat-eh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and πατεω - pateo πατεω; to tread all around, i.e. walk at large (especially as proof of ability); figuratively, to live, deport oneself, follow (as a companion or votary):--go, be occupied with, walk (about).

(4044) περιπειρω, peripeiro [per-ee-pi'-ro]

from περι - peri περι and the base of περαν - peran περαν; to penetrate entirely, i.e. transfix (figuratively):--pierce through.

(4045) περιπιπτω, peripipto [per-ee-pip'-to]

from περι - peri περι and πιπτω - pipto πιπτω; to fall into something that is all around, i.e. light among or upon, be surrounded with:--fall among (into).

(4046) περιποιεομαι, peripoieomai [per-ee-poy-eh'-om-ahee]

middle voice from περι - peri περι and ποιεω - poieo ποιεω; to make around oneself, i.e. acquire (buy):--purchase.

(4047) περιποιησις, peripoiesis [per-ee-poy'-ay-sis]

from περιποιεομαι - peripoieomai περιποιεομαι; acquisition (the act or the thing); by extension, preservation:--obtain(-ing), peculiar, purchased, possession, saving.

(4048) περιρρηεγνψμι, perirrhegnumi [per-ir-hrayg'-noo-mee]

from περι - peri περι and ρηγνψμι - rhegnumi ρηγνψμι; to tear all around, i.e. completely away:--rend off.

(4049) περισπαω, perispao [per-ee-spah'-o]

from περι - peri περι and σπαω - spao σπαω; to drag all around, i.e. (figuratively) to distract (with care):--cumber.

(4050) περισσεια, perisseia [per-is-si'-ah]

from περισσεψω - perisseuo περισσεψω; surplusage, i.e. superabundance:--abundance(-ant, (-ly)), superfluity.

(4051) περισσεψμα, perisseuma [per-is'-syoo-mah]

from περισσεψω - perisseuo περισσεψω; a surplus, or superabundance:--abundance, that was left, over and above.

(4052) περισσεψω, perisseuo [per-is-syoo'-o]

from περισσος - perissos περισσος; to superabound (in quantity or quality), be in excess, be superfluous; also (transitively) to cause to superabound or excel:--(make, more) abound, (have, have more) abundance (be more) abundant, be the better, enough and to spare, exceed, excel, increase, be left, redound, remain (over and above).

(4053) περισσος, perissos [per-is-sos']

from περι - peri περι (in the sense of beyond); superabundant (in quantity) or superior (in quality); by implication, excessive; adverbially (with 1537) violently; neuter (as noun) preeminence:--exceeding abundantly above, more abundantly, advantage, exceedingly, very highly, beyond measure, more, superfluous, vehement(-ly).

(4054) περισσοτερον, perissoteron [per-is-sot'-er-on]

neuter of περισσοτερος - perissoteros περισσοτερος (as adverb); in a more superabundant way:--more abundantly, a great deal, far more.

(4055) περισσοτερος, perissoteros [per-is-sot'-er-os]

comparative of περισσος - perissos περισσος; more superabundant (in number, degree or character):--more abundant, greater (much) more, overmuch.

(4056) περισσοτερως, perissoteros [per-is-sot-er'-oce]

adverb from περισσοτερος - perissoteros περισσοτερος; more superabundantly:--more abundant(-ly), X the more earnest, (more) exceedingly, more frequent, much more, the rather.

(4057) περισσως, perissos [per-is-soce']

adverb from περισσος - perissos περισσος; superabundantly:--exceedingly, out of measure, the more.

(4058) περιστερα, peristera [per-is-ter-ah']

of uncertain derivation; a pigeon:--dove, pigeon.

(4059) περιτεμνω, peritemno [per-ee-tem'-no]

from περι - peri περι and the base of τομωτερος - tomoteros τομωτερος; to cut around, i.e. (specially) to circumcise:--circumcise.

(4060) περιτιθημι, peritithemi [per-ee-tith'-ay-mee]

from περι - peri περι and τιθημι - tithemi τιθημι; to place around; by implication, to present:--bestow upon, hedge round about, put about (on, upon), set about.

(4061) περιτομη, peritome [per-it-om-ay']

from περιτεμνω - peritemno περιτεμνω; circumcision (the rite, the condition or the people, literally or figuratively):--X circumcised, circumcision.

(4062) περιτρεπω, peritrepo [per-ee-trep'-o]

from περι - peri περι and the base of τροπη - trope τροπη; to turn around, i.e. (mentally) to craze:--+ make mad.

(4063) περιτρεχω, peritrecho [per-ee-trekh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and τρεχω - trecho τρεχω (including its alternate); to run around, i.e. traverse:--run through.

(4064) περιφερω, periphero [per-ee-fer'-o]

from περι - peri περι and φερω - phero φερω; to convey around, i.e. transport hither and thither:--bear (carry) about.

(4065) περιφρονεω, periphroneo [per-ee-fron-eh'-o]

from περι - peri περι and φρονεω - phroneo φρονεω; to think beyond, i.e. depreciate (contemn):--despise.

(4066) περιχωρος, perichoros [per-ikh'-o-ros]

from περι - peri περι and χωρα - chora χωρα; around the region, i.e. circumjacent (as noun, with γη - ge γη implied vicinity):--country (round) about, region (that lieth) round about.

(4067) περιυωμα, peripsoma [per-ip'-so-mah]

from a comparative of περι - peri περι and psao (to rub); something brushed all around, i.e. off-scrapings (figuratively, scum):--offscouring.

(4068) περπερεψομαι, perpereuomai [per-per-yoo'-om-ahee]

middle voice from perperos (braggart; perhaps by reduplication of the base of 4008); to boast:--vaunt itself.

(4069) Περσις, Persis [per-sece']

a Persian woman; Persis, a Christian female:--Persis.

(4070) περψσι, perusi [per'-oo-si]

adverb from περας - peras περας; the by-gone, i.e. (as noun) last year:--+ a year ago.

(4071) πετεινον, peteinon [pet-i-non']

neuter of a derivative of πετομαι - petomai πετομαι; a flying animal, i.e. bird:--bird, fowl.

(4072) πετομαι, petomai [ pet'-om-ahee,]

petaomai pet-ah'-om-ahee, or contracted ptaomai ptah'-om-ahee middle voice of a primary verb; to fly:--fly(-ing).

(4073) πετρα, petra [pet'-ra]

feminine of the same as Πετρος - Petros Πετρος; a (mass of) rock (literally or figuratively):--rock.

(4074) Πετρος, Petros [pet'-ros]

apparently a primary word; a (piece of) rock (larger than 3037); as a name, Petrus, an apostle:--Peter, rock. Compare Κηφας - Kephas Κηφας.

(4075) πετρωδης, petrodes [pet-ro'-dace]

from πετρα - petra πετρα and ειδος - eidos ειδος; rock-like, i.e. rocky:--stony.

(4076) πηγανον, peganon [pay'-gan-on]

from πηγνψμι - pegnumi πηγνψμι; rue (from its thick or fleshy leaves):--rue.

(4077) πηγη, pege [pay-gay']

probably from πηγνψμι - pegnumi πηγνψμι (through the idea of gushing plumply); a fount (literally or figuratively), i.e. source or supply (of water, blood, enjoyment) (not necessarily the original spring):--fountain, well.

(4078) πηγνψμι, pegnumi [payg'-noo-mee]

a prolonged form of a primary verb (which in its simpler form occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses); to fix ("peg"), i.e. (specially) to set up (a tent):--pitch.

(4079) πηδαλιον, pedalion [pay-dal'-ee-on]

neuter of a (presumed) derivative of pedon (the blade of an oar; from the same as 3976); a "pedal", i.e. helm:--rudder.

(4080) πηλικος, pelikos [pay-lee'-kos]

a quantitative form (the feminine) of the base of ποψ - pou ποψ; how much (as an indefinite), i.e. in size or (figuratively) dignity:--how great (large).

(4081) πηλος, pelos [pay-los']

perhaps a primary word; clay:--clay.

(4082) πηρα, pera [pay'-rah]

of uncertain affinity; a wallet or leather pouch for food:--scrip.

(4083) πηχψς, pechus [pay'-khoos]

of uncertain affinity; the fore-arm, i.e. (as a measure) a cubit:--cubit.

(4084) πιαζω, piazo [pee-ad'-zo]

probably another form of βιαζω - biazo βιαζω; to squeeze, i.e. seize (gently by the hand (press), or officially (arrest), or in hunting (capture)):--apprehend, catch, lay hand on, take. Compare πιεζω - piezo πιεζω.

(4085) πιεζω, piezo [pee-ed'-zo]

another form for πιαζω - piazo πιαζω; to pack:--press down.

(4086) πιθανολογια, pithanologia [pith-an-ol-og-ee'-ah]

from a compound of a derivative of πειθω - peitho πειθω and λογος - logos λογος; persuasive language:--enticing words.

(4087) πικραινω, pikraino [pik-rah'-ee-no]

from πικρος - pikros πικρος; to embitter (literally or figuratively):--be (make) bitter.

(4088) πικρια, pikria [pik-ree'-ah]

from πικρος - pikros πικρος; acridity (especially poison), literally or figuratively:--bitterness.

(4089) πικρος, pikros [pik-ros']

perhaps from πηγνψμι - pegnumi πηγνψμι (through the idea of piercing); sharp (pungent), i.e. acrid (literally or figuratively):--bitter.

(4090) πικρως, pikros [pik-roce']

adverb from πικρος - pikros πικρος; bitterly, i.e. (figuratively) violently:--bitterly.

(4091) Πιλατος, Pilatos [pil-at'-os]

of Latin origin; close-pressed, i.e. firm; Pilatus, a Roman:--Pilate.

(4092) πιμπρημι, pimpremi [pim'-pray-mee, a reduplicated and prolonged form of a]

primary preo preh'-o which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses); to fire, i.e. burn (figuratively and passively, become inflamed with fever):--be (X should have) swollen.

(4093) πινακιδιον, pinakidion [pin-ak-id'-ee-on]

diminutive of πιναξ - pinax πιναξ; a tablet (for writing on):--writing table.

(4094) πιναξ, pinax [pin'-ax]

apparently a form of πλαξ - plax πλαξ; a plate:--charger, platter.

(4095) πινω, pino [pee'-no, a prolonged form of]

pio pee'-o, which (together with another form) poo po'-o occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses; to imbibe (literally or figuratively):--drink.

(4096) πιοτης, piotes [pee-ot'-ace]

from pion (fat; perhaps akin to the alternate of πινω - pino πινω through the idea of repletion); plumpness, i.e. (by implication) richness (oiliness):--fatness.

(4097) πιπρασκω, piprasko [pip-ras'-ko, a reduplicated and prolonged form of]

prao prah'-o; (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses) contracted from perao (to traverse; from the base of 4008); to traffic (by travelling), i.e. dispose of as merchandise or into slavery (literally or figuratively):--sell.

(4098) πιπτω, pipto [pip'-to,]

peto pet'-o; (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses); probably akin to πετομαι - petomai πετομαι through the idea of alighting; to fall (literally or figuratively):--fail, fall (down), light on.

(4099) Πισιδια, Pisidia [pis-id-ee'-ah]

probably of foreign origin; Pisidia, a region of Asia Minor:--Pisidia.

(4100) πιστεψω, pisteuo [pist-yoo'-o]

from πιστις - pistis πιστις; to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing), i.e. credit; by implication, to entrust (especially one's spiritual well-being to Christ):--believe(-r), commit (to trust), put in trust with.

(4101) πιστικος, pistikos [pis-tik-os']

from πιστις - pistis πιστις; trustworthy, i.e. genuine (unadulterated):--spike-(nard).

(4102) πιστις, pistis [pis'-tis]

from πειθω - peitho πειθω; persuasion, i.e. credence; moral conviction (of religious truth, or the truthfulness of God or a religious teacher), especially reliance upon Christ for salvation; abstractly, constancy in such profession; by extension, the system of religious (Gospel) truth itself:--assurance, belief, believe, faith, fidelity.

(4103) πιστος, pistos [pis-tos']

from πειθω - peitho πειθω; objectively, trustworthy; subjectively, trustful:--believe(-ing, -r), faithful(-ly), sure, true.

(4104) πιστοω, pistoo [pis-to'-o]

from πιστος - pistos πιστος; to assure:--assure of.