Strong's Greek Dictionary (KJV)



(2484) Ιτοψραια, Itouraia [ee-too-rah'-yah]

of Hebrew origin (Ytuwr Ytuwr); Ituraea (i.e. Jetur), a region of Palestine:--Ituraea.

(2485) ιχθψδιον, ichthudion [ikh-thoo'-dee-on]

diminutive from ιχθψς - ichthus ιχθψς; a petty fish:--little (small) fish.

(2486) ιχθψς, ichthus [ikh-thoos']

of uncertain affinity; a fish:--fish.

(2487) ιχνος, ichnos [ikh'-nos]

from ikneomai (to arrive; compare 2240); a track (figuratively):--step.

(2488) Ιωαθαμ, Ioatham [ee-o-ath'-am]

of Hebrew origin (Yowtham Yowtham); Joatham (i.e. Jotham), an Israelite:--Joatham.

(2489) Ιωαννα, Ioanna [ee-o-an'-nah]

feminine of the same as Ιωαννης - Ioannes Ιωαννης; Joanna, a Christian:--Joanna.

(2490) Ιωαννας, Ioannas [ee-o-an-nas']

a form of Ιωαννης - Ioannes Ιωαννης; Joannas, an Israelite:--Joannas.

(2491) Ιωαννης, Ioannes [ee-o-an'-nace]

of Hebrew origin (Yowchanan Yowchanan); Joannes (i.e. Jochanan), the name of four Israelites:--John.

(2492) Ιωβ, Iob [ee-obe']

of Hebrew origin ('Iyowb 'Iyowb); Job (i.e. Ijob), a patriarch:--Job.

(2493) Ιωηλ, Ioel [ee-o-ale']

of Hebrew origin (Yow'el Yow'el); Joel, an Israelite:--Joel.

(2494) Ιωναν, Ionan [ee-o-nan']

probably for Ιωαννης - Ioannes Ιωαννης or Ιωνας - Ionas Ιωνας; Jonan, an Israelite:--Jonan.

(2495) Ιωνας, Ionas [ee-o-nas']

of Hebrew origin (Yonah Yonah); Jonas (i.e. Jonah), the name of two Israelites:--Jonas.

(2496) Ιωραμ, Ioram [ee-o-ram']

of Hebrew origin (Yowram Yowram); Joram, an Israelite:--Joram.

(2497) Ιωρειμ, Ioreim [ee-o-rime']

perhaps for Ιωραμ - Ioram Ιωραμ; Jorim, an Israelite:--Jorim.

(2498) Ιωσαφατ, Iosaphat [ee-o-saf-at']

of Hebrew origin (Yhowshaphat Yhowshaphat); Josaphat (i.e. Jehoshaphat), an Israelite:--Josaphat.

(2499) Ιωση, Iose [ee-o-say']

genitive case of Ιωσης - Ioses Ιωσης; Jose, an Israelite:--Jose.

(2500) Ιωσης, Ioses [ee-o-sace']

perhaps for Ιωσηφ - Ioseph Ιωσηφ; Joses, the name of two Israelites:--Joses. Compare Ιωση - Iose Ιωση.

(2501) Ιωσηφ, Ioseph [ee-o-safe']

of Hebrew origin (Yowceph Yowceph); Joseph, the name of seven Israelites:--Joseph.

(2502) Ιωσιας, Iosias [ee-o-see'-as]

of Hebrew origin (Yo'shiyah Yo'shiyah); Josias (i.e. Joshiah), an Israelite:--Josias.

(2503) ιωτα, iota [ee-o'-tah]

of Hebrew origin (the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet); "iota", the name of the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, put (figuratively) for a very small part of anything:--jot.