Patriarchs and Prophets -- Study Guide


Chapter 61: Saul Rejected

1. What did God command Saul to do regarding the Amalekites? What did Saul actually do? PP-SG 63.1

2. What might God have been trying to prevent by a call to war? See, e.g., Esther 2:5; 3:1. PP-SG 63.2

3. According to 1 Samuel 15:35, after Saul’s disobedience Samuel no longer had contact with him. When is it appropriate to stop witnessing to a rebellious person? PP-SG 63.3

4. Saul offered sacrifices that seemed pious but were actually the result of disobedience. Name a specific way we can offer what seems to be worship, but is actually disobedience. PP-SG 63.4