Patriarchs and Prophets -- Study Guide


Chapter 4: The Plan of Redemption

1. In what ways was the sacrificial system symbolic of the work of Christ? PP-SG 6.1

2. Why did God wait four thousand years to make His sacrifice for our salvation? PP-SG 6.2

3. The greatest benefit of the plan of salvation is providing eternal life for us in heaven. What other benefits or purposes were served both here and throughout the universe? PP-SG 6.3

4. How can we help the lost experience the joy of redemption? If you have not yet asked Jesus into your heart, stop right now and say this prayer: “Dear Jesus. I know I’m a sinner. I’ve really made a mess of my life. I accept Your death on the cross as the only means whereby I can enjoy forgiveness and eternal life. Forgive me, now, and mold me so I can be what you want me to be. Make me ready to live with You in heaven. I love You. Amen.” PP-SG 6.4