Patriarchs and Prophets -- Study Guide


Chapter 40: Balaam

1. While the events of Balaam’s conspiracy with Balak and the Moabites was taking place, the Israelites were camped on a plain, preparing to enter the Promised Land. How much did Israel know of Balaam’s designs? How often are we in danger without our knowledge? How often do we experience God’s care and protection? PP-SG 42.1

2. Balaam knew that God did not want him to comply with Balak’s proposed plan to curse Israel, yet he accepted the riches offered. When we understand our duty, how should we respond? What was wrong with Balaam’s response? PP-SG 42.2

3. “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his,” said Balaam. Do you think Balaam truly desired to die as a righteous man? Why or why not? PP-SG 42.3