Prophets and Kings -- Study Guide


Chapter 16: The Fall of the House of Ahab

1. Was Ahab responsible for Naboth’s death, even though he was not directly involved in Jezebel’s plot against Naboth? PK-SG 19.1

2. Because Ahab humbled himself when Elijah rebuked him regarding Naboth, the Lord reduced the king’s punishment. What does this tell us about God’s mercy? PK-SG 19.2

3. Why did King Ahaziah seek help from the pagan god Baal-zebub rather than help from God? Why do many people turn for help to occult sources rather than to the Lord? PK-SG 19.3

4. What are subtle forms of occultism, paganism, and/or spiritism (e.g., through entertainment) to which you and your family members are exposed? What can you do to protect yourself and your family from these influences? PK-SG 19.4