Prophets and Kings -- Study Guide


Chapter 6: The Rending of the Kingdom

1. Solomon has been described as the “wisest man who ever lived.” Why didn’t his son Rehoboam inherit that wisdom? PK-SG 9.1

2. King Rehoboam built fortified cities for defense, but what was the secret of Judah’s prosperity during the early years of his reign? PK-SG 9.2

3. Rehoboam possessed several negative character traits, but if he had “placed his trust wholly in God,” he would have developed a strong character. What negative trait in your own life needs to be removed with God’s help? PK-SG 9.3

4. Think of one person over whom you have great influence. What can you say or do to bring this person closer to Christ? PK-SG 9.4