Prophets and Kings -- Study Guide


Chapter 46: “The Prophets of God Helping Them”

1. Why did the Judean leaders refuse the offer of the Samaritans to help rebuild the temple? What lesson can we learn from this? PK-SG 49.1

2. How did Christ help Gabriel to counteract evil forces against His people that were at work on the Persian rulers? Do you think similar battles may still be going on? PK-SG 49.2

3. According to the prophet Haggai, what was the reason for his people’s lack of prosperity? How did his message help them? PK-SG 49.3

4. As He did with Zerubbabel, God never leads His people “otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning, and discern the glory of the purpose that they are fulfilling.” How does this message apply to your life? PK-SG 49.4