Prophets and Kings -- Study Guide


Chapter 41: The Fiery Furnace

1. Why did Nebuchadnezzar order construction of a huge and magnificent image made entirely of gold? PK-SG 44.1

2. The king commanded all of his subjects to bow before the image he had made. What gave Daniel’s three friends the courage to refuse to obey even if it meant their death in a fiery furnace? Sometimes nations make laws that require disobedience to God. Do you have an obligation to obey God, even if it leads to punishment or death? PK-SG 44.2

3. After casting the three men into the fire, the king observed that four people were walking in the fire. Who was the fourth Person? In the last days, God’s people will experience trials similar to those faced by the three young men. What will carry them through these experiences? PK-SG 44.3