Prophets and Kings -- Study Guide


Chapter 33: The Book of the Law

1. Josiah cleaned up Judah by getting rid of objects associated with idolatry. How can you remove the spiritual garbage from your life? Why is it important to do this? PK-SG 36.1

2. King Josiah showed respect for the Prophetess Huldah. Who are the Lord’s messengers today? How do we show them respect? PK-SG 36.2

3. Why was King Josiah’s reform not enough to prevent the destruction and exile of the kingdom of Judah? PK-SG 36.3

4. Why can’t our zeal for removing evil, as good as it is, atone for our past failures? How does this point to the need for atonement through the sacrifice of Christ? PK-SG 36.4