Faith and Works -- Study Guide


Chapter 7 - How to Tell if God Is Leading

Portion of morning talk at Copenhagen, Denmark, July 21, 1886, titled “Search the Scriptures.” Published in the Review and Herald, April 3, 1888.

119. What is the test to see if God is leading people who claim to be sanctified and holy FW-SG 18.1

and that they are being lead and taught by Him? (55) FW-SG 18.2

120. Why do the people Ellen White mentions here get truth mixed with error? (55) FW-SG 18.3

121. Who are those who are danger in getting taken away with false doctrines? (56) FW-SG 18.4

122. What is sin? (56) FW-SG 18.5

123. Why are we to understand the Scriptures? (56) FW-SG 18.6