The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 82: “Why Weepest Thou?”

1. Read John 20:13-17. Why did Jesus reject the worship of His followers until after He met with His heavenly Father? DA-SG 85.1

2. The disciples had a hard time believing in the resurrection of Jesus because of “the so-called scientific theories of the Sadducees.” In what ways can modern scientific knowledge blind us to the reality of God’s Word? DA-SG 85.2

3. Why do you think people are often unable to sense the presence of the Lord until their trial or difficulty has passed and they look back on the situation? DA-SG 85.3

4. The careful folding of the grave clothes reminds us that “Order and perfection are seen in all His [Jesus’] work.” Identify one area or time in your life where you have experienced Christ’s orderly and perfect work. DA-SG 85.4