The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 80: In Joseph’s Tomb

1. During Christ’s execution, three men from widely different backgrounds confessed their faith in Jesus. Who were these three men? What drew each of them to Jesus? DA-SG 83.1

2. Read John 3:14-15. Why is it that Jesus “must be lifted up”? What about the cross was absolutely essential to the plan of salvation? DA-SG 83.2

3. Even after His death, Jesus’ disciples held Him in respect and desired for His body to be buried properly. How is your life showing respect to Jesus, the One who died for you? DA-SG 83.3

4. While Jesus was dead in Joseph’s tomb, sick people “were dying for want of the healing touch of Jesus.” What can you do to share the risen Jesus with people around you who would otherwise die without Him? DA-SG 83.4