The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 7: As a Child

1. Read Acts 17:27. With this text in mind, contrast true education with that which was common in the rabbinical schools during Jesus’ early years. What is the focus and end result of these two systems of education? DA-SG 10.1

2. What do the setting and content of many of Jesus’ parables in the Gospels tell us about where He spent much of His free time as a child? What was His purpose in studying nature? DA-SG 10.2

3. Which of the traits of character manifested by Jesus as a child would you like to develop in your life? DA-SG 10.3

4. All classes and ages of society and even the animals were happier for Jesus’ presence among them. How could you imitate the example of Jesus to bless those with whom you come in contact in daily life? DA-SG 10.4