The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 66: Controversy

1. Jesus was “charged with exalting the last six commandments above the first four.” On what basis was He accused of doing this? DA-SG 69.1

2. “While peaceably subject to the laws of the land, they should at all times give their first allegiance to God.” To what degree is the church keeping its balance between these two principles? DA-SG 69.2

3. “When God has His rightful place on the throne of the heart, the right place will be given to our neighbor.” How does your relationship with your “neighbors” demonstrate the quality of your relationship with God? DA-SG 69.3

4. Read Mark 12:28-34. What is the central matter of true religion according to this passage? In what way did the lawyer understand this principle? What did he not yet understand? DA-SG 69.4