The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 64: A Doomed People

1. Read Matthew 7:21-27. The fig tree that Jesus cursed stood out from all the other fig trees in the orchard because it appeared to have fruit. In what ways did the Jewish nation at that time also appear to stand out above the other nations of the earth? In what way is the cursing of the fig tree a warning “to all churches and to all Christians”? DA-SG 67.1

2. To the disciples, the cursing of the fig tree seemed strange in contrast to Jesus’ saving ministry. In what ways was Christ’s mercy visible, even in the cursing of the fig tree? DA-SG 67.2

3. After the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus spent the night in prayer. Why is prayer particularly important after what seems like great spiritual success? DA-SG 67.3

4. Often individuals reject God’s truth because it doesn’t fit with their own “practices and their natural inclination.” What is supreme in your life right now—God’s truth, or what you think is right for yourself? DA-SG 67.4