The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 51: “The Light of Life”

1. Light has always been a symbol of God’s presence. Name at least four events in the Bible where light accompanied the presence of God? DA-SG 54.1

The Desire of Ages Study Guide DA-SG 54.2

2. Abraham longed to see the Messiah. How did his own experience with Isaac on Mt. Moriah help him to understand the infinite sacrifice God has made to save humanity? DA-SG 54.3

3. By openly healing the man who was born blind, Jesus placed the rulers and Pharisees in a serious predicament. Describe two ways they tried to change public opinion about Jesus’ healing of the man. DA-SG 54.4

4. The Jews believed that one’s suffering was always a direct result of sin. When you suffer for any reason, do you tend to blame others, God, or yourself? DA-SG 54.5