The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 4: Unto You a Saviour

1. What does the story of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem and the angels’ visit to the shepherds say about God’s interest in us? DA-SG 7.1

2. Read Micah 5:2 and Luke 2:1-5. God used the census by Caesar Augustus to bring Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, where the Messiah was to be born. What are some ways we can discern the hand of God in everyday events? DA-SG 7.2

3. Would Jesus have been received differently had He come as a powerful and glorious earthly ruler? DA-SG 7.3

4. We are called to marvel at the amazing sacrifice of God the Father in sending His only Son to earth. In what ways has this great sacrificial love of God affected your life? DA-SG 7.4