The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 39: “Give Ye Them to Eat”

1. Jesus’ miracles were designed to help us “recognize Him in His gifts.” Are there gifts of God that are confused with “natural causes” or “human instrumentality”? DA-SG 42.1

2. When we sense Jesus leading us into a ministry for which we do not have adequate resources, what should we do? How does this apply to situations that you or someone in the group are facing now? DA-SG 42.2

3. Read John 6:1-13. Put yourself in the place of Philip, Andrew, the lad with the lunch, and/or one of the crowd. What are your thoughts and feelings as you watch Jesus perform this miracle? God used the Passover pilgrimage to bring a great crowd together in order to experience this miracle. Who is God placing in your path? Which of His blessings to you would He like you to share with others? DA-SG 42.3