The Desire of Ages -- Study Guide


Chapter 27: “Thou Canst Make Me Clean”

1. What were some of the stigmas associated with leprosy? Was anyone exempt from these? DA-SG 30.1

2. Given these stigmas, what caused the leper to seek Jesus so diligently? How diligently have you been seeking God in the last weeks and months? DA-SG 30.2

3. Why did Jesus tell the leper not to talk about his experience of being healed? In what ways is it possible that our own efforts for God can actually hinder His cause? DA-SG 30.3

4. Read Psalm 33:6, 9. What does this text have to do with the healing of the paralytic in Matthew 9:1-8? How has Christ’s creative power been manifested in your life? DA-SG 30.4