Confrontation -- Study Guide


Appetite and Passion

52. Why was the world destroyed during Noah’s time? (24) Con-SG 9.1

53. Briefly describe what happened to men after the Flood. (24) Con-SG 9.2

54. For what purpose is Satan a diligent Bible student? (24) Con-SG 9.3

55. Why do “infidels frequently study the Scriptures” and what is the outcome for “many professed Christians?” (24-25) Con-SG 9.4

56. When Satan saw in the sacrificial system a plan to take man away from his control, what did he do? (25) Con-SG 9.5

57. Give the result if the Israelites had realized that Christ was “their invisible Leader. (25) Con-SG 9.6

58. What did Satan hope and do to the Israelite armies as they journeyed to Canaan? (25-26) Con-SG 9.7

59. Who are the two representatives that show us that man, through Christ’s power, can overcome Satan’s power? (26) Con-SG 9.8

60. Give the reactions of Satan and God when God resurrected Moses. (26) Con-SG 9.9