Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 24 (1909)


Lt 122, 1909

Spaulding, Brother

Hinsdale, Illinois

August 13, 1909

Portions of this letter are published in 11MR 165.

Dear Brother Spaulding:

I have read your letter to my son and wish to write you a few lines. 24LtMs, Lt 122, 1909, par. 1

At this time money is scarce and very hard to obtain. There must be exercised great caution and good judgment in the establishment of self-supporting schools. If you have capabilities to do a good work as a teacher, I would encourage you to unite with others in school work. I would not feel at liberty to encourage the establishment of schools that are not a necessity, because we know that every jot of influence and of means that is at our command is needed now to encourage and support the work of carrying the message to the cities. This requires special energies and abilities. I see great demand for men and for means to do missionary work in our cities, and I dare not advise you to go forward carrying out your plans for the establishment of a school that may prove to be a consumer rather than a producer. Just now I am appealing to our brethren regarding the work to be done in our cities in explaining the Scriptures. 24LtMs, Lt 122, 1909, par. 2