Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 23 (1908)


Lt 312, 1908

Haskell, Brother and Sister

Sanitarium, California

July 28, 1908

Portions of this letter are published in CD 112-113.

Elder S. N. Haskell

Dear Brother and Sister Haskell:

I have a special message to give to you. The Lord has entrusted you with a special work. He has united you for the purpose of doing this work. I give this caution to you both: 23LtMs, Lt 312, 1908, par. 1

Sometimes in the presence of others Elder Haskell has spoken in a tantalizing way to Sister Haskell. This is not pleasing to the Lord. 23LtMs, Lt 312, 1908, par. 2

You need to keep in your house the very best kind of help for the work of preparing your food. In the night seasons, it seemed that Elder Haskell has taken sick, and an experienced physician said to you, “I took notice of your diet. You eat too great a variety at one meal. Fruit and vegetables taken at one meal produce acidity of the stomach, then impurity of the blood results, and the mind is not clear because the digestion is imperfect.” You should understand that every organ of the body is to be treated with respect. In the matter of diet, you must reason from cause to effect. 23LtMs, Lt 312, 1908, par. 3

Let us be careful not to hinder the work that needs to be done at this time by taking any course that will impair the powers of the being. A word to the wise is sufficient. 23LtMs, Lt 312, 1908, par. 4