Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 20 (1905)


Lt 91, 1905

Williams, Jennie

“Elmshaven,” St. Helena, California

March 1, 1905

Previously unpublished.

Dear Sister Williams,—

We are in great need of a matron at the San Diego sanitarium. I have talked with Sister Taphouse about the matter, and she encourages me to write to you. Will you tell me whether you can come. Brother Palmer’s family leaves there today, and we need such help as you can give us. Please write us in reference to this matter, or come without writing. I hope that the matter can be settled as soon as possible. May the Lord impress your heart in this matter, so that you will come to our help in San Diego. 20LtMs, Lt 91, 1905, par. 1

I dare not wait to hear from W. C. White before writing to you, but I know that he will be much relieved if you can come as soon as possible. Let us hear from you, but we would rather see you. 20LtMs, Lt 91, 1905, par. 2