Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 16 (1901)


Ms 87, 1901

“Many temptations will come ...”



Previously unpublished.

Many temptations will come to the workers in our sanitariums. How important that those connected with them be freed from reproach. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 1

Great harm will come to our sanitariums, if in any department young girls are employed who are vain and foolish, easily led into false paths. It is a great mistake to admit into these institutions young, frivolous girls and boys. Those who are employed in any department should have qualifications which recommend them as likely to become useful, capable workers. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 2

The physicians and managers should use the greatest care that there is nothing in their behavior toward the young ladies employed as nurses and helpers that would cause Satan, by his wiles, to disgrace our work and hinder the great good that should be accomplished. When a man is sanctified by the truth, when he keeps his capabilities pure and holy, he acts as the Lord’s helping hand; but when there is a stain on his soul, when his thoughts are defiled, when he follows the loose, corrupting practices of the world, he is a shame and reproach to the sanitarium with which he is connected. His evil course should be plainly set before him, and unless he repents, he should be separated from the institution. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 3

God will not commit His glory to a man whose soul-temple is defiled, and who closes his eyes to his own danger and the danger of others. Such a man, by his plausible words, deceives young girls, and though no actual crime may be committed, they are wronged. Though married, he pays attentions to young girls who are foolish enough to accept them, leading them to think that the words he speaks are wisdom and truth. “All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits.” [Proverbs 16:2.] 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 4

Our sanitariums are established to break down the prejudice which exists in the world against the truth for this time. How important that loose principles be not allowed to prevail. One act of misdoing will undo for years the good that might have been accomplished if the high standard of Christianity had been maintained. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 5

Unless great care is used, there will be found among our physicians and managers men who are not sanctified—soul, body, and spirit—men who should have no place in the work of God. They may have a knowledge of the truth, but they have not a sense of the sinfulness of sin. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 6

The corrupted morality that is being brought in is destroying the sacredness of these institutions that are established to honor and glorify God. A married man who selects some young girl and pays her special attention does a great injury to himself and to the one selected, and deeply wrongs his wife. Thus he places in peril an institution which, as God’s sanctuary, should stand forth without a taint of corruption. O, it is such a pity that Satan has so many helpers in those who ought to act as Christ’s helping hand, by their example leading the youth to a higher standard of purity. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 7

What a terrible thing it is for those who should be shepherds of the flock to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, destroying the sheep of the Lord’s pasture. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 8

God calls upon those who act as leaders to be pure and as true as steel to principle. There is hope for all in God. He is faithful, and His purpose for us will be fulfilled if we but do our part. God is rich in mercy, and from Him alone cometh our help. 16LtMs, Ms 87, 1901, par. 9