Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 16 (1901)


Lt 41, 1901

White, J. E.; White, Emma

Denver, Colorado

May 10, 1901

Previously unpublished.

Dear children Edson and Emma,—

I can only write you a few lines. Meetings have been held all through the day today, Sabbath. It is now evening. This morning I spoke to about seven hundred people in the church. A number of outsiders were present. I spoke upon the lawyer’s question to Christ, “What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” The Saviour answered, “What is written in the law? how readest thou?” And the lawyer answered, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.” “Thou hast answered right,” Christ said. “This do, and thou shalt live.” [Luke 10:25-28.] 16LtMs, Lt 41, 1901, par. 1

After speaking very plainly in regard to our duty to our neighbor, I spoke about the work in the Southern field, and asked the people before me if they would help us to do something in that field at once. I made a short but decided statement, and then asked those who were willing to do something to relieve the condition of things in the Southern field to rise to their feet. Several rose and then the contribution baskets were passed round. 16LtMs, Lt 41, 1901, par. 2

Willie spoke in the afternoon. I was to say a few words at the end, but I spoke for an hour. 16LtMs, Lt 41, 1901, par. 3

After the meeting I asked how much had been contributed, and I found that it was one hundred dollars in cash and two hundred dollars in pledges. This will help the work a little. It is more than I expected. 16LtMs, Lt 41, 1901, par. 4