Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 16 (1901)


Lt 224, 1901

White, W. C.

Elmshaven, St. Helena, California

November 4, 1901

Portions of this letter is published in 4MR 317-318.

Dear Son Willie,—

I received your communications this morning, have read them at one o’clock a.m., and I was not aware I had not written to you. I have given directions that copies of all letters be sent to you, and thought there would be sufficient. If they have not been sent, I am sorry. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 1

I will write now a few words. I have never borne my testimony in New York City, but have had an impression I should do this. About twelve years ago, I think it was, we had the meetings in a certain hall in Brooklyn. I am some way impressed I should be in New York and bear my testimony in that hall hired by our brethren. I am burdened with the outlook, and I think I shall, without further delay, go to the city of New York. I had rather be there at this time of the year than in summer. The situation has been presented to me in many ways. I could help them if God gives me a message to go, and I am sure we could come home the southern route if you stay until December. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 2

The book will not get out by January, and if it is delayed and delayed, I might just as well go now to New York City, not especially to help the outsiders, but to help those who are broken-up parties, to unify. And I think I shall, notwithstanding your letters give me no encouragement, leave here this week some time, direct for New York City. It may be my last chance to speak to them in New York, and if there could be unity brought about among the Sabbathkeepers who are now standing one apart from the others, I should have done a good work in the strength the Lord will give me. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 3

I think now that it was my duty to have gone with you when you went. I have no special burden on the hillside. Elder A. T. Jones and Brother [Taylor] are at work in the Sanitarium. There is a better atmosphere prevailing in the Sanitarium. I have not been up there to speak since you have been gone, I think. But the only difficulty that presents itself is the danger of being snowed in from getting back to California, but the southern route is open and I could come back by Los Angeles, and what have I to do with the coming back? The testimony given me of God is for just such emergencies as are in New York City. I cannot change the impression that I should go. And unless something shall interfere, I shall go direct to New York City. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 4

What shall I do? Will you meet me in New York City? I shall leave here Wednesday, I think. The sooner I start the better. Sara holds back. Brother and Sister Druillard say little about it, but think it is best for me to go. That is the way they look at it. I think I have a duty to go to New York City. There is a testimony I have to bear there. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 5

I write this but will not be able to write much. Everything here seems to be shut down before my mind, and New York City opens up. I dread the journey, but I think I shall start this evening for Oakland and get my position tomorrow morning in the cars for New York City. Unless I can get this impression off I am no good here. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 6

It is now half past two o’clock a.m. I have been unable to sleep past one and two o’clock for months with two or three exceptions. May the Lord guide me is my most earnest prayer. Lord help! Lord help! is going forth from my mind constantly. I cannot be bound in on this hillside. The workers here are, I think, all settled and doing their best, but as far as I am concerned I have no action in this work. They are not ready for me. Well, I am in great need of courage in the Lord. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 7


I will write a few words more. We are receiving letters all the time in regard to the school at Berrien, and they are troubled with the thought of Magan leaving them because of his health. Then, the talk is of removing Brother and Sister Salisbury to Europe. What does this mean? Is there nothing to be considered in regard to the light that was given that the present faculty should not be broken up and scattered? The question was asked: What in regard to Brother and Sister Salisbury? Will not they be spared for Europe? I made answer: If they were the ones who have been obtaining an experience in the school work, they are the very ones who will be needed in the new location and the starting of the new work. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 8

If ever there were a necessity for a thorough faculty in the school at Berrien, it is now; and the Lord, seeing the end from the beginning, understanding all the bearings in connection with the school, has in His great love laid out the course to be pursued. From the light given me, this first term, under the circumstances, demanded the strongest kind of help. And it would be poor policy to place them in Europe when they are a fit just where they are and when their place cannot be supplied. When the Lord has laid out the matter so definitely in regard to the faculty, why does human judgment and calculation break up the plan? 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 9

Is not Brother Salisbury needed in this important time in establishing a school at Berrien Springs? Then shall they be called to a new field just at this time of so great importance, when it is considered that it is unsafe for Brother Magan to remain during the cold months in Michigan? I can see that he needs a change. Why is this change needed? Because the same error has been repeated of one man’s being overloaded when he had need of a period of entire repose to recuperate. How do they intend to supply the place of Brother Magan in his being relieved from his responsibilities? This may be essential; but to take others away also makes the outlook rather discouraging. Be careful, that in your arrangements you do not spoil the plan of God. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 10

I am glad Brother Prescott is laboring in Michigan. This is the very best thing that can be done, because impressions not fair and just have been left on minds in Michigan that it were best should be changed. If Brother Prescott could now go to New York City and take hold in the fear of the Lord to set things in order—and I will be there also, and you will be there—I believe there would be a different order of things in New York City. The way the matter has been presented to me for the last twelve years is that this city right here in America has been in as large need of being worked as any place on the globe. As I have looked over my diaries, I see that this is a place in which all should have a deep interest; and this is the reason I told Elder Haskell I knew I had a message for New York City, and I would come in at the latter part of the season and work in the different camp-meetings, but you see I was held here. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 11

Now, if the Lord will help me, I shall go without stopping to have the least arrangements made of clothing or anything else, but just pick up and go, and I shall not suffer if no preparations are made. If you will arrange to join me in New York City, Amen and Amen. If other arrangements are made for Nashville, then I will not break up any arrangements; but the Lord helping me, I shall make a start from this place this evening or tomorrow morning. Now this is my purpose, and, the Lord helping me I shall carry it out. The burden is on me for that great city New York, and the Lord will open the way for me as He has in securing the hall where I can speak to the people. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 12


I should not have written this on this paper but expected to have it copied, and as it must be delayed if copied, I will send it as it is. 16LtMs, Lt 224, 1901, par. 13