Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 15 (1900)


Lt 190, 1900

Friends in Cooranbong

On Steamer Moana

September 6, 1900

This letter is published in entirety in AUCR 11/01/1900.

Dear Friends All, in Cooranbong:

We shall, if everything is favorable, arrive at Samoa somewhere near seven o’clock Friday morning. We have had a very smooth sea. There has been a little roughness, but not bad. There has been some seasickness. I have not been sick to throw up at all. The Lord has been watching over us all the way. He has been preparing the way for us. If the future stages of our journey are to be as prosperous as the past, I shall be so glad, for I do not want to be all worn out when we shall complete our journey. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 1

We feel deeply our need of God, deeply our need of wisdom. We believe, and the faith that works by love purifies the soul. I do not wish to devote time to tell of the objectionable part of the history of our journey. No time. God is good, full of mercy and loving kindness. I praise the name of the Lord, for He is good. My heart is drawn out after God. He is of tender kindness always. Well, now let us be like Jesus and it will save us lots of trouble. Let everything be done with order and harmony. This can only be when self is hid with Christ in God. This fact must be established: that every faculty in its highest sense is to be cultivated and brought into most earnest exercise, and then we increase our talents by using them. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 2

I cannot write much because my head is not clear as it is on land. God help His people to learn of Him meekness and lowliness of heart. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 3

My heart is with you in Australia. I thank you with much pleasure as I look into my memorial. It is a beautiful reminder of my friends and it came so unexpected to us. I appreciate it more than anything my friends could give me. It is so beautifully gotten up, and it has so great a variety and expresses so much skill and taste and beauty. I am not through mine, I have yet considerable before me. May the Lord bless those who have had a chance to give expression of their feelings, and I know there are many dear souls who would have said something if they had a chance. But the matter is so arranged that many have expressed themselves in whole churches. I cannot express to you how much this memorial has been appreciated, although I am not through with mine. Will you see that this expression of my appreciation shall come to those from the press? I thank you all who have so freely bound up your heart with my heart. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 4

I receive your words of appreciation of our labors with a heart of tenderness and love for those who have had an opportunity to unite in this work. May the Lord abundantly bless you all. I love you all in Christ Jesus. Let nothing come between us to separate our hearts, but may they blend in sweet harmony and Christian fellowship. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 5

We are all of good courage in the Lord. Ella commenced to have a school for the twins. Other children joined and now there is quite a school upon the boat. Brother Leonard takes the older children, Ella the younger. This is a movement that I think will work out good. This will leave a good impression on minds. Those in the second cabin have singing quite often, and this will leave an impression on minds. Others join them. One of the officers asked them to sing “Abide With Me.” He said it was his favorite hymn. Well, we hope to drop a few seeds. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 6

A couple leave the boat at Samoa. The lady, Mrs. Goward, caught sight of Desire of Ages and she expressed her admiration of the book. I made her a present of it, and gave her the little book Christian Education. She said when she took it up she could not lay it down. She said she never saw things in print so enlightening and so beneficial. Her husband has been reading Desire of Ages. He says it is a wonderful book. Both seem very thankful for these books. Now they leave Samoa for another island. They think much of Dr. Braucht, and the islanders miss him very much. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 7

Well we mean to sow beside all waters. Some fruit may come of the seed sown. I prayed the Lord to open the way that I might find someone interested in The Desire of Ages, and then came this chance, and it will keep me in touch with these island workers. My head is tired, and I will stop writing. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 8

May the blessing of the Lord rest upon you all and draw all hearts together in the closest bonds of unity and love in Christ Jesus. This is my daily prayer. 15LtMs, Lt 190, 1900, par. 9