Letters and Manuscripts — Volume 12 (1897)


Ms 189, 1897

Diary Fragment


January 11, [1897?]

Previously unpublished.

January 11. I have a burden resting upon my soul in regard to matters that are presented before me. I have been in council meetings, speaking to our leading brethren in regard to the dealings with every soul for whom Christ has given His life. One of authority was instructing you, saying, “There is no respect of persons with God.” The burden was pressing heavier and heavier upon my soul. He said, “God is not pleased with the management of things in connection with His work. It is not according to His direction, and there must be improvements, changes made, else the Lord's displeasure will be upon the workers.” I was presenting the words of Christ given to Moses from the pillowy cloud. Leviticus 25:17, 25, 35-37, 39, 43. Chapter 26. 12LtMs, Ms 189, 1897, par. 1